Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

Captivating the Soul of Humanity ..the Beauty of the Hijab
Modest but an Irresistible Mystical Garb..

Times of India reports

French lawmakers
full veil ban

wrong perception
of a garment of modesty
by the misguided white man
the hijab is a friendly attire
part of a muslim woman's tradition
core of her womanhood
part of a divine plan
her ancestry her life span
the time has not come
to burn it or ban it
or dump it in trash can
racially profiled
wrongfully scanned
the hijab the source
of peace goodwill
dignity grace
poetically positive
since time began

Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

my journey
as a photographer
will be over very soon
darkness at dawn
death in the afternoon
no more sufi seance
no more malang swoons
but i will cut my head
on ashura day
my blood gushing
on the streets
all strewn
all wet like
a trembling tree
in monsoon
to pain
i am immune
the only pain
that touches rips
my soul is
ghame hussain
karbala fate
his boon
his fortitude
our fortune
his message
of peace hope
a sacrifice
on the sand dunes

A Pain no Pain can Replace

our blood traces the persecuted history of our Shia race
every drop a bleeding script engraved on our face
ashura karbala two pillars in our hearts space
a dream a reality hussainiyat our saving grace
we have no other dreams to chase
a pain that no pain can replace
ya hussain ya hussain
our souls solace
Yazidiyat a chapter
of Yazidi disgrace
muslims love killing muslims
mesmerized misfortunes in a maze

Marziya Shakir -2 Month Old

picture shot by my wife

she tip toed in silence
angelic face in deep slumber
into our lives in a hot and humid mumbai
24th november
a day that is inscribed on our souls
a day we shall always remember
a fire soothed by an ember
lens like camera eyes
marziya shakir
our very newest member

A Muslim Woman begs on the street

born in a hijab of self respect
enwombed to poverty and defeat
her accursed destiny in the
hands of male dominating
muslim society she could not cheat
triple talaq- muslim divorce
her children blistered bare feet
allah ho akbar
she begs for their livlihood on the street
empty stomachs too need to eat
yes this is the way
muslim woman
that they ill treat
a commodity
once bought
used merely as a bed sheet
thrown after use as dead meat
her world at the mercy of the mullah
and the money powered elite
her predoomed fate they watch
from the ring seat
throw a few coins with
pretentious humility and conceit
a poor muslim woman
impoverished womanhood
a living corpse
shadowless specter
in a winding sheet

Lab pe aati hai dua banke tamanna meri

JANAB ALLAMA IQBAL **************

Lab pe aati hai dua banke tamanna meri,
Zindagi shamma ki surat ho khudaya meri.

ho mere dam se unhi mere watan ki zeenat,
Jis tarha phool se hoti hai chaman ki zeenat.

Zindagi ho meri parwane ki surat ya RAB,
Ilm ki shamma se ho mujhko mohabbat ya RAB.

Ho mera kaam garibon ki himayat karna ,
Dardmando se zaifo se mohabbat karna.

Mere ALLAH burai se bachana mujhko,
Neak jo rah he us reh pe chalana mujhko.

Chalak Ali Rafaee

chalak ali
the eye ball
piercing rafaee
an act he does
with an expertise
this wily clever
street smart sufi guy
along with his little brat
sharukh rafaee
like father like son
an amazing tie
on the streets they watch
this pair
acts that in real life
you will not see or espy
no second try
tongue cutting
neck cutting
chest piercing
mind over matter
all done in the open
no sleigh of hand
no need to be sly
the rest of the chancawalli
band of sufi mendicants
body piercing chillum smoking
on a perpetual high
following from a distance
at the urus of fakhruddin shah baba
is the man dressed hijda rafaee
Man Kunto Maulah Fazayun Aliyun Maula
they leap and cry
touching divinity
another body piercer
hidden behind the
smoky clouds in the sky

Man a Prick in the Wall

bricks homeless shelter less
divert the attention of my eye
bricks that are mortal but wont die
crumble become sand
a thought man sleeping
wont deny
man brickless homeless shelterless
is dead the day he is born
dont ask me why
enslaved to money
on a materialistic hgh
the air he breathes he has to buy
polluting the earth and the sky
man a godly mistake gives way to a lie
from the frying pan into the fire
burnt to fry
man that god made
as the fall guy
in the garden of eden
woman an apple
and a serpent
who came by
took away our godliness
our spiritual happiness
on the sly..

