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Enemies of Islam are Within

Enemies of Islam are Within
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy bbc news

Muslim guardians
Are the most
Ever seen
They enforce
Islamic laws
To turn the world green
Yet Muslims killing Muslims
Remains unseen
The condition of an
Muslim Woman
The Muslim Man demean
Triple talaq
A morbidly
Woman destroying
If you want to remarry
Your divorced wife
Well she has to marry
Someone perhaps the Mullah
Consummate the marriage
Divorce the Mullah
Than will be yours
If you know what I mean
Its time they changed all this
And came out clean
The Shias do not have
Triple Talaq to women demean
Today Islam is on the crossroads
Hate killing bombing maiming
The usual carnage a blood spilling scene
The enemies of Islam
Within and in between
Politically activated
Killing machine
Nothing can be more obscene
Silence all around
Allah Ho Akbar
Life goes on as routine
Little children
Turned kill…

Bollywoods Most Wanted Whipper No1

Bollywoods Most Wanted Whipper No1
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 he a designer
a photographer
took the whippers whip
on the road
in front of his shop
without fear of pain
a crack
a whack
on a already scarred back..
right on track

internet love
my poetry hijack

a Shia reborn whipper
self flagellation
a mode of attack
a distempered kitten
a blog goddess
running with
a wolf pack
forgotten like a
seminally stained napkin
on her towel rack

i have never done this kind of whipping in my life and this was a new experience, my shop help shot the pictures

One God One Country

One God One Country
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 There is a Sufi saying
In the plate that you eat
You don’t make a hole
Nor do you betray
The salt
Your Nation
Your Religion
Your Family
You don’t
Find fault
Or the values
Of humanity assault
Whether you like it or not
You are a human being
Even if you become an animal
You shall remain a human being by default
One God One Country Exalt

We Are Human Before We Are Muslim

We Are Human Before We Are Muslim
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 yes i was born of blood..
blood veils my face
a heritage
of my shia race
a faith in ahle bait
till death embrace
time and evil tide
could not delete could not erase
karbala on my hearts living space
allah ho akbar
its followers a big disgrace
the glory of true Islam of Peace and Brotherhood
you cannot replace
we live let others live
by Allahs grace
scriptures of love
that the jehadis deface
rogue mullahs
martyred misguided
descecrating the
sanctity of a masjid
a madrassa or any holy place
jehadi terrorism is out of place
give each other breathing space
dont make Islam
into Terrorist Army base
mutual coexistence
the only face saving
coup de grace
we are human before we
are Muslims in any case
only a dickhead would
call me stupid
because I bleed my face

Islam a Religion of Peace and Brotherhood

Islam a Religion of Peace and Brotherhood
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Today because of radicalism
fundamentalism, talibanism
suicide bomberism,
Islam is misunderstood
but Islam is alive
as such attacks
by its own components
specially Yazidiyat
on the sands of Karbala withstood
Islam according to the Holy Prophet
was meant for the greater good
but after his death the Matrix of Evil
tried to do harm as much as it could
but a single sacrifice destroyed the sepents hood
Islam is a state of Mind and Soul
to be understood
not just a religion
of Peace and Brotherhood
says this poet photographer
most wanted from bollywood.

to Asif Shakir my eldest son
on his birthday
17th July 2007

Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Beauty
is sold expensively
bought very cheap
only maggots lie skin deep
women born to a mirror
have nothing
but a mere reflection
to keep
when it breaks
they sit wail and weep
Sufi ponderings
Of keeping awake
When sound a sleep
Without counting sheep
Her mound of Venus
Man made mountain
Of a garbage heap
A woman
Yet Little Bo Peep

inspired by
beauty is skin dee