Friday, November 8, 2013

The Feel Of Her Flaming Lips

a heart
beat skips
love hate
my muse
hips lacquer
nail polish
blood like
on her
finger tips
holding the
glass of
water melon
juice languidly
sips ,,my heart
she rips flesh
she whips
i float on paper
thin figment of
my lost
on a film strip
with her on
a wall at mahim
i share a unique
kinship ,,,veiled
eyes haunting
i rise i dip
lines running
hope and sorrow
seasonal vagaries
pain hardship
vision of
an artists failed
tragic turbulence
torrid tempestuous
tremors of
a sinking ship

Only A Child Can Read The Destiny Of Man

God added lines of humility
to each and everyone's cosmic plan
until he tries it .. he can..from
one end of his world to another
world gods
favorite superman..
my grand daughter
marziya shakir
the easy riders
youngest fan...

Humility Thy Name Is Aditya Raj Kapoor

Chehre Pe Sadgi Khuda Ka Noor
Prince Bluff Master RajKumar
Brahmachari Junglee Ka Beta
Behad Mashoor ..Do Paiye Ke Ghode
Par Savar Milon Dur ..Manoranjan
Sanawar ,, Yadon Se Bharpur
Zindagi Ka Safar ..Tal Aur Sur

Its My Head I Cut

Its My Head That Bleeds
Bringing Back From Karbala
The Chapter of Good V/S Evil
Hussain and Yazid
A 1400 Year Protest
My Red Banner Of Revolt
Against Oppression Terrorism
Tyranny and Their Yazidi Misdeeds
He Gave His Head From
Evil Forces Of had us Freed
Spiritual Hegemony ..of Imperialistic
Umayads A Caliphate of Greed

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Yesterday 32000 Views ,,, My Flickr Photo Stream..

Moharam In Hussain Tekri Jaorah

This was my second visit and I was pretty broke those days business was down my friend Ali Reza Shirazi paid for my ticket and took me along with him , and these pictures and the entire series I owe to him..

I have not visited Jaorah after that , but Chehlum in Hussain Tekri is a unique experience there are replicas of the Holy Shrines of the Infallibles , there is a Roza of almost all the revered Saints..

All are crowded be it the roza of Bibi Fatima , Bibi Zainab, Bibi Sakina Hazrar Abbas Imam Hussain and Hazrat Al..

The Chehlum in Hussain Tekri happens a day earlier so the Mumbai Shias rush back in time to catch up the Chehlum in Mumbai too.

Jaorah Hussain Tekri is a holistic healing place for the possessed , lost souls , that is another segment I shot including Chabuk Sharif..

There is a Ag Ka Matam where the Shia Khoja organizers dont allow you to shoot pictures I stopped .. entering here .. though I have walked on fire here the first time..

But there is another Ag Ka Matam at the Punjabi Imambada , and here the Azadari of the Kashmi Shias stands out for its pain and emotional intensity .

The Kashmiri Shias do memorable Tatbir and I cut my head Kama Zani with them.,,,It was seeing ther Matam that I had though to shoot their Moharam in Srinagar or Jammu.. but it has not happened yet..

What I have shot till date is the wishes of Bibi .. she leads me to collect the tears and I do it through the humility of my camera ,,

I have of course , of late completely stopped shooting Moharam in Mumbai due to the hooliganism , ruffian-ism that I encountered while shooting Moharam with bigots among my own community ,, I dont sell my pictures , I dont share my pictures , and none of the guys that have bullied me have ever fed a member of my family ..or my familys needs so why should they dictate terms to my mourning or my documentation beats me still.

I shoot Moharam in distant cities among genuine lovers of Imam Hussain..

A Poets Vision of God and Peace

A Poets Vision of God and Peace by firoze shakir photographerno1

god lives here 
my heart tells me 
what my soul feels 
in the fountains 
fishes of all size 
different sects 
live together 
the spirit 
of nature reveal
while we as Muslims 
kill each other 
our sectarian 
hate conceal
every time a Muslim 
kills a Muslim 
to Allah a death blow 
he deals 
when will we be One 
bound to a single ideal
in his Oneness 
beyond sectarian ordeal
when will 
our ancestral
 wounds heal
an image 
i shot as a poet 
a vision
 of god and peace 

I wrote this for Marziya my two and a half year old grand daughter the spirit and her zeal