Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GSB Ganesha Wadala Holistically Healing The Soul of Man

Nothing To Beat The Power of Prayer

GSB Ganeshotsav Samiti Wadala

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I have kept my Lalbagh Chya Raja visarjan pictures on hold to post this as my backlog at Flickr.

And perhaps Lord GSB Ganesha Wadala wanted me to shoot him share him with all you so I am dong his wish and adding to my thread of life Hope and Hindutva a Message of Peace Hope and Humanity.

Shot by a Muslim barefeet blogger of Mumbai.

Lalbagh Chya Raja Jai Ho

I Reach Claire Road Byculla Too With Lalbagh Chya Raja

Lalbagh Chya Raja Reaches Claire Road Byculla

The Future Karya Kartas of Lalbagh Chya Raja

The Battered Bruised Forsaken Khada Parsi

The Battered Bruised Forsaken Khada Parsi

The Barefeet Blogger And The Volunteers of Lalbagh Chya Raja at Byculla Bridge

Cold Compresses For My Dead Feet

Lalbagh Chya Raja At Byculla

Lalbagh Chya Raja At Byculla

Blogging Is Not as Easy As It Seems

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accomplishing feat
silent screams
through pictures
shot barefeet
a solemn pledge
to redeem
cold compresses
magna sulf
cold cream
on the soul
of a blogger
a voiceless
her eyebrows
at my
my wife
carpe diem
morning to night
she my blog
head bowed
i told her
not blogs
but humanity
runs through
my blood stream
captured as
images a poetry
of life
on my flickr
living or not living
at the edge
or at the extreme
for a better
not just bloggers
even fools

thank you dr sanjeev mani

Marziya Finally Sees Me

Lalbagh Chya Raja Is The Only Movie That Broke The Record Of Dabbang

I Use Facebook As An Extension of My Flickr Blogs

Standing On A Stool Does Not Make You Tall In The Eyes Of The Lord

India Is The Only Country Where Faith Grows As Trees

Building Hope In The Human Heart Is More Important Than Rebuilding It On The Soil

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of faith
barbed wires
of hate religion
smashing skulls
breaking bones
on a bleeding
soil we built
as human
in the eyes
of the maker
we wilt
a structure
to reach
god on a stilt
of humanity
to the hilt
our chldren
their children
pay the price
of our guilt
in the name
of allah
in the name of ram
innocent blood
we have spilt
a mother india
weeps waiting
for kar sevaks
of both faith
a new hope
a new dawn

The Camera An Instrument of Peace Hope and Humanity

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capturing moments
fleeting time on the run
capturing revelry frolic and fun
bringing alive a long journey
of lalbagh chya raja
lord shiva goddess parvatis son
as he traverses the
soul of a crowded mumbai
to reach his home in the ocean
dreams deliriousness
good things he has done
hope hindutva
a message of peace
harmony humanity
tolerance handwoven
beautifully hand spun
without this camera
a journey would
have not begun
of this blogger
photographerno 1
a spiritual homecoming
molten tears in the urn
barefeeet dressed
in soothing saffron
driving home a point
hindu muslim union

The Selfless Volunteers of Lalbagh Chya Raja

All I Had Was Faith Attached To My 18-70 mm Lens on the Nikon D 80

Every Time I Turned My Head He Was Behind Me

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I did not have to climb bus stops , I did not have to monkey around with gravity climb electric poles or lamp posts and I wondered would that have really got me better pictures.

I had nothing on my person just Rs 150 ..An ordinary 4 year old mobile phone a single camera a single lens I was barefeet no water bottle no snack box I drank my first cup of tea at Byculla.

I was caught at several places in a stampede people walked over me but spared my camera and I shot mostly from ground level..I could not be as acrobatic as Girish Mistrys students I thought living was more important than dying for a picture.

Before you shoot an event of this enormity you should know the ground rules bravado or trying to be one up does not help, as a student its better to have another student covering you ass shooting alone is not the temperament for this kind of shoot.

Losing your life or your belongings or your limbs or your camera which is an essential limb is not photography at all.

I have shot Moharam the Shia mourning flagellating rituals and sword matam during Ashura and Chehlum I have cut my head with a sword and than bleeding photographed others around me so I know death I know danger I have shot Cobras a whisker away from my face at Battis Shirala I have shot 18 feet rods piercing human cheeks at the Maryamma feast and I was going to pierce my cheeks too but the pujari told me I have to keep a fast and prepare for the ritual so I will do it next year hopefully, I have shot the bullock cart races at Alibagh Murud , but I can assure you shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja at ground level is a real tough assignment.

But he is there and protects you provided you take the necessary precautions too.

I feel sorry for the girl student who lost her high end camera in the stampede.

Such events you use your normal digital SLR unless you are a Pro Reuters or any other Press agency.

And the only one that enjoyed this journey of the Lord documenting with a passion was the new breed of Mobile camera phone photographers ... and this is one insect like specie like mosquitoes that will always be part of events like this no pesticide can ever get rid of them.

So in short Live and Let Live..

