Saturday, November 28, 2009

Someone Has To Shoot The Common Man Too

if every new kid on the block
becomes a fashion photographer
a money minting yearning
it is true
someone has to shoot
the common man too
looking into camera
a thought out of the blue
read his eyes read
his expressions anew
dressed as I am
blogger fuck shoes
the inner soul of man
needs a vision
giving the subject his due
who I am what I am
he simply has no clue


Man, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

within man
a temple
a gutter
you will find
man two eyes
totally blind
more than nature
it is man
who has fucked
urinating his anger
defecating his hate
a malfunctioning
failed product
god in haste designed
good bad ugly all
within him enshrined
in the end to the worms
or to the fires consigned

The Mad Man of Bandra Hill Road

another name of gods will road
hawkers terrorizing pedestrian road
new structures come up this road
while heritage badly fucked on this road
controlling the traffic the mad man
of hill road
second hand jeans washed recycled
from within a jain temple are sold
bandra police station where failed
dreams of criminals unfold
tata agiary head priest mr vazifdar
a wasted liver but a heart of gold
mobile service providers
are on a war path on this road
I am told
spammers beware call on hold

My Time Has Come I Have To Go

dont shed tears for me bro
my time has come I have to go
metaphoric historic example
of a sacrifice you all know
abraham ismail
father and son duo
god replaced the son with a lamb
godliness a path that leads
to his door
a message of peace
brotherhood and love
you cannot ignore

to mr kg maheshwari
my teacher guide mentor

Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din

Shot while shooting the goats at JJ colony Bandra

Hindi Lyrics:

Honge kaamyaab, honge kaamyaab
hum honge kaamyaab ek din
ho ho mann main hai vishwas
poora hai vishwas
hum honge kaamyaab ek din.

hogi shanti charo aur
hogi shanti charo aur
hogi shanti charo aur ek din
ho ho mann main hai vishwas
poora hai vishwas
hogi shanti charo aur ek din

hum chalenge saath saath
dale haathon main haath
hum chalenge saath saath ek din
ho ho ho mann main hai vishwas
poora hai vishwas
hum chalenge saath saath ek din.

Nahi darr kisi ka aaj
nahi bhay kisi ka aaj
Nahi darr kisi ka aaj ke din
ho ho mann main hai vishwas
poora hai vishwas
nahi darr kisi ka aaj ke din.

Kiss of Death Shooting Pain...

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This morning at about 6.30 am I went with my wife and son to buy the sacrificial goat , from JJ Colony Noorani Mosque lane from our friendly butcher Ebu Bhai..with the cutting that would be done at his place it came to Rs 4200..We normally cut it in the building compound but keeping Marzyas presence in mind and her attachment with goats we avoided it this time..

After reciting the holy verse I cut the goat but I dont think the person who shot from my camera got it right, so Saif my younger son took a shot when I cut the neck of another friends goat.

I came back home showered rushed to Bandra Station , but was late, shot the usual stuff, and shot the photo journalists shooting the poster boys of Bandra and the eventual Idd hugging pictures in great demand as front page on newspapers unduly over rated by Mawari picture stock agencies of Mumbai..

I shot the namaz bae feet , I did not see heaven sent Hijras this time, I cut through Indira Nagar , and shot Marziyas pet goat being slaughtered , he waswith the owner for several years but missed his date with death,,the owner was saddened and also the kids of Bazar Road that have grown with this goat including Marziya..I do not wish to manipulate human emotions through my blog or I could have posted Marziyas picture shot with the pet goat when she was a toddler..I let it pass , this man was my subject for my blog post instead..Is he a Muslim .. no perhaps a Tamil .. I shot his eyes and his nationality got a bit over exposed ... yes he is an Indian on bakra Idd..

I love shooting blood gore and there is much of it, shot today,,,I shot Death as it kissed the goats to sleep...

Idd Mubarak to One and All

As you rush for prayers
when you hear
the muezzins call
bowing to the glory
of god
the small
the mighty and the tall
god who saves you
from every fall
the greatest wonder of all
Idd Mubarak
from wall to wall
allh ho akbar
etched on the soul
of peace hope harmony
the greatest cure - all
mutual coexistence
brotherhood of man
as added windfall

To my friends , friends of friends at Flickr , Facebook Twitter and all over cyver space..from the barefeet blogger of Mumbai...

Id-ul-Zuha also called Id-ul-Adha in Arabic and Bakr-Id in the Indian subcontinent, because of the tradition of sacrificing a goat or 'bakr' in Urdu. The word 'id' derived from the Arabic 'iwd' means 'festival' and zuha comes from 'uzhaiyya' which translates to 'sacrifice'.

Id ul Zuha
On this day Muslims sacrifice a goat or Bakr (Urdu) to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim, who willingly agreed to kill his son at the behest of God.

This festival coincides with the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca. Prayers are offered in the mosques and the sacrificial meat is then distributed after the Id prayers.

Special delicacies are prepared and served among family and friends on the occasion

Also called Bakrid, Id-ul-Zuha, is a festival of great rejoice. Special prayers and exchange of greetings and gifts marked the Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid), the festival of sacrifice, celebrated with traditional fervour and gaiety in India.

