Friday, April 10, 2009

14 Stations Of The Cross Mumbai 2009

This morning I was late so I missed the events at Sacred Heart Church Khar W from where the Good Friday or the 14 Stations of the Cross begin,.

"The 21 st Annual Lenten Walking Pilgrimage set off through Golibar subway, into Santa Cruz East,across the highway , past St Anthonys Church upto KalinA and back to St Charles Convent in Vakola 3.30pm.

The pilgrims stopped at different spots along the way, near street crosses or chapels and a troupe enacted the different Stations of the Cross.

These are Biblical scenes with characters enacting the happenings of over 2000 years., when Christ was crucified .

Various scenes from the passion play, crucifixion,and even the resurrection of Jesus Christ were dramatized , thousands of of the faithful prated devoutly and mourned Jesus death."

This procession was started 20 years back by the founder president of CROSS Org , by Joe Dias.
Today was the hottest day and I was in real bad shape , because of my diabetic condition, I collapsed several times on the road, but managed to complete the entire length of the event ..a feat that I had photographed last year too.

Walking with the Christians the Walk of Christ means a lot to me, I owe my education to them they showed me path and never was I made to feel that Christianity is better than Islam..
Actually the Padres who taught me at Holy Name High School Colaba , made my Faith in my own religiosity much more stronger..I pay my tribute here to two priests who were responsible for this late Fr Stephen Nazareth and Late Fr Leslie Ratus.

Even the late Cardinal Gracias who walked the quadrangle of my school would pat my head ..yes Christianity has given me much and made me what I am today.

My late parents Mohamed and Shamim Shakir taught me to respect all religiosity and this was the source of my beliefs and my conviction..

And I know as tears drop from my eyes they must be happy that I shot pictures of a walk that is a state of life towards Peace,and walking with a community I hold in the highest regard.

I dedicate this series to my very dear friend Fleur De Lys. ..of Flickr.

This entire series posted at Flickr only.