Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photographers Are Born Not Made - Marziya Shakir 5 Year Old Shoots The Malang ..

the cosmic
the gap
3 generations
father son
grand daughter
very young
it was silence
that is more
tastier than
the morsel
on the tongue

laden fruits
of gods bounty
even a fly
seeks hope
on the mound
of a garbage
full of dung

Photographers Are Born Not Made - Marziya Shakir 5 Year Old Shoots The Malang ..

the cosmic
the gap
3 generations
father son
grand daughter
very young
it was silence
that is more
tastier than
the morsel
on the tongue

laden fruits
of gods bounty
even a fly
seeks hope
on the mound
of a garbage
full of dung

The King Of Kings

The King Of Kings
Of King Circle
calls me every year
to document his
people their peer
their swamis
their seers.
the lord remover
of obstacles
every pain
every tear
blesses humanity
mind without
ask he hears
you come to him
he too comes near
to your dreary life
he adds hope
harmony joy
abundance cheer
your debts he clears
promotion in your career
than he whispers dont
worry every day in your
life a happy new year

There Are More Mad People On Facebook Than Anywhere In The World..

"We want a few mad people now. See where the sane ones have landed us!"

Shaw, George Bernard

she was furious
angry aggressive
abusing me with
hazar galis for
making a corny
statement like
this she said
whats your
frickin problem
let people live
the way they
want to live
learn to forget
learn to forgive
she was totally
miffed ..tenaciously
possessive .facebook
her hope her temple
of joy ..she was not
mentally captive
st marc had emancipated
her with his following account
deactivated doomed
her account passionately
active ...i moved away
from her circle of
confusion a beggar poet
a hardcore fan of shiv

The Arab Has To Learn So Much From The Peace loving Muslims of India

shayad meri bhavna ka khayal dil me aaya hai isiliye bappa ne mujhe darshan ke liye bulaya hai

Coming Soon ,,,

to get rid
of doddering
fools those
foot in the
mouth dumbos
who need to
go back to
with absolutely
no love for our
beloved city
bahut soon
inka dabba gul
bappa will make
mumbai rape free
pothole free
uber cool
as it as
when it was
no more
ankhon main
dhool ,,yeh
ruhansa phool
jinhe taqt e
shahi pe bithaya
kya hamse hogayi

"Vakratunda Mahakaaya, Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Deva, Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada"
the remover of obstacles ...ganesha rocks ganesha rules

poem dedicated to my good friend mr mohan kapoor

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I became a Malang away from sectarian strife religious hate

i became
from dogma
one way debate
i found peace
among the malangs
aligned to my cosmic
fate ..away from
muslims killing muslims
powered by
petro dollars
of suicide
killing unborn
bombing mosques
holy shrine
a different
of islam
that the
true god
did not create
man made mischief
of the mullah politicians
for lust of power
real estate ..
imperial hegemony
to evil within as they
prostate ...
peace brotherhood
a lost world
from this satanic
force we must liberate

Said My Wife Why Do You Shoot The Same Thing Over And Over Again

so the first time
this year i did not
shoot the dahi handi
at ranade road ..
cosmically constrained
the flesh was willing
the spirit contained
within the four
walls of my homely
domain ,,,mumbai
is despicably horrid
horrendously humid
without rains .
i am caught up
in a vortex of poetry
bound in chains
so i think i will
go out to kurla
shoot the beggars
the homeless living
lifelong in pain
at Flickr after
exceeding 1 TG
no batch uploads
screws  my brains

$499.99 per year
2 Terabytes of photo
 and video space
All the benefits of
 a free account
breaks the heart
hits the brain
dear ms marissa mayer
for a hobbyist photographer
incorrigible blogger with
a rapidly falling rupee
is a mindless thought
insane ..please consider
be humane .
.the old pro
flickr account
for $25  per year
unlimited uploads
if you could kindly
bring back again

I Am Back In My Prison Cell At Facebook...

