Monday, July 15, 2013

Ramzan Is Not Just About Giving Money ,,, But Giving Hope And Nerjis Asif Knew It When She Was Only A Year Old

Ramzan At Every Muslim House Is A Moment Of Peace Humility Hope And Gratitude ..

Nerjis Asif Shakirs Second Ramzan ...

She calls herself Malang , and she will do Kaif non stop going in circles without falling down , but she is a healer as all kids are, kids heal you with a smile or even a touch , and change the rotten route of your life,, this child does.

She wakes up everyone in the morning for Sairi.. the Ramzan fast and is exuberant , making the entire surroundings change color.. Held in my hand she feeds the fishes dipping her hand and touching the mollies , and they come to kiss her too.

The Java finches get excited seeing her , and call out to her , than she helps me give them water clean their mess , and once in a while she goes with me to Sweet Home Aquarium to buy bloodworms , and knows the name of fishes , those that are in Marziyas Fish Tank.

Than from here we go to Nautilus down the road , here she will greet Adrian and we buy plants Java Moss and drift wood variety plants.

Than back home in the rickshah.

This morning I took her to Mr Yusuf Lakdawalas house at Carter Road Bandra , he gave her a big chocolate , just across a few blocks down is Ashirwad Mr Rajesh Khannas house , I took her there to meet Uncle Bala , Mr Rajesh Khannas Man Friday , she greeted him kissed his hand .. and as Kakajis first death anniversary is on 18 July 2013.. she took a picture of the huge hoarding and posed besides the picture of Mr Rajesh Khanna her favorite uncle and strangely Nerjis Asifs birthday is on 17 July along with her father on the same day..

Bala is very fond of Marziya and Nerjis because both spent time at Ashirwad with Mr Rajesh Khanna , the bunglow is now silent for all time ,,,

After we took leave of Bala I bought her home , and I must mention she shot the tution teacher of Mr Yusuf Lakdawalas grandson..

Nerjis Asif Shakir is I Pad user knows most of the nursery rhymes by heart and is in a Play School .. also a adept Canon EOS 60D user..

The Spirit Was Willing The Flesh Was Weak

three children
one after the other
so to speak
promises betrayal
a father they seek
he went to mumbai
for better prospects
last week .. not
heard from him
the future bleak
mother helps out
but of my pain
she understands
wont speak
hope throttled
on a choked creek
my little children
vulnerable meek
a living must eke
begging for self
respect on the
street ..
a pain that
rises rises

Muslim Beggars And Hope In Ramzan

the namazis
wait for
the muezzins
call the beggars
for some coins
rice and dal
ek taraf khushamdi
dusra taraf bura hal
zindagi khaufnak
jeena behal
baithe hain
pair latkaye
tuti hui dal

The Muslim Blind Beggar Family Pydhonie

Karo Matam k aaj Haider-e-Karaar jata hai… Inna Nillah-e-wa-inna elleh-e-raaji’oon.

When It Rains It Pours

ramzan time
sitting for
alms on
wet floors
hope was
willing but
has shut
all doors
if you
get less
why ask
for more
only god
what lies
in store

Ramzan Iftar Time Abdul Rehman Street

21 Ramzan Martyrdom Of Imam Ali .. One Of The Saddest Day For The Shias Of The World

21 Ramzan Martyrdom Of Imam Ali .. One Of The Saddest Day For The Shias Of The World

Ramzan Sadly Lasts For One Month Only ..The Piety The Charity Will Be Forgotten Soon Enough

kartay hain matam haram abbas ka- hogaya marna sitam abbas ka

The Dying Planet

The Dying Planet

The Dying Planet

The Dying Planet

The Dying Planet

The Dying Planet

During Ramzan All The Donation Boxes And Receipt Books Come Out

Tempos asking for relief for Masjids Madrsas . guys with blaring loudspeakers literally forcing themselves on your eardrums for money..some maybe sincere in their calling most are dubious people , including groups of skull capped guys ringing doorbells for donations ..there is more scam corruption on this front in ramzan than any other month ..

The Desi Murgi and Baidawala

Around him are big chicken broiler shops , doing rip roaring business ,while he sits on the road opposite Kalidas Stores a over 100 year old provision store ..he sells his stuff nominally , gives me a discount because my grand daughter Marziya has been shooting his pictures , and now Nerjis shoots him too , this gladdens him a lot,,

He hardly knows what we do with the pictures , we hardly give copies , we dont print our pictures , all the pictures we shoot are for internet viewing only..

