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Dont Blow Your Own Trumpet

Dont Blow Your Own Trumpet, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Dont blow your own trumpet
be smart dont put all your eggs
in one basket
keep a back up
of your photos
posting them
on the internet
dont defecate
hate comments
on my religious post
use your neighbors toilet
if you dont have one
and find one hard to get
I am a pedestrian poet
I poetize generously
so please dont get upset
opinionated I am
who isnt
in the spiders net
75000 photo blogs in 24 months
a thought you must not forget
while you trail me to the finishing line
you bet
Flickr a global community
the very best
a heart beat
in a photo bloggers chest
this poem is dedicated
to a wise guy of Poona
you have not met
the genius here
at Facebook
Now Public
Miller "Thriller "Fred

Maryamma Feast 2009

Maryamma Feast 2009, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Sacrifice to appease Goddess Kali or her several regional avatars is an integral part of devotion,a tradition that has been coming down the ages in Hinduism..It exists in the Western World too as Paganism...though I am no authority on the subject..Here I miss my friend Dale .and Esta.

This is my new series at Flickr I shot this morning at 7 am for two hours in bad light just in built camera flash..I dedicate this new series to my mentor Dr Glenn Losack MD ..he would give away his limbs just to shoot this - better than me .This is up his alley , I shot this and pretended he was in the crowd , shooting this too..

As a photographer I have no qualms in shooting with others , we may shoot the same thing and yet our pictures will be different..

Many photographers specially the press and those who sell their stuff to Marwari stock agencies differ , they wont share information at all , besides some with the press think the…

75000 Blogs at Flickr in 24 Months

75000 Blogs at Flickr in 24 Months, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I normally dont blow my trumpet till I have completed a the moment while you read this I have 74,964 photo blogs / 389,722 views but in a few hours from now I shall complete 75000 photo blogs at Flickr today-13 May 2009..
Its been a very long journey..I joined Flickr in June 2007.
Flickr Pro membership of two years was a gift from Asif Shakir my eldest son, when Yahoo pictures closed down Flickr added 3 months of grace to my Flickr account.

Than a few days back my mentor my friend also my family Dr Glenn Losack MD bought me another 2 years of a Pro Flickr.

In just a few minutes I go to shoot an incredible event than I shall come back and go to shoot the finale..I will tell you all about it when I post the pictures.

There was not much to shoot in Mumbai - much of the shooting happens in November right up to Feb..Ajmer Urus is one big thing Jul - Aug I guess.

The Koovagam Eunuch festi…