The Volunteers of Lalbagh Chya Raja

Munni Badnam Ho Gayi.. Bap Re Bap

The Association of Mobile Camera Phone Photographers Growing On A Tree

Faith Beyond Caste Color Or Creed

The Volunteers of Lalbagh Chya Raja

The Volunteers of Lalbagh Chya Raja

Faith Lies In The Eyes of The Beholder

Lalbagh Chya Raja On The Wings Of Angels

Moving Along With Lalbagh Chya Raja

Moving Along With Lalbagh Chya Raja

Lalbagh Chya Raja On The Wings Of Angels

Oh Thank You Lord .. Through Your Journey I Complete My Karmic Journey Too

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hands folded
eyes closed
he said
as his love
from his heart
into the heart
of the lord flew
from a seedling
of devotion
into a plant
of worship
it grew
every year
he comes
a pledge
he renews
a testimony
of all faith
a truce
from your path
he removes

Akhuratha---One who has Mouse as his Chariot/Vehicle

Alampata---Ever Eternal Lord

Amit---Incomparable Lord

Anantachidrupamayam---Infinite and Consciousness Personified

Avaneesh---Lord of the whole World

Avighna---Remover of Obstacles

Balaganapati---Beloved and Lovable Child

Bhalchandra---Moon-Crested Lord

Bheema---Huge and Gigantic

Bhupati--Lord of the Gods

Bhuvanpati---God of the Gods

Buddhinath---God of Wisdom

Buddhipriya--Knowledge Bestower

Buddhividhata---God of Knowledge

Chaturbhuj---One who has Four Arms

Devadeva---Lord of All Lords

Devantakanashakarin---Destroyer of Evils and Asuras

Devavrata---One who accepts all Penances

Devendrashika---Protector of All Gods

Dharmik---One who gives Charity

Dhoomravarna---Smoke-Hued Lord

Durja---Invincible Lord

Dvaimatura---One who has two Mothers

Ekaakshara---He of the Single Syllable

Ekadanta---Single-Tusked Lord

Ekadrishta---Single-Tusked Lord

Eshanputra---Lord Shiva's Son

Gadadhara---One who has The Mace as His Weapon

Gajakarna---One who has Eyes like an Elephant

Gajanana---Elephant-Faced Lord

Gajananeti---Elephant-Faced Lord

Gajavakra---Trunk of The Elephant

Gajavaktra---One who has Mouth like an Elephant

Ganadhakshya---Lord of All Ganas

Ganadhyakshina---Leader of All The Celestial Bodies

Ganapati---Lord of All Ganas

Gaurisuta---The Son of Gauri

Gunina---One who is The Master of All Virtues

Haridra---One who is Golden Colored

Heramba---Mother's Beloved Son

Kapila---Yellowish-Brown Colored

Kaveesha---Master of Poets

Kirti---Lord of Music

Kripalu---Merciful Lord

Krishapingaksha---Yellowish-Brown Eyed

Kshamakaram---The Place of Forgiveness

Kshipra---One who is easy to Appease

Lambakarna---Large-Eared Lord

Lambodara---The Huge Bellied Lord

Mahabala---Enormously Strong Lord

Mahaganapati---Omnipotent and Supreme Lord

Maheshwaram---Lord of The Universe

Mangalamurti---All Auspicious Lord

Manomay--Winner of Hearts

Mrityuanjaya---Conqueror of Death

Mundakarama--Abode of Happiness

Muktidaya-Bestower of Eternal Bliss

Musikvahana---One who has Mouse as His Charioteer

Nadapratithishta--One who Appreciates and Loves Music

Namasthetu---Vanquisher of All Evils and Vices and SinsNandanaLord Shiva's Son

Nideeshwaram---Giver of Wealth and TreasuresOmkaraOne who has the Form Of OM

Pitambara---One who has Yellow Colored Body

Pramoda--Lord of All Abodes

Prathameshwara---First Among All

Purush---The Omnipotent Personality

Rakta---One who has Red Colored Body

Rudrapriya---Beloved Of Lord Shiva

Sarvadevatman---Acceptor of All Celestial Offerings

Sarvasiddhanta---Bestower of Skills and Wisdom

Sarvatman---Protector of The Universe

Shambhavi---The Son of Parvati

Shashivarnam---One who has a Moon like Complexion

Shoorpakarna---Large-Eared Lord

Shuban---All Auspicious Lord

Shubhagunakanan---One who is The Master of All Virtues

Shweta---One who is as Pure as the White Color

Siddhidhata---Bestower of Success and Accomplishments

Siddhipriya---Bestower of Wishes and Boons

Siddhivinayaka---Bestower of Success

Skandapurvaja---Elder Brother of Skanda

Sumukha---Auspicious Face

Sureshwaram---Lord of All Lords

Swaroop----Lover of BeautyTarunAgeless

Uddanda---Nemesis of Evils and Vices

Umaputra---The Son of Goddess

UmaVakratunda---Curved Trunk Lord

Varaganapati---Bestower of Boons

Varaprada---Granter of Wishes and Boons

Varadavinayaka---Bestower of Success

Veeraganapati---Heroic Lord

Vidyavaridhi---God of Wisdom

Vighnahara---Remover of Obstacles

Vignaharta---Demolisher of Obstacles

Vighnaraja---Lord of All Hindrances

Vighnarajendra---Lord of All Obstacles

Vighnavinashanaya---Destroyer of All Obstacles and Impediments

Vigneshwara---Lord of All Obstacles

Vikat---Huge and Gigantic

Vinayaka---Lord of All

Vishwamukha---Master of The Universe

Vishwaraja---King of The World

Yagnakaya---Acceptor of All Sacred and Sacrificial Offerings

Yashaskaram---Bestower of Fame and Fortune

Yashvasin---Beloved and Ever Popular Lord

whatever name you choose
peace hope humanity
in the soul of man
he imbues
he remembers
your 16 hours
at his pandal
the unending
long queues

dedicated to shri udhav thackeray in humility and gratitude

He Sought Me Out I Shot Him In Return

I Continued Following Lalbagh Chya Raja

Learning Photography The Hard Way

I Shot Lalbagh Chya Raja As You Would Have Shot Him

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