I join Facebook 29 August 2013

i had deactivated my facebook
account went into a shell of
loneliness a sabbatical
i took ,, did not take any
calls burnt my old
phonebook.. sat at home
helping the grandkids
breed finches set up
a tropical fish aquarium
beef liver heart spinach
mixture i learnt to cook
when i wanted crap my
thoughts in 140 words
twitter was where i looked
pulling the flush was
re tweeting ,,i decided
no more social media to
stay off hooked

but than a friend
gave me hope
gave me strength
thanks to her
faith in my blogs
i am back in a
prison cell at
my poetry
my pictures
my pathos
my passion
i changed
my hulia
my malang
once again
the morsel of
the forbidden
fruit i partook
one sided love

Docummenting Another Mans Religion And Faith Is Documenting Hope Humanity

I Am Back In My Prison Cell At Facebook...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dahi Handi - Govinda Ala Re Ala

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Govinda or Dahi Handi is a sport organized on Krishna Janmashtami to celebrate the birth of Krishna. It is very popular in Mumbai and surrounding area of Thane.
Govinda players gather together under Dahi Handi to making a human pyramid to catch and then break an earthen pot (a matki or handi) hung high in the air with the help of a rope. The players are known as Govindas or BalGopals. The sport is based on the legends about Krishna stealing makhan (butter) or dahi (curd) from handis.

Govinda was started somewhere in the eighteenth century in Girgaum in Mumbai. Originally the sport was a religious ceremony to celebrate the birth of the Hindu god Krishna. A community called Pathare Prabhu staying in the village called Girgaum in south Mumbai (then called Bombay) used to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna by performing Govinda.[1] This community of Pathare Prabhu was affluent and had many servants to work on their farms. These workers were mainly from Kunbi community from Bankot in Konkan region of Maharashtra state in India. On Krishna birthday, earthen pot filled with Dahi curds and butter and other eatables preferably bananas would be hung at a suitable height. Servants of the Pathare Prabhu families would collect and make a human pyramid under the pot and then a little boy most probably the youngest child from that family would climb over them, reach the pot and then break it. That was the sport to be played on that day to celebrate the birth of the lord.
Usually, the land held by this community of Pathare Prabhus was very large, called Wadi. People participating in the occasion were going in a procession in and around the Wadi they owned and ultimately come to the main entrance of their mansions. Very often more than one family would join in the celebration and that used to give more servants for the performance of Govinda. The earthen pot called Handi held at a height in that place. All the female members of the family as well as those of the servants would be collecting at the entrance to receive the procession, also called, Govinda. Usually these processions accompanied with a chariot, pulled by either horses or bullocks and on the chariot were scenes from the life of Lord Krishna and with a band of lezim players and drummers. Old people say that, these processions were very magnificent. As the procession reaches the entrance of the mansion, all the members of the procession would collect under the Handi and form the circles to make the final pyramid. Lord Krishna, little child from the owners house sitting in the chariot as lord Krishna then climbed the pyramid and the pot was broken. While the little boy of the Govinda is trying to climb up to the Handi and then breaking it, crowd around would throw quantity of water on the Govinda to disturb them and to see that they cannot do it easily. This was the work of mainly women surrounding the Govinda. This was to remember that when lord Krishna used to reach the Handis, gopicas (maidens) would do such a thing to save their curds and milk from the hands of little lord Krishna. This is an episode from the life of lord Krishna. In that, it depicts that lord Krishna with his friends (Govindas) roamed around the city of Mathura, find the earthen pots filled with curds and milk, and steal it. Gopicas (milk maidens) used to hide these pots at a height so that little lord cannot reach it. Lord was very smart and he developed the idea of making a pyramid of his friends and then climbing it and get to the curd.

Dahi Handi pyramid Jay Bharat Seva Sangh
Interesting enough, all male members of the Pathare Prabhu community would mix with servants on equitable basis while making the pyramid. At the pyramid, every body was equal. No body was boss and no body was servant. They all were only worshipers of the lord Krishna. Even servant's sons would climb on the shoulders of the owners’ sons to reach the upper layer. This is how all the people involved experienced a sense of equality. This shows that many qualities are required to make the pyramid successful. They are, sense of responsibility, collective contribution, sense of equality and mastermind. At personal level, other qualities were required. They are confidence, daring, patience, capacity to sustain pain and other injuries, respect for other fellow members. Looking to these aspects of Govinda, one business management school in Mumbai[2] has accepted Govinda as a lesson in their training course.
This continued until nineteen fifties in this style in the Girgaum village. By that time, the village had become a full-grown city of Mumbai and called Mumbai-2. Lands were all sold and gone. Now the big land holding were reduced to narrow link roads but still they were called, Wadis. Phanas Wadi, Navi Wadi, Khhotachi Wadi, Zawbachi Wadi were known to be holding regularly these Govindas in Girguam. Now, the format of the Govinda procession had also changed. Now, all occupants in these Wadis, whether servants or just tenants, anybody who would enjoy the occasion and the sport, would join. By now, the servants had taken this interesting sport to their native place Bankot in Konkan. Many servants and their progeny had left Girgaum and settled in other parts of this city of Mumbai. Wherever they went carried the sport and this is how the sport spread in other parts of the city and in vicinity like Thane.
Chariots carrying shows from the life of Lord Krishna were abandoned and only Govinda teams remained. They started moving in trucks and some boys moved on their motor bikes and scooters along with the trucks. They carried with them water and other requisites. By this time Pathare Prabhu, community was gone into oblivion.
Govinda reached new heights when media discovered the advertising potential of the sport. After that, professional politicians followed the suit. At present Govinda has become a sport to reckon with.

