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Bibi Zainab and Islam

Bibi Zainab and Islam
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 When I consider how her life was spent
Miltonesque school memories that give vent

Bibi Zainab
Tears for Karbala
Her love for Islam
Was her lament
Hair turned white
Back bent
Atrocities she saw
Pain death torment
Her own children’s
Death she did not resent
But for Ali Akbars death
She did repent
At the court of Yazid
She stood her ground
Daughter of Sher E Ali
Her hard hitting kutbas
She did present
Watching her was her
Brother Hussain
head on a spear
no chance event
brother Abbas
even god could not reinvent
to save her from humiliations
from Islam
that Yazid did misrepresent
sham sham sham
said the Fourth Imam
was worse than the
tribulations at Krarbala
and the burning tents.
Muslims love humiliating Muslims
Muslims love killing Muslims
Muslim women ill-treated by Muslim men
Is what I meant
History shows without any bias
To a very large extent

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The Enemies of Islam

The Enemies of Islam
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Photo AFP

No just not the Isrealis
Not just the Europeans
Not just Uncle Sam
Not just the Shias Sunnis
Who make up Islam
Enemies are also within
The folds of Islam
The radicals
The neo puritanical
The fundamentalists
The misguided who
Batter and shatter
The Peace and Brotherhood of Islam
Like a pounding battering ram
bursting a dam
Hate that can be seen as a histogram
Allah ho Akbar sectarian violence
as vitriolic cybernetic spam
Muslims killing Muslims
In a bid to kill Islam
Minarets gagged
rhetoric metaphoric exam
an artificial truth a truthful sham
The Silence of the Lamb
Tears that flow as blood
on the Heart and Soul of Islam

Obituary: Abdul Rashid Ghazi
Asif Farooqui of the BBC's Urdu service profiles Abdul Rashid Ghazi who led the last of the resistance in Islamabad's Red Mosque to Pakistan's security forces.

Mr Ghazi said he would rather die than surrender


God is One Divided into Two

God is One Divided into Two
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 muslims love killing muslims
sectarian hate
sectarian violence
a shia god
a sunni god
but god is one
divided into two
of his supreme knowledge
of his omnipresence
of his omniscience
we make fun
we the Islamic truth
of mutual existence shun
into the hands of the devil we run
yes we live by the sword and die by the gun
jehad misplaced martyrdom
no instant paradise we earn
in the fires of hell we burn
a lesson we are taught by rogue mullahs
who themselves dont learn manipulating
the minds of children women and men
using them as scapegoats
a path of no return
tears of the unborn
in the womb of an urn
the americans
the europeans
the israelis
our dead bodies govern
our genetic hate
vitriolic venomous
life we have to unlearn
for as Muslims
all of us
it does concern
a hand of peace and brother hood
we malevolently spurn