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At The Kumbh The Godmen Have Better Facilities Than These Poor Sadhu Samaj

And if you are Swami Nityanandji, Chandrasawmi ji  or even Pilot Baba or the Hare Rama Hare Krishna , the opulence hits you in the face and the Kumbh is about the rich poor divide .

I documented the Maha Kumbh and I saw the hardships of the poor groups of Naga Sadhus fleeced by the contractors , no transparency , and sheer demand of money ..

But I found solace in these small tents of Naga Sadhus The Avhani and the Agni Akhara ..they were hospitable offered you meals and if the meals were over they would cook fresh.

They never asked for money donation but if you gave it to them they accepted it willingly , the Naga Babas with foreign disciples mostly photographers paid lavishly they had to get pictures and joining the Naga Baba was access to the Shahi Snan too,

The facilities at the Maha Kumbh were bad the rickshawallahs charged a bomb no fare regulation and the cops did not care a damn..

The poor who slept on the banks roads faced the fury of the rains and ran helter skelter , I dist…

I Was A Muslim Photographer Shooting My First Kumbh So I Was A Bit Scared Too

I did not have any contacts , no person who could vouch for me in case of any security problems  and there was apprehension too .I did not stay in a hotel as I could not afford it , and I kept awake on the banks of the Godavri clinging to my  cameras and camera bag.

If i used a public toilet I took my bag  cameras along with me but later one night I met a local journalist from Aurangabad Neeraj Bhanje and he would take care of my stuff while I did my 40 winks ,

And strangely though I never met Neeraj Bhanje again , we are connected on the phone through SMS .

It was later when I went to shoot Trimbakeshwar and had made arrangements with late Mr KG Maheshwaris family to stay at Trimbak Road at their Money Museum..that I was ready to shoot without hassles ,.

I slept one night at the Money Museum but than at Sadhugram I met my future Naga Guru from Santosh Nagar Dindoshi he had seen me many a times at Film City ,,so Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj told me to stay with his group of Nagas till the…