The sport has four parameters: height of the Handi, width of the place under the Handi, number of people to perform the Govinda, and the number of layers to perform the Handi break. Centring exactly under the Handi was a matter of skill. Very often, centring was not proper and finally the boy reaching the height would be a little away from the Handi and that is failure of Govinda. When many new practitioners experienced this, they introduced a remedy to this by not breaking the Handi but only saluting it. This is how two types of Govindas came into existence. Govinda with Handi and Govinda with Salaam (salute) without Handi. Originally, Govinda had layers gradually receding in diameter and forming a neatly shaped pyramid like structure. This required a large number of members to make it. These Govindas were solid that means each layer is filled with boys and that made the Govinda very strong. However, such pyramids required a very large number of boys. In later period, so many boys were not available and so hollow pyramids came to be common. Only outer ring formed and the boys would climb on them to reach the upper layer. The conventional Govinda had only top most boy alone standing and he would break the pot. When Spanish sportsmen[3] came to see our Govinda they introduced ladder arrangement, which was their practice in Spain. In Spain, they have a sport similar to our sport of Govinda. Now boys of this Govinda have picked up that ladder arrangement to increase the height of Govinda to reach Handi at higher heights. All these arrangements made it possible to make a Govinda with less number of boys.

Shows only the ladder arrangement of three girls at the top of the pyramid, this Govinda is played by all Girls.
Many engineering innovations are possible to make this sport more interesting and visually impressive, said one structural engineer from Mumbai. He added that the ladder pattern if made using triplets (three persons), instead of single person so, that will increase the stability of the pyramid. With this innovation Govinda could reach enormous heights. Three layers of such triples will add another 15 feet to Govinda easily.

Experts opinion, no special exercise is necessary to these boys. Experienced athletes recommended that sports such as Kho-kho, Atyapatya, Kabaddi (Hutu too), all local games, are most suitable to bring agility required in this sport. Ideal member for this sport should be strong, muscular and tall. Very heavy bodied members may be suitable at the lowest level on the ground. Average height of members recommended in here is 5 ft. 6 in. at ground level and for upper layers height must be above this. Govinda can reach bigger heights, preferring taller boys. Many boys indulge in drinking liquor. This practice is in some places encouraged by the organizers.
Economics[edit source | editbeta]