She begs for Medicine

at the Irani restaurant new pahelvi
at bandra bazar road ...
life takes a spin
the poor muslim woman
a doctors prescription in her hand
begs for money
to buy some medicine
the human soul precariously dying
the ailments of the flesh
the thickness of the skin
religiosity clinging
to a straw in a flooded recycling bin

वो सुबह कभी तो आयेगी, वो सुबह कभी तो आयेगी

wo subah kabhee to aayegee, wo subah kabhee to aayegeein kaalee sadiyon ke sar se, jab raat kaa aanchal dhalakegaa
jab dukh ke baadal pighalenge, jab sukh kaa saagar chhalakegaa
jab anbar zoom ke naachegaa, jab dharatee nagmei gaayegee
wo subah kabhee to aayegee

jis subah kee khaatir jug jug se, hum sab mar mar kar jite hain
jis subah ke amariat kee boond mein, hum jahar ke pyaale pite hain
in bhookhee pyaasee ruhon par, yek din to karam faramaayegee
wo subah kabhee to aayegee
maanaa ke abhee tere mere aramaanon kee kimat kuchh bhee naheen
mittee kaa bhee hain kuchh mol magar, insaanon kee kimat kuchh bhee naheen
insaanon kee ijjat jab zoothhen sikkon mein naa tolee jaayegee
wo subah kabhee to aayegee

These are two educated hijras waiting fr a better tomorrow a tomorrow that will bring hop , fulfill their dreams of living and being treated like women.. human they already are..

Gods House and Womans Rightful Place

outside like a dog leashed to the gate
a poor Muslim womans accursed fate
a never ending never changing state
help will come when her daughter
takes her place too late
terrorism on one hand of womans rights
reads the sanctimonious slate
in a world man loves money
loves war its womans emancipation
he hates
covers her from head to toe
her accursed life to berate.
mind you this is not about the hijab
its about the human flesh that inhabits
a soul mate
for a better world
the poor Muslim woman
has to wait
and to wait and to wait
when the end comes
in the pieces of a wooden crate

Man Kunto Maula Fa haza Ali-un Maula Eid e Ghadeer

Shah-E-Mardaan, Shair-E-Yazdaan,
La Fata illa Ali,
La Saif illa Zulfiqaar

King of the brave, the Lion of God
The Strength for The Lord,
There is none like Ali,
There is no sword like Zulfiqaar

Man Kunto Maula
Fa haza Ali-un Maula

Whoever I am master to,
Ali is his Master too.

(Abstract Sufi Chants follows)

Dara Dil E Dara Dil E Dar E Dani
Hum Tum Tanana Nana, Tana Nana Ray
Om Tum Tanana Nana, Tana Nana Ray
Yalali Yalali ala, Yala Ray
Tanana Tanana Tanana Tanana
Tum Tanana Nana, Tana Nana Ray...

Enter into the heart,
Enter into the heart,
Melt therein, You and me
Sing inside in sweet melody.

Maula Ali Maula
Maula Ali Maula

Master is Ali,
Master is he

Her Qalb Ali, Jism Ali, Jaan Ali Hai
Ik BeSar-O-Samaan Ka Samaan Ali Hai
Imaan Ka Matlaash E Ye Imaan Keh Doon
Iman To Yeh Hai Mera Imaan Ali Hai
Ali Maula, Maula Ali Maula
Maula Ali Maula, Maula Ali Maula

My heart, my body and soul is for Ali
Fulfillment for me the unfulfilled, is Ali
Oh ye who seek faith, on faith hear me
The secret of faith is this, that all faith is Ali
Ali my master, my lord Ali

Haider-E-Um Qalandaram Mastam
Banda-E-Murtaza Ali Hastam
Peshwa-E-Tamaam Rindanam
K Sag-E-Koh-E-Shair-E-Yazdanam
Ali Maula, Maula Ali Maula
Maula Ali Maula, Maula Ali Maula

A Haidari (Haidar is a title for Imam Ali), a mystic drowned in devotion am I
Nothing more than a humble servant of Ali-e-Murtaza (Ali the Lion) am I
And yet the foremost amongst all mystics am I
For a dog laying in the street of my lord Ali, am I

Welcome to the World of Street Beggars

Man kunto maula, Fa Ali-un maula Jis Ka Main Maula Uska Ali Maula

Ali imaam-e-manasto manam Ghulaam-e-Ali
hazaar jaan-e-giraamii fidaa-e-naam-e-Ali

Ali is the master of all, I am the slave of Ali
thousands life are to be sacrificed for Ali.

man kunto maulaa
fa haaza Aliun maulaa

To whom I am the master
Ali is the master.

Ali shaah-e-mardaaN imaamun kabiiraa
ke baadasht nabii shud bashirush naziiraa

Ali is the king of the brave and the great leader
because after the Prophet there is Ali.

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2018