Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira 2009

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My Inner Soul in a Net

enter the net
the internet
habit forming
but a kick
a high
on this planet
you wont get
a home away from home
the cyber net
to log in you wont forget
alaskan fern blog goodess
good souls you met
now with some other souls
as they jet
a new cybernetic romance
my colored ass to bet
a brickless house
once more to let
zooming into
the corridors of her mind
all set

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Going Out Of Hand

within the soul of the sand
an imaginary world
in a far away
no mans land
moving moments
pictorially panned
poetic passions
going out of hand
soothing sorrow
spiritually scanned
the camera
a magic wand
not canon nikon
its the camera inner eye
of your mind
the greatest brand
reflecting a shot
on another mans soul
from where you stand

dedicated to Teresa Burke alias Dragon Fly

Vinayaka Restaurant Murud Janjira Beach

The white and green structure is of Vinayaka Restaurant Murud, the finest Malwani cuisine, rice thali, prawn thali ..each thali for Rs 100.
Most refreshing is the Kokam water that he serves as an appetizer..
Sunil my friend owns the restaurant and his bullock cart runs at the race on Gudi Padwa .

Normally most of the photographers of Mumbai park themselves at this open air restaurant , Sunil is very fond of me and Mr Anil Bhartiya photo journo and Guru.

The Mumbai Shadow Boxer

The race had not started , so I had my fish thali got down to the beach and shot some cray ones ,the Murud beach is very quiet, isolated and full of the sadness of the sea, provided you stay the night over, leave the next morning via Alibagh and by boat..

The long 5 hour drive by public transport from Murud to Mumbai can break any camels back and ass too..

I had once come here with my wife when my life was down the bin..we both had come here to understand the flow of our desaturated lives..

I thought of her while taking this shot, I could have darkened this image, but I decided not to play God..and represent things as they were pictorially presented to me..

The title is a dedicated to my bruther Bernie in Chicago..

And thank you Fleur you haunt me in my wildest are a ray of sunshine when the restless soul is inundated with the grim tears of emotional vacuity.

Murud is a wordless poetry time..

It was afer sometime of loneliness I was greeted by Habib Nasser my friend who had reached the Vinayka restaurant with his gang..

This broke me from the retrospective reverie of my restlessness.
I needed company too..too much of silence can drain you of all your spiritual energy..