We tell stories through our pictures , pictures of our backyard .. a crazy chaotic friendly place called Bandra Bazar Road the most neglected place of heritage and East Indian ancestry..migrants came here later be it the dhobis butchers bakers jewelers and other professional help..Most of this belonged to a single landlord De Monte ..and a part of the Bazar lane is called De Monte we stayed here when we bought it as a our new home after losing our older one in the riots at Khar Danda , after the riots we sold it for peanuts it was a pagdi house.

We Are Bound To A Single Thread Of A Canon Camera

The Flag Sellers ..

Rising Prices Of Fruits In Ramzan Shot By Marziya Shakir

And if the Government reduced 30% on fruits like they are doing for vegetables at a few centers , it would be considered a unholy act of appeasing the Muslims for votes opposition forces it is a catch 22 situation...

Welcome To Bandra My Backyard Says Marziya - Oh Ramzan Mubarak Too

The Born Thinker Always Stands Out Like A Sore Thumb In A Crowd

is his
through out
he is
from the
of his heart
soul poetry
you can live
with prose
no doubt
but without
poetry of life
total blackout
so dont
a persons shut
mouth .. he is
re energizing
his minds batteries
from dying out

dedicated to fr lawrie sj teacher guru

I Decided As A Photographer I Will Shoot The Poetry Of Life

i shoot
infested by disease
blind cripple deformed
ill at ease ..i shoot
a world my backyard
where pain wont cease
only dogs coming under
cars saddens us if you
please..would you get
off you fat ass to check
a dead body by which your
car got dirtied ..cosmic fate
seeks a savior holistically
healing all humanity

while one man
begs for mercy at
another mans feet
religiosity but not
good governance
it matters not
just political conceit
remedy a fault
with another tweet

My World Begs For Attention ,

A Grand Fathers Healing Touch- Mr Rajesh Khanna And Marziya Shakir

Maria Shot By Marziya Shakir 2 Year 11 Month Old

Marziya Shakir 3 Month Old ..

Mumbai...Pride Of India

Ye Naa Thi Hamaari Qismat Ke Visaal\-E\-Yar Hota Agar Aur Jite Rahate, Yahi Intazaar Hotaa

Ye Naa Thii Hamaarii Qismat Ke Visaal\-E\-Yaar Hotaa
Agar Aur Jiite Rahate, Yahii I.Ntazaar Hotaa
Tere Vaade Par Jiye Ham, To Ye Jaan Jhuuth Jaanaa
Ke Khushii Se Mar Na Jaate, Agar Aitabaar Hotaa
Terii Naazukii Se Jaanaa Ke Ba.Ndhaa Thaa Ahad Buudaa
Kabhii Tuu Na To.D Sakataa, Agar Usatavaar Hotaa
Koii Mere Dil Se Puuchhe, Tere Tiir\-E\-Niim Kash Ko
Ye Khalish Kahaa.N Se Hotii, Jo Jigar Ke Paar Hotaa
Ye Kahaa.N Kii Dostii Hai Ke Bane Hai.N Dost Naaseh
Koii Chaaraa Saaz Hotaa, Koii Gam Gusaar Hotaa
Rag\-E\-Sa.Ng Se Tapakataa, Vo Lahuu Ke Phir Na Thamataa
Jise Gam Samajh Rahe Ho, Ye Agar Sharaar Hotaa
Gam Agar\-Che Jaa.N Gusal Hai, Par Kahaa.N Bachai.N Ke Dil Hai
Gam\-E\-Ishq Gar Na Hotaa, Gam\-E\-Rozagaar Hotaa
Kahuu.N Kis Se Mai.N Ke Kiyaa Hai, Shab\-E\-Gam Burii Balaa Hai
Mujhe Kiyaa Buraa Thaa Maran Agar Aik Baar Hotaa
Hue Mar Ke Ham Jo Rusavaa, Hue Kyuu.N Na Gharq\-E\-Darayaa
Na Kabhii Janaazaa Uthataa, Na Kahii.N Mazaar Hotaa
Use Kaun Dekh Sakataa Ke, Yagaanaa He Vo Yakataa
Jo Duii Kii Buu Bhii Hotii, To Kahii.N Do Chaar Hotaa
Ye Masaa\-El\-E\-Tasavvuf, Ye Teraa Bean, Gaalib
Tujhe Ham Vaalii Samajhate, Jo Na Baadah Khaar Hotaa

Now Instead Of A Puppy A Child Comes Under A Car ... A Criminal Case And Investigation Begins Keeping Aside Sadness In The Backseat

Our Democratic System Encourages Slums .. To Create Voters For Our Hon Netas

The Homeless Slum...

Whether We Are Hindus Or Muslims Coming Beneath The Tyre Of a Politicians Car ..We Become Puppies By Far