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Hindu And Muslim Two Sides Of The Same Coin Called India

I start my new series Moharam Ashura in Lucknow 2015 ,, with this image of Hindu Muslim amity ,, After I cut my head with two daggers and start my walk from Nakhas the starting point of the Ashura juloos in Lucknow close to my in laws Abbas and Wasim Qazilbash s house . ..till Karbala Talkatora a distance of 8 km barfeet and in the hot blazing sun.. all the processionists including women children all are barefeet ,
There are no vehicles on this road from Nakhas to Talkatora you go walking and can come back walking ,, or take a detour from another road to reach Nakhas by ricksha.
When I have walked quite some distance and reach this iconic Hanuman Temple , the head priest of this temple waits for me , he blesses me and with his hand on his chest pays respect to the Azadars of Imam Hussain.. he gives me water and we hardly have time to talk.. he meets me year after year only during Ashura or Chehlum..and we become one in our Indianness that goes beyond our diverse religiosity ,, cast…