Govindas forming human tower to break the dahi handi in Thane
Govinda's recognition as a sport has caused some people to pursue it tenaciously. The financial side of this activity shows, three months before the advent of the birthday of the Lord Krishna, they have to start practicing for Govinda. Daily for at least three hours they practice. During practice, they need a substantial diet fortified with carbohydrates and proteins. Some experts suggest that during practice each one member of the Govinda consumes about 3000 or more of calories of energy. At present, no substantial diet made available for these people and as a result, quite often some of them withdraw from the sport eventually. Their body cannot sustain the exertion due to their improper diet. To develop a sport out of this activity, supplementary diet for the loss of calories during the practice is required; and for that those Govinda organizers will have to give the members some special food during each practice. A dietician has suggested that each on of these Govinda members must get a food supplement consisting of three chapattis, an omelette of three eggs and a glass of sweetened milk or fruit juice. At present prices in the city of Mumbai, the cost works out to be about 40 rupees per serving. For a medium sized group of Govinda team we need at least 50 boys. That works out to a cost of 2,000/- rupees per day for the food of the team during practice. With this as standard statistics we find that during three months of practice a Govinda team shall have to spent at least 1,80,000/- rupees.
During the festival day, these teams have to travel distances to reach these Govinda Handis in different localities. This requires transport. The cost of transport comes to about 5000/- rupees for that day. In all, having not considered any other cost, such as, salaries or remuneration of the members, however, in most of the cases they work voluntarily and so all that we find each Govinda team of a medium size has to incur the cost of at least 1,85,000/- rupees for the preparation as on year 2009. For large sized Govindas this cost will be almost double this.
Presently, it is found that no Govinda organizer spends this much money on these player today and that is why if this sport is brought for competition with other Govindas from abroad such as Spain, they shall be defeated. The boys being malnourished will not be able to stand the rigour required for such competitions. It is observed that on an average a Govinda team cannot attend more than three Handis in that day successfully. Formation of a good-sized Govinda (pyramid) requires at least fifteen minutes and preparation may require about at least another fifteen minutes. Excess time in loitering is about one hour. The only earning side is the prizes given on these Govinda Handis. While other options of earning are completely neglected. The other options are TV coverage, news coverage.
Sponsors of Govindas are collecting money by contribution from respected and interested parties such as business companies, shops, and politicians. These people contribute to the fund and the amount is generated. It has been seen that advertisements in and around the place of Handi are those of these contributors. At present TV channels and news coverage does not pay anything to the organizers of Govinda to cover the event.
To calculate arbitrarily what should be the minimum prize money for a Govinda we have to consider how many Handis a team can attend successfully? An investigation has shown that not more than three are possible. This amounts to about one and a half hour per actual operation of formation of Govinda (pyramid). Rest of the time goes in travel to reach the Handi. Since the cost of preparation of the team for Govinda of three months and travel is about as we have shown earlier comes to 1,85,000/- rupees and this does not include the remuneration for the team members minimum cost per Handi must be not less than 65,000/- rupees. If remuneration is to be added the cost will be more; that comes to 1,30,000/- rupees or more. Any Handi prized around this amount or more is a feasible Handi and anything less means that Handi is not for medium sized Govindas. A medium sized Govinda team can reach height of 40 feet if other requisites are properly satisfied. This explanation gives general idea of the feasibility of Govinda.

Bandra Skywalk Lovers Point

bring your babe
here instead of
getting drowned
on carter road
by eunuchs
jealous cocks
here a serene
moment some
sweet talk ,
close to the
station a
few minutes
walk,,,now just
across the talao
beneath the sky
walk the drug
addicts joint
where gardalus
flock snorting
their stuff system
mock ..beggars
urchins homeless
it is for them
they say that
the government
built this skywalk

talk of the town
top of the pop
traffic beneath
hope on the top
totally useless
totally flop
not yet a
suicide point
from where
bodies drop

Jai Govinda Jai Gopala

This was an old post bought forward today as I have exceeded my limit for images at Flickr ,,no new uploads ,,,till I buy more space they say...

reaching out for
a serene spirituality
in a dahi pot
hands and legs
head and shoulders
in the streets
of mumbai hot
jai govinda jai gopala
a beautiful thought
a magical moment
binding you soul
on the spot
peace hope harmony
that god bought
defeating the curse
of swine flu
an accidental plot
that was terrorizing
the human lot
resurrecting him
from destiny's rot

jai govinda jai gopala
mumbai wala hai dilwala
mumbai premki patshala
jalnewale ka moonh ho kala
dilip kumar madhubala
rajendra kumar vijayntimala
purani pijcharon ka maza nirala
sharuk khan ko
amriki immigrationwalon ne
pareshan kar dala

girte rupye ne seth logon
ka kar diya diwala
once upon a time in mumbai
please dekh lo dobara
madras cafe john sab
sarkar lagta hai pyara
chenna express 300 crore
ka bollywood ka puwara
narayan narayan KRK
ka teer ..critics ke seene
pe mara ..rape se bachao
aj desh ki nariyon ka nara ..

phata poster nikla poet
tasvir khichnewala ..
flickr ne mere account
par laga diya hai tala

paise pekho nayi space kharido
warna upload nahi hoga tumhara

dedicated to Shankar Gallery
Richard Lazzara

As I Have Exceeded My Limit For My Images At Flickr ,, I Will Not Upload New Stuff - I Miss My Old Pro Account

The Rod Piercers Of Goddess Marriammen by firoze shakir photographerno1

I got a message from Flickr I have exceeded my limit so they suggest  I   buy more space ..I dont think I will instead I will delete some old useless images , which again would be a pain , or take another Free account which I dont want too ..or play with my Exif data , bring back my old stuff as new and make it new by tweaking it at Aviary ,, I am fathomless so if any of you can suggest guide me I will be really grateful,, at the moment I am not in a position to buy space for personal reasons.. 

