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GSB Seva Mandal GSB Lord Ganesha 2011

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Corruption Scams In India Will Never Go

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young future of our nation
piddles on the soul of politics
if i may say so though the erstwhile
prime minister the hon president
want corruption and scams to go
in the backyard of most netas it grows
like an orchard that ripens brings
hope prosperity we all know
garlands of black money
round necks all aglow
in politics only the media
the common man is foe
as the line of corruption
they wont toe on the soul
of the mahatma hey ram
another blow greater than god
greater than nature is the
holistic healing power of dough
babus all running to and fro
an adarsh society all the more
ill gotten gain commissions
consultancy charges
keeps accumulating coming
from the back door the rajas
the kalmadis the chavans
small fish the real culprit
moves about freely
you get the score
life is nothing but
bed of thorns
beneath the roses says
the politicians pet whore

Exorcising My Demons At The Devils Stump Tree

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This is the most famous place at Hussain Tekri Jaoah where much of the exorcising takes pLace during Chehlum and the lime are pierced into the Devils stump tree with the possessed persons hair.

Dure Najaf Gemstones Of Peace .. Wear It Share It

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I have been wearng Dure Najaf for a long time now , along with Turquoise , my favorite was Turquoise but gradually I started falling in love with Dure Najaf I went through bad time suicidal emotions but I came out unscathed ..perhaps it was my iron clad faith in myself that pulled me through prayers of my family .. I sold most of my silver jewlery when the storms hit me hard , selling my antique silver kadas a silver necklace with a giant Akik for Rs 10000 and the necklace was over 900 grams and in a few days after selling it silver reached a peak of Rs 60000 I sold my 275 old cameras lenses etc for Rs 17000 my entire book collection of old Persian books for Rs 2500 to a friend ..

It hardly matters now God was testing me I passed the test I made myself stronger and than decided to shut my shop took up a high end job with a big fat salary worked eight months paid of my creditors some I still have to pay , and recently chucked up the job..the perks of a fashion whore .. I had become what I did not want to be sold myself to the Devil a friendly kindly Devil .. I redeemed my Soul and foreclosed that account.

I am again gone independent freelance and my fingers still have the rare Dure Najaf .. I did not sell my ringgs none of them I have amber too.

I still hunt for Dure Najaf .. I hae a huge one but it turns out because of the streaks in it it is Mueh Najaf I dont know anything about stones I play it by ear..

And Azad Hussain my jeweler gives them the form I design,, he is another man who has been a vital link to me and my stones ..

And it was after this trip at Jaorah .. the following trip to Ajmer I became a Dam Madar Malang simply because a white man wanted to become a Malang and he inspired me adding the last touch of paint to a half painted work of mysticism.

I have had strange experiences with Marc my friend while taking a barefeet trek over rocks to visit the graves of the Eunuch Saint and his biological Son at Taragadh Mountains all documented at my Flickr photostream.

I have removed all my hijra documentary from my Flickr photostream, just a few for public rest can be seen by very close friends I dont intend ever showcasing my hijra blogs poems to the cyber public..

I deleted my Google+ account and am back on Facebook after a 11 month sabbatical I know I can do without Facebook I can do without social network but not without culture.

Gobhar As Fuel for Cooking Food for the Poor Devotees

I have been twice to Hussain Tekri Jaorah and this is a place that hits me hard in the guts , getting a hotel room during Chehlum is next to impossible .. I was broke falt but a friend Ali Reza Shirazi bought me here may God bless his family forever, he kept me at a friends place I stayed a single night shot Chehlum the following morning and took a train back to Mumbai to shoot the Chehlum again in Mumbai.

It was the first time that I cut my head hee at Hussain Tekri Jaorah.. I went to Chabuk Sharif and this set at Flickr you must see , it is pain suffering and more .

I am not a travel photographer I cant shoot monuments ... but I shoot life moving life fleeing emotions and living dead in sweaty shrouds.

I wont forget this trip, this was a trip during my very bad times a fucked Nikon D 80 that bled like me and doing Kama Matam with the intense Kashmiri Shias was an experience of a life time..

I am updating this blog with text it was as blank as most of my picture posts are ..

we beg so we live .. our parents who created us in a hurry we forgive

Hussain _ O _ Mini Wa Ana Minal Hussain ) ...

photo courtesy jalal kazim

9 moharam
leading from the front
in memory of karbala
a protest against yazidi
terrorism he cuts his head
tears flowing down his
cheeks tears turned red
 “ Hussain _ O _
Mini Wa Ana Minal Hussain )
 the Holy Prophet said
on the sands of Karbala
humanity bled
eunuchs watched
yazidi army
muslims in name
none came to his aid
fear of death
they all fled
hussain is alive
yazid is dead

pinjre ke panchhi re, tera dard na jaane koye

pinjre ke panchhi re, tera dard na jaane koye
tera dard na jaane koye
baahar se to khaamosh rahe tu
baahar se to khaamosh rahe tu
bheetar bheetar roye re
he bheetar bheetar roye
tera dard na jaane koye
kah na sake tu, apni kahani
teri bhi panchhi, kya zindagaani re
kah na sake tu, apni kahani
teri bhi panchhi, kya zindagaani re
vidhi ne teri katha likhi aansoo mein kalam duboye
tera dard na jaane koye
tera dard na jaane koye
chupke chupke, rone waale
rakhna chhipaake, dil ke chhale re
chupke chupke, rone waale
rakhna chhipaake, dil ke chhale re
ye patthar ka desh hai pagle,koyi na tera hoye
tera dard na jaane koye
pinjre ke panchhi re, tera dard na jaane koye
tera dard na jaane koye
pinjre ke panchhi re

The Begging Hijab

buying a
rs 100000 goat
is more important to
appease god please
note but rs 90000
given as charity
to a widows home
or a children
would keep
hope afloat
of the poor
needy in
muslim society
is a thought
love killing
muslims is
what we
peace brotherhood
is not the keynote
bismillah he said
cut the goats throat
the coat of the goat
he offered it to
the masjid
some bank note
bakra eid
his new
his velvet
a poetic
a picture
thus emote

e dariya
aur khamosh
sukhe hot
har eid
ek nayi chot