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I Get Humiliated Insulted By Hooligan of Rupam Color Lab Bandra Hill road

Ever since I was an analogue photographer I spent a fortune at this studio getting my big salon prints done here I am their oldest loyal customer ..
But today I had a very bad experience I gave 2 prints 0f 4by 6 single prints and 4 very small prints to them I was charged Rs 120 I was in a rush I paid the entire amount no bill was given to me I had paid separately for my passport size photos Rs 60 ,

I went to collect my prints in the evening the lady on the counter handed my prints I asked for the break up she said Rs20 a print when it is Rs 4 I got angry and told her I always paid Rs 4 and the guy called Chirag who works there started to threaten me shout and humiliate me I am a senior citizen station I thought of going to the police station but I called up one of their bosses Kalpesh Shah who is at Borivili I told him the entire episode she returned Rs 20 back but I was shocked how many people she must be cheating at the expense of their gullibility ,,I dont think her bosses would w…