Saturday, May 22, 2010

The New Dons New Recruit

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the old one was not
up to the mark
he got the boot
he had run away
with the new
dons loot
the new don
in the head
did not shoot
he hired
this new recruit
with a crippled foot
a new job a new route

A Mound of Shit Called Man

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If I could make you see feel this picture not just as an unforgiving image but as the state of man in very dire straits , he is not an alcoholic, he has been living in the same clothes , he is a cripple invalid he has been defecating in the same clothes since several days without cleaning himself up, if you passed him by you would throw up I assure , I did.

He lay there close to my work place and I shot a few frames I walked away.

But after sometime I saw a crowd I went to see what was happening and the cops had come with a van to remove him from the streets this was a very strange situation for the cops ..and I wont bore you I shot the entire sequence as a story board of a drama of life..

The cops wore gloves face masks but the stench was so overpowering that I really pity their condition when they took him in the van and shut the doors.

The Known Beggar Faces of Bandra

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He is a Muslim beggar sits at the Bazar or at various Bandra by lanes with a stick in hand , he begs silently , he does not impose his demands on you , you have you give you dont have you move along.

Whats his name I dont know .I never take personal details when I shoot pain as I see it clustered on the streets.

He sits at Boran Lane too .

The blind beggar boy and his guardian have disappeared completely.

The beggar world is nomadic itinerant without permanency of place.

People who normally get upset when they see people like us taking pictures of the beggars are invariably those hypocrites who wont even give a coin to this man..

They get upset that we show India in a bad light..but the rest of India that one reads in newspapers they dont mind , the corruption , the defamation of our nationality by people in high places who get away buying everything that comes their way.

The Limouzine guy the Medicine man , cricket spams are all ignored only photographers shooting beggars are hung by their balls.

We show without morphing what lies on the street , yesterday I shot a series at Bandra Hill Road , a beggar who was stinking with his feces was lying on the pavement , he had a club foot and was in pathetic state , his stink has not left my nostrils.

A Police van came and with great effort put him on a stretcher I shot the entire sequence and for the cops doing this charitable service must have been the hardest one I could read their disgusted minds and thought.

This time the cops were picking up scum from the street and he was not a terrorist they could shoot on site I did..

Speaking to Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

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Hi Laxmi
I am Firozes house
the famous blogger
hijda yarn spinner
having home
made miya type
hot spicy
belgian friendly
however Firoze says
Marc ever since you
came back from Koovagam
you have gone thinner
than he asked his
two year grand daughter
marziya shakir to
take my picture
a sure shot winner
a new kid on the block
street photography beginner