Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Karmic Wheel of Drunkeness

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he is too fucked
out of his mind
sleeping on the road
at home
his wife and children
wait for him while
he lies floored
hanging on his head
Damocles Sword
country hooch
mixed with poison
is all he could afford
a bottle after a bottle
his entire months salary
into his stomach
he out poured
pain misery despair
for his family
he scored
he would not drink
another dropn
each night
while fucking
his sickly wife
he swore
than he went out
got drunk again
in the arms
of a whore
next morning
he came back home
his children and wife
waiting at the door

dedicated to anthony posey
my karmic friend

Jesus is a Mumbaikar Too

he speaks
understands marathi
giving the marathis manoos
in amchi mumbai his due
jesus is a mumbaikar too
his followers the kolis
the aghris to
mention just a few
jesus part of this
city's ethos
its ups and downs
their prayers
jesus is not deaf to
he stands by them
thick and thin
makes their
come true
his holistic touch
seeped in humility
that will even
touch you

to emma lecomte

my karmic friend

Where There is Hope There Is a Muslim Man

all muslims are
peaceful people
i believe
only a motley
few are terrorists
that cause us grief
promoted by the
rogue mullah
wrong doctrine
wrong message
that the preach
they kill destroy
but the soul
of humanity
they cannot breach
such is faith
that keeps peace
alive beyond
their reach
is what
they teach
evil as words
in their speech


randy der
my karmic friend

Marriage and Funeral are Both Same

in marriage
when you hit the dirt
you are to blame
when you die
your end comes
you again hit the dirt
what a shame
in both cases they
carry you on a vehicle
death and marriage
both same
your divorced wife
with her horny
lawyer your wealth
will claim
when you die
your relatives
will usurp
your property
in your name
you will leave
behind all
your grandeur
your fame
just a unmarked
now your grave
a deleted file
beyond redemption
you could not save

to michel portier
my karmic friend

Jesus is a Mumbaikar Too

Subhash Solanki My Best Friend

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Subhash Solanki introduced me to the camera and sold me my first camera rest is history.

And this picture was shot by him , I had come to his shop Subhash Electronics to sell of my old camera and lenses.

This happens when I am broke.

The Beauty and the Beast

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pain and pathos
on the street
last but
not the least
your eyes
a betrayal
of fate
can feast

dedicated to dr glenn losack md

we are all beggars till we meet someone who is more beggarly than us..a moment my camera seized ..a moment unreleased