Even my Pro status used to be a gift from friends wellwishers ,,,so I am now a victim like the rest of you to New Flickr.. luckily I had stopped shooting pictures ..I would like to know if I replace my pictures will that give me space or what ,,,thanks .

I have 285000 images what happens to them , will they be archived or what .. I am sending this blog message to Flickr customer care for guidance and help.

My Message to Flickr Customer Care 


My name is Firoze Shakir 

I am a Yahoo member since 2005 

I am a Flickr member since 2007 

I have over 285000 images till date ..what happens to them.

I used to be a Pro member .. but I guess that staus does not exist , my pro membership was to expire in Sept 2014 ,, and now I got a message that I have exceed my limit for uploading images .

At the the moment I am going through a very rough patch I dont think I can buy extra space .. I need your help 

Should I delete some old useless images 

Or can I bring them forward  tweak them at Aviary and post them as new blogs by changing Exif Data ..

Or should I take an extra account which I dont want to..

I am really confused .. this Help from your end will be a big Help to me ,, 


Firoze Shakir

28 August 2013 

The Rod Piercers Of Goddess Marriammen

The Rod Piercers Of Goddess Marriammen

The Rod Piercers Of Goddess Marriammen

The Rod Piercers Of Goddess Marriammen

The Rod Piercers Of Goddess Marriammen

Bhag Gardalu Bhag ,, Tere Gand Ke Neeche Police Ne Lagaie Hai Ag ,,Gandu Jaldi Jag

Bandra Talao..Sab Se Ganda Talao

netaji ise
accha banao
lawaris logon
ko yahan
se bhagao
gardalu juari
timpass walon
ki gand par
hunter lagao
diving pool
yahan par
election se
pehle kuch
acha kam
kar jao
bachon ka
dil behlao
bahar se
bandra ko
yahan aisa
land mark
kuch accha
kam karte
jao ..walking
jogging ke
tracks cycling
skating aur nao
yahan zaroor lao
dil jeet jao ..

are baba
sochte kya ho
shuru ho jao
warna koie
aur le jayega
apke hath se
dao.. mera
bandra mera
desh mera gaon

jab chue ki maut ati hai woh gutter ki aur bhagta hai

the chatwala outside the school ... jeera goli kairi imli ...boras

simple picture simple stories ..


Bandra Bazar Road

Old Time Bandra

I Have Walked A Million Light Years Away From My Facebook Wall

from over
the soul
of her
i hear
her call
a silhouette
lurking in a
silken shawl
silent footsteps
of a doll ,,
deleted doomed
battered mauled
the poetry of my
life in a lonely
hall waiting to
translate her
silence before
i fall again in
love with .
final recall
my downfall

The Muslims Of Bandra

The Bandra Skywalk... A Dream Gone Sour ,,

The Bandra Skywalk Has Gone To The Dogs

Bandra Talao..

The Most Neglected Water Body - Bandra Talao ,,

The Famous Bandra Skywalk..

Bandra Skywalk Lovers Point

Beneath The Talao End of The Skywalk Drug Addicts Joint

Bandra Skywalk Lovers Point

The Famous Bandra Skywalk..

Addiction To Bandra Skywalk.. On Top And Below

Mumbai Is A City Of Vagrants

The Famous Bandra Skywalk..

Bandra Skywalk .. Is Photo Walk Too ..

Gandu 5 Baje Ka Alarm Laga Diya Na...

The Car Bike Cemetery Bandra

In The Evenings The Bandra Skywalk Becomes Lovers Point ,,,In The Mornings Drug Addicts Joint

Bollywood Se Back Kar Kahan Jaoge ..Jahan Jaoge Hame Paoge

Are We Safe In Mumbai ,,, Lets Wait For God To Anwser That ..

Bindas ..Mumbai..Amchi Mumbai