Thursday, February 20, 2014

For Her The Next Meal Is More Important Than The Next Prime Minister Of India

67 Years of Independence Yet Enslaved To Hunger And Misery

the poor
will always
remain poor
live die in
a sewer
dreams on
a tour ,,,
for sure

Will Our Politics Or Politicians Change The Life Of The Poor In India ..

politicians of
all color hue
lick ass appease
the rich industrialists
to make each other
rich they mutually get
the gist ..during
after elections
each other with
money power
assist..the poor
a kick on the
ass after taking
their votes ..

I Desperately Tried To Save Myself I Failed

hidden beneath
the veil was my
muse her face
pale destiny
on the crucifix
of her desire
wantonly nailed
from where i had
started ..i walked
back.. in retrospection
to the dark cell of
my inner jail..i
let out a wail
a beggar poets
unfinished tale
held in the claws
of a demonic
female ...leonine
but also frail

The Indians ...

of rural india
waiting for a new
order change
where for their
votes they will
get peace hope
harmony in
exchange ..
at the moment
polluted air
corrupted chaos
life seems strange
all around the system
failed people deranged
their voices .. unheard
out of range ..

I Have Completely Stopped Shooting Pictures

I am revisiting old pictures of my spiritual trek..
pictures i shot with my camera enslaved
round my neck.. a frame at a time of
human speck time and tide washed
them ashore ..totally wrecked ...
like bestrewn broken shells on
the sands bedecked ...

Made In India .. Gods Own Creation

by birth a Muslim
if you really recognize
him..his life full of
pain pitfalls ..dark
gone dim..for his
aberrations his sins
he hopes god forgives
him his earnest wish
of getting a new lease
on his failed life chances
are very slim..he does
not want his worst enemy
to end up like
ajmer it was not me
but my camera that
actually shot him..

i will be upset if you
patronize my picture
taking and dont like him
we both are beggars ..
me more unlike him
a circle of confusion
on a cosmic rim...
contorted chaos
of his reptilian limbs

Marziya Shakir Has Come A Long Way

appu my friend
he has no hands
no legs a stump
a misshapen
torso he begs
she 23 month
him curiously
a human puppet
string less ..
held on two pegs