Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Get Humiliated Insulted By Hooligan of Rupam Color Lab Bandra Hill road

Ever since I was an analogue photographer I spent a fortune at this studio getting my big salon prints done here I am their oldest loyal customer ..
But today I had a very bad experience I gave 2 prints 0f 4by 6 single prints and 4 very small prints to them I was charged Rs 120 I was in a rush I paid the entire amount no bill was given to me I had paid separately for my passport size photos Rs 60 ,

I went to collect my prints in the evening the lady on the counter handed my prints I asked for the break up she said Rs20 a print when it is Rs 4 I got angry and told her I always paid Rs 4 and the guy called Chirag who works there started to threaten me shout and humiliate me I am a senior citizen station I thought of going to the police station but I called up one of their bosses Kalpesh Shah who is at Borivili I told him the entire episode she returned Rs 20 back but I was shocked how many people she must be cheating at the expense of their gullibility ,,I dont think her bosses would want this kind of money because I know them they are highly upright people I have known them from the time they started this studio.

This is the first time I felt insulted I told Kalpesh I was going to post this episode on Twitter .

Why should I give Rs 16 to them when I can give the same amount to a poor beggar on the street ..why should I be cheated and I am a photographer also a life member All India Photographic Trade Association..

I mean how can bosses keep staff like this why dont thy check the CCTV and see his threats to me ,, or will they push it under the carpet of their studio.
Rupam Studio at Bandra Hill Road belongs to SRK Digital Color Labs Mumbai.