Monday, October 11, 2010

This Ends The Pitru Paksha Series at Flickr

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I shot 755 images in about three hours..

Nanhe Hathon Main Katora ...Bagair Wallet Ke Ghar Se Nikla Chora

Birth of a Street Photographer Marziya Shakir

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shot by Bhupesh Little

the body language
of a photographer
is the hope of
in every way
from the second
day of her birth
it was the camera
she saw every day
are made in heaven
but on a godly assignment
on earth they come to stay
they showcase gods
creations in the best
possible manner
in every way
gods chosen ones
like little marziya
shot by bhupesh little
by the way
a little that
matters a lot
not me but
it was what
about david
had to say
5 stones in a sling
bought down arrogance
what you preach
is what you pay
humility the essence
the soul of humanity
i taught her this
before she took
the Nikon D 80
from my hands
she has come
a long way
her guru no1
dr glenn losack md
from manhattan new york
says her credentials
need i say
while kids of her age
play with dolls toys
she loves shooting
beggars raw humans
on display
where there is a will
there is a way
guru ke bina gyan nahi
marziya my guru
teaching me
to ulearn photography
if you see it the
other way

dedicated to Mr KG Maheshwariji .
.Her Param Guru..Parmeshwar

Shayar kee shayari ka Marzia subject ban gayee.
Badi honay par Marzia maja legee Dada kee shayari kaa.

The Magical Sweaty Indian Armpit

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the only magical
part of Indian anatomy
mystical thought provoking
super duper hit
in crowded trains
the stench more
soul saving than flit
the ubiquitous indan
armpit when it takes a shave
arms raised creative
aesthetic i for one am a great
promoter of the Indian armpit
more important than
my cobbled up words
are my street pictures
testicular tragedy
of a twit dont
ever ask me why
indians most of them
repressed regressed
hate women
but love hijras with
pendulous ass
overflowing tits
i bet you have not yet
seen the pubic hijra armpit
using tweezers they
try to give it a clean chit
to those who ride them
like asses including
the rich the dimwit
in the bombay university garden
or in some dark cessed building
one at time they admit
provided you
have that something
that will fit
a condom is also among hijras
know as a much needed
sartorial outfit
but i digress being poetic
this is my tribute
not to the hijra
but the flying fuck
of a indian arm pit

Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona Ugle -Ugle Heere Moti

Who Really Cares A Fuck What You Do

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who really
cares a fuck
what you do
your riches
your mansion
your sports car
your ego
your mistress
from peru
newly rich
getting richer
rich man
fuck you
a poor indian
is an indian too
happier than you
rising reliance energy
power bills unlike you
more mouths to feed
its true but i like my india
that the common wealth
you screw 77000 bucks
down a stadium drain
a tumbling bridge
nothing new
my wife for kerosene
stands in an unending queue
i feel like committing suicide
when the bank goonda
knocks at my door
when the home loan
payment is due
the new breed of
mother india
Standard Shattered
more blood sucking
motley crew
to destroy the
middle class
is the new mantra
of rags to riches mantri
with their power gurus
if you dont pay
your reliance bill
they disappear
with your fuse
newspapers in india
is nothing but only bad news
electronic media
has only one agenda
divide and rule
the muslim and the hindu
a mandir and masjid
the only terrorizing
issue so
the fucked soul
of humanity
watches colors
of big boss
who gets evicted
in varying hues
veena malikji
begum nawazish ali
get more publicity
here in india
than the man
sleeping on the road
outside bhabha hospital
waiting for a bed
slowly dying
of dengue
malaria jaundice
swine flu

on mr amitabh bachchan's birthday a poetic present to him for making others crorepatis unlike you angry young man one among few...bollywoods most wanted Twitterati tweeting his heart soul to the milieu..

Why is it raining heavily outside today .. fuck I have no clue..

Happy Birthday Mukulji

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life after death
is also zindagi
you live in the
hearts souls
of those whom
you loved
by a silken
they remember you
on this day joyously
happy birthday
you changed
their destiny
might just
remember you too
when he baritones
kaun banega crorepati
rahul wont forget you
i know definitely
nor anita alishka mikhail
the core of your
essence soul
of your family tree

my humble tribute as you touched me too ... far too poetically khuda gawah hai hum apko yad karte hain abhi bhi ...kaise bhulen apko mukulji

Walkeshwar Mandir Banganga

A Photographer Is Born Not Made

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shot by Bhupesh Littlle

light and shade
freaked out f stops
dont make the grade
from her mothers womb
digitalized she needs
no aid ABC
of photography
in born she
wont trade
in the steps
of her grandfather
her guru a smile
as guru dakshina
she paid
beggars on the streets
raw emotions
she will raid
a Nikon D 80
her kundalini
instead of playing
with barbie dolls
capturing memories
that wont fade