Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Appu My Friend Has Disappeared

Katy Irani Yester Year Junior Artiste Legend..and Marziya Shakir

Katy Irani is a Bollywood legend , having worked with all the old big banners , great evergreen Indian heart throbs and super stars , she is retired now and lives comfortably in her ancestral property at Bandra Bazar Road with her son daughters and grand children..her son works as a Junior artist too .

Katy Irani is a kind lady , humble to the core giving respect to all religion culture ad visits the Fire Temple daily to offer her thanks to Ahura Mazda for keeping her happy and contend.

Her daughter in law is a Christian so she completely cosmopolitan... we share some good memories of old times when I would see her on the sets of MKD Films .. RK Films ,,,

Foreigners love Bandra Bazar Road

Bandra Bazar Road Is Home For Dr Glenn Losack MD

After Every 25 Years Magic Eye Visits My Humble Home At Bandra Bazar Road

Kheema Pao At Pahelvi Irani Joint At Bandra Bazar Road

foreigners love bandra bazar road for its old time charm

World Famous Graffiti Artist Loomit At Bandra Bazar Road

Foreign Tourists Backpackers Love Bandra Bazar Road

The Shias Of Bandra Bazar Road

Easily recognizable in black clothes during Moharam , the mourning time commemorating the Martyrdom Of Imam Hussain Grandson of the Holy Messenger , the Shias have a large presence here at Bandra Bazar and adjacent areas of Bandra including Bandra East.

Regular Majlis at Shia houses and the Shia Khoja Mosque at Bazar Road , regular afternoon majlis at the Ladies Mehfil are a feature that brings other Shias here .

There are many Shia processions during Moharam, The Guru Nanank Park juloos , Ali Reza Shirazis juloos to name a few , The Shia youngsters do a lot of social work, donate blood and are in the main front during important Shia events.

The Shia community of Bandra prides in living in mutual coexistence with the rest of the people of diverse culture and religion , even their processions and events brings people from other communities to share the pain of Imam Hussain known as Ghame Hussain.

At the Shia Khoja mosque a lot of kids from poor families are given help for further studies and vocational guidance with importance to the girl child pursuing vocational training and community help for the needy.

100 Bandra Bazar Road ..Peace Lives Here Along With The Gomes

Mr Clarence Gomes is a social activist , his bungalow No100 is part of East Indian folk lore.Clarence used to work with NAB National Association of the Blind..
His fortnightly Bandra Times imparts awareness of Bandra west, I am a honorary guest photo journalist of this paper..

I owe much to Clarence , yes we all do who stay at Bandra Bazar Road.

Bandra Bazar Road Is Old Time Rustic Bandra .. Pride of East Indian Community

Bandra Bazar Road can be accessed from Hill Road via Chinchpokli Road, Jain Mandir Road , Ice Factory Road ,or finally St Peter Road all from Hill Road.

You can enter Bandra Bazar Road from main Bandra SV Road via Haji Nura Lane the eponymous Lucky Hotel Lane , or through JJ Colony lane and from Bandra Reclamation near Rang Sharda , there are other short cut lanes too, one from the Bandra Reclamation Telephone Exchange .

De Monte Street connects Bandra Bazar Road from one end , and Satghare Ram Mandir connects Bandra Bazar Road from the other end running parallel.

There are a lot of Grottos old crosses and old East Indian Houses.

The Jain Mandir and the Hanuman Mandir are famous too, Bohri mosque a few Sunni mosque , Shia Mehfil and the Shia Khoja Masjid , St Joseph Chapel and several churches on the periphery.

At the other end of Bandra Bazar Road branches out to Waroda and Veronic Road and on the far left to Chapel Road moving towards the Sea Link or Mount Mary.

Bandra Bazar Road is a good old time Bandra charm photo walk,, shoot it in the rains too .

International Graffiti Artists Have Left Their Indelible Mark At Bandra Bazar Road

Hot Shot South Director Vijay Shoots Thalaiva Car Chase At Bandra Bazar Road

Dayanand Famous Naryalwala Cum Panwala Of Bandra Bazar Road

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Made In India...

A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. Mahatma Gandhi

Jo zindagi ki raah me bane the mere hamsafar Woh mere dost tum hi the, tumhi to the

Zindagi hamein tera, aitbaar na raha, aitbaar na raha Dost dost na raha.

The Kathiawadis of Bandra Bazar Road

Jesus Lives At Bandra Bazar Road

The East Indians Of Bandra Bazar Road

One For The Road For Anurag Kashyap

The Newspaper Seller - Marziya Shakir

Jesus And Me

The Last Love Letter ...

All in all it was just another prick in the wall.

Marziya 15 Month Old Goes Bald With Me

On my Baldness

Going Bald

Once Upon A Time In Bandra