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the maharashtrians in mumbai are waiting for a saviour

the mumbaikar is fucked .. to sleep by a corrupt system ..failure of law order and humanity

jo soya woh roya ..

the tailor heals the fever of your egoistic flesh..

bhai mujhe maf karo main waqt ka mara hoon ..main kunwara hoon

Home is Simply Where You Rebuild It After Demolition...

In Mumbai if you have guts and balls you can build a home anywhere ...

Demolition Is first letting them live for years and then coming with bulldozers to erase them from the face of the earth

Mera Bharat Mahan

No Sorry She Has Changed Her Mind She Is Not Going To #haji ali

Chudai Aur Ke Khaddon Ki Khudai ...Yeh Hai Apni Mumbai


Jab Tak Hai Jan. Karenge Ham Ghan

God Save Humanity From The Shia Bigot

God Save Humanity From The Shia Bigot, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
You find them everywhere in every city they want you to be like them , find faults with the way you do matam, find faults with your beliefs , and expect you to toe their line this minority of overzealous Shias called Shia bigots.. And I have met many of them in my walk of life, they who have done nothing for society or for humanity become the custodians of Imam Hussain on Earth,, civilian vigilantes and nothing short of street goondaism..

I saw this at Zainabia on 21 Ramzan,and I was hassled on a day that has no time for trivialities , I being a 60 year old man was bullied by Shia kids ,,, and than I said to myself that your Shiasm is a product of your parentage and your surroundings .and if your parents made you aware of Karbala Imam Hussain and Ashura did not teach you to respect your elders , adab tehzeeb than is water on a ducks back

I had these words bottled in as my angst and I am blog…

Ghame Hussain

Ghame Hussain, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

Picture shot by Dr Glenn Losack MD

Imam Hussain Ibn Ali (AS) the third Imam.

Second son of Fatima (SA) and Ali (AS) Hussain (AS) was born on 3rd Shabaan, 4th year of Hijri (10.1.626 AD) When he was born the Holy Prophet was given the news of the birth of his 2nd grandson. He arrived at the house of his daughter, took the little baby in his arms, said the Azan and Iqamah in his ears. People around the Prophet saw tears in his eyes. Fatimah asked what was the reason for this, he told her that this boy of hers will achieve martyrdom, but consoled her by adding that God will create a nation who will mourn Hussain till the Day of Judgement. Another famous saying of the Prophet at the same time became synonymous with the name of his grandson Hussain. “Hussian-o-Minni wa Ana Minul Hussain”. Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain. One can explain this Hadith that Hussain, being the grand so…