Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Behind a Failed Man Lies The Story of Another Mans Success

Shooting Clothesline ...Is a Poetic Expression of My Angst

Clothes define your character and when they hang on the line to dry they define the characteristics of your lifes social pattern....washing and drying the linen in public eye view narrates the drama of life..

And Like Balazac defined the people of a house by the exterior like Old Goriot in Human Comedie so also clothes hanging out to dry tell you a unique story too.

I was inspired to street photography by Charles Dickens he had a photographers vision and eye for detail be it Aunt Pegotty , Mr Micawber or the Fat Boy or my favourite Uriah Heep..

I try to find them on the streets I shoot , and this for me is street photography, my genre is documenting pain , shooting beggars , fakirs , possessed souls and hijras or eunuchs.

Polio Drops Shot By Marziya Shakir On the Canon EOS 7D With Vertical Grip

This was shot on Sunday the day I take my kids downstairs to shoot the markets Marziya Shakir 4 year old shoots while Nerjis Asif Shakir 9 month learns precariously hanging on my waist.

The Canon EOS 7 D has become heavier but Marziya Shakir manages to shoot pictures, and she is as stylish as I am while shooting pictures ..

She will try all kinds of stunts but mostly she sits on the ground to take the shots and lessen the weight of the camera.

The Polio Drops are given to the kids by the Health department of the Municipality.

Welcome To The Woman's World in India

229,654 items / 1,924,531 views
a vulnerable soul
a thick hide
beast of burden
tears on the soul
of a burning bride
the day she gave
birth in her mothers
womb her god died
angels wept
heavens cried
sold in the cages
in dinghy brothels
mouth gagged
hands legs tied
a cavernous
pleasure hides
on the stove
of mans passions
steamed fried
in the hands
of man
her spirit resides
time and tide
her slithery soul
used abused
her copse
food for vultures
on the wayside

I wrote this street verse a few minutes back..I hate reading newspapers because her state is worse than my narrative ,,,

After Shooting Them For So Many Years I Decided To Become a Dam Madar Malang

Tears On The Soul of West Bengal

mamta ki chhaoon main
atyachar ki bhaon main
ek basti aur gaon main
ham toh sharminda hain
apni nighaon main

No Hijab In New Zealand

Jesus Lives In My Backyard ..

This cross at Bandra Bazar Road backlane has been renovated refurbished with a Jesus statue...a demolition notice was served on this cross but Jesus managed to let it pass he stands there in his eternal glory and humility ..

Just in front of this cross was a open gutter that has been removed thankfully and close to this gutter a caterer made food for his customers ...

Jesus in this cross has been bought up on the aroma of cjhicken biryani, dal ghosh and zam zam pulao.

This is a private road but used as a short cut by two wheelers from getting into Bazar Road or going outwards towards Bandra Reclamation.

Hot Summers Dream Ice Golawala

Once I bought a ice gola colored ice stick for Marziya Shakir and my wife freaked threw it out of the window..simply because of the water borne air borne diseases that inflict little children..
Stuff such as these part of our quintessential childhood , is harmful for kids today..

Kids today are not as tough we were to disease sickness .. our diseases were simple not complicated we had chicken pox mumps measles we have chinkangunya dengue swine flu, cancer AIDS ...jaundice typhoid..

Our diseases came and went the new diseases are deathly harmful and dangerous.

So the Icegolawala the borawala are part of our childhood I shoot share and invoke sweet memories ..

He accidentally jumped into my frame ...unwilling subject he became

All these years as a photographer affiliated to camera clubs but not any more I saw guys using heavy duty cameras , but I did not begrudge them I was never jealous, I was born without envy.. I had never touched a Canon DSLR.. never needed too I was happy shooting with Nikon for over 12 years now..

Than came the Canon EOS 7 D as gift to my grand daughter and passed on to me , I sold both my Nikon D 80s whatever Nikon shit I had ..I did not get a good price but I got rid of Nikon once and for all..
But I have just one camera body and that puts the fear of God in case it stops while I am shooting outdoors .. so I will have to buy a second camera and a lighter one so Marziya can use it too .. the vertical grip has made it very heavy but she manages because she loves the camera after her Barbie doll.

I am using Canon late in life but it is extremely fast like this shot I was trying to shoot the cart and I got this young kid..he wonders why the fuck I am shooting him..

This is my first blog 5.42 am I get up as though my mind is tuned to the Internet alarmclock..

I hate Google products and I say this as a matter of fact but I like Google+ and unlike the billions hooked to Facebook , Facebook fucked dependent I am not on Facebook.. dont have the urge to go back..unless Google+ shuts shop..

I prefer Google+ because it is a serious platform, I have never been into groups but at Google+ I am part of Jack C Crawfords core inner circle a beggar poet street photographer ...

And he gifted me a two year Flickr Pro account ...I had gone through rotten times but now they seem to be gradually eased out I am paying off my debts I suffered huge losses at my shop, I had to close it down and now work for another person as a showroom manager cum stylist..

I lost my freedom but I am getting back my self respect, we all go through bad times we learn ..and it is my turn to change the punctured wheels of destiny.

I can be anything but never a cheater a fraud or a crook, it is not part of my genes or my ancestry.. I am happy I met some good friends online and Dr Glenn Losack MD is one of them we are like two warring brothers he is an American Jew pompous and brash but we have been very close since 2008.. he is my extended family ..he is almost a Shia as much as I am a Jew.

He is godfather of all my three grand daughters and he treats them like his children , he has no children he is a precocious child himself.

When he comes home wife cooks his special bland stuff , and sometimes I confess I have added extra chilly and seen him howling cursing hot fire from his mouth and ass.. but he forgives me ..

My Gmail Has Got Loose Motions ,,,

He Will Only Go Back To Uttar Pradesh When All The Statues Elephants Parks Are Removed Hospitals Schools Built Instead

Beggar Poet And Street Photographer ..One Body Two Souls

Bandra Bazar Road ...Is Remembered By The Politicians Only During Election Times Once In 5 Years

Mohomed Bhai Bohra Dabbawala of Bandra Bazar Road

Hate Is Anti - Muslim Terrorist Brevik Shooting White Kids In Cold Blood

Anders Behring Breivik killed 76 people in Norway last week. Should Breivik be called a ‘Christian terrorist’?

The American Kick Boxer In Mumbai

I shoot the living dead who are buried alive above the soil of sorrow

Drunken Sorrow Fuck Tomorrow ..

i was fucked
the very day
i fell from my
mothers womb
into a burning hell
of hate chaos
deleted doomed
a few steps
away from
a wet
soggy tomb

Some Pictures God Saves For Me To Shoot ..

like a tree
a man
its roots
will never
ever bear fruit
duniya ki
ma ki chut
main sharabi
mujh par savar
zehrila bhoot
aye waqt aa
mujh par
ake muth
a situation
by his angst
crude uncouth

The Dabbawalas of Waterfield Road Bandra

Pride Of Maharashtra - The Humble Dabbawalas of Mumbai

Ever since I shot the dabbawalas at the Anna Hazare protest at Azad Maidan, they all know me , these selfless dedicated souls, their service to society is immense and so great is their contribution that they are well know Internationally but our local government has hardly done anything for them no free housing , no amenities and a future that is bleak the way I see it..

Armed with a cycle they move around delivering tiffins to office goers from their homes , they are always on time come what may, they dont bunk, they dont maro gutli.. they dont do khada..

The dabbawalas of Bandra are very friendly with me , knowing that I document their work, lifestyle they stand and pose for me so I can spread the word of their self sacrifice..