Id-ul-Zuha is a reminder of Prophet Ibrahim's readiness to sacrifice his son for God's sake. It also marks the completion of Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca).On this day, special `Dua' is recited by thousands of Muslims for peace and prosperity.The day also coincides with the day when the holy Quran was declared complete.

The festival of Bakrid is a commemoration of Hazrat Ibrahim's great test of obedience to Allah, who ordered him to sacrifice the person dearest to him.

Ibrahim decided to sacrifice his son Ismail, at Mina, near Mecca. As the great religious leader was on the point of applying the sword to the throat of his dear son, it was revealed to him that the exercise was merely a test of his faith in Allah, and that he could sacrifice a ram instead.
Eid ul Zuha
When is Id-ul-Zuha celebrated?

Id-ul-Zuha is celebrated from the tenth to the twelfth day of Zil hijja. Also, Id-ul-Zuha or
Eid al-Adha annually falls on the 10th da y of the month of Dhul Hijja (ذو الحجة) of the lunar Islamic calendar. The festivities last for three days or more depending on the country. Eid al-Adha occurs the day after the pilgrims conducting Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia byMuslims worldwide, descend from Mount Arafat. It happens to be approximately 70 days after the end of the month of Ramadan.

The Windows of Pain

The Pawn Shop of Lost Dreams

pawned hopes
pawned future
pawned luck
a pawned pendant
a pawned
mangal sutra
the pawn shop
of lost dreams
interest on interest
compound interest
the pawned item
has lost its gleam
an unpaid home loan
aggressively blasphemes
a pawned requiem
life is not what it seems

Two Sacrificial Goats

two sacrificial goats
a blogger
a four legged animal
floating in the same boat
peace hope harmony
nothing else to promote
blood sweat and sorrow
as pictorial footnotes
headless hallucinations
that time smote
a bleeding head
during moharam
shooting a
a bleeding throat
a time for sacrifice
on Idd to denote
with a message as

Churi ko kar tu Taiz itna k har Takbeer sy Pehly , Bakra Churi sy khud Poochay bata meri khata kya hai...

I Quote

Hafiza Bi and Me

This was shot by neil 6 pack, the local poster boy who is the only Catholic volunteer of the BJP Party, and the person next to me in front of her garments hand cart is Hafiza Bi wife of blind Ismail Chacha.
These are two people I have shot extensively as a blogger ..they make up my story board of Bandra Bazar Road.. ordinary people with extraordinary is through this cart she educated her kids made them attain their goals, her daughter lives in Manhattan New York and a grandson in UK..

Ismail Chacha and Me

Ismail Chacha is my pictorial model as a photographer and as a model human being.. he is a retired Army man a proud nationalist , his pension he gives away to the poor and the needy..he is the most remarkable loving man of Bandra Bazar Road..His father was a Khansama with the Nizam of Hyderabads family and the family of Jinnah Saab..

He is a Hamdare Konkani Muslim known as Karais..

His wife Hafiza Bi sells ladies and children s garments on a handcart ..there daughter lives in Manhattan New York and a grandson in UK

Ismail Chacha is totally blind but recognizes people by smell..

picture was shot by neil 6 pack..

Life Is Nothing But Body Parts

a kick on the balls
one after the other
they tear us apart
falling in love
with street shadows
life is nothing
but body parts
beneath the cosmetic
curiosity all warts
the pangs lost illusions
of two lovers
who were once sweet hearts
a new one takes her place
when the old one departs
a morgue of memories
waiting for hope
on handcarts

The Story of the Injured Bakra

Now this story of the injured bakra originated at Indira Nagar a slum dwelling but with the rich poor and the ugly all communities living in mutual peace and harmony,I use the narrow winding lanes to reach my new shop , and the kids of this urban clustered jungle stalk me, they want to be shot by me, some dress up in Friday best clothes waiting for me, some pose with goats knowing that even if I shoot the goats they will show up in my pictures, and honestly these kids are much smarter than me and luckily my daughter Samiya has not seen me in this place or she will say I have lost it..I did the day she got married and left me an orphan befriending goats and hijras..

I love this area Indira Nagar , Hafiza Bi, Ismail Chacha whose father worked as a cook with the Nizam of Hyderabad and the erstwhile Jinnah family, Jinnah Saab wanted his father to move to Pakistan, but Ismail Chachas father politely refused.. Jinnah Saab got his father a job with a renowned solicitors family in Bandra.
More on Ismail Chacha and Hafiza Bi on my Flickr blogs , their daughter lives in Manhattan New York and a grandson in UK..

I shot a stray Hijra at Bandra Hill Road but I have yet to add text , he was from the troupe of impostor hijras I shot some time back, he was dead drunk.. and I was with I took two frames.

This kid in the picture is the most notorious in extorting me for pictures ..but I would rather shoot them than shoot flowers insects and the backside of mountains .. I bet Dr Glenn Losack is laughing ..

Street photography is the essence and soul of the godliness of god gone to seed..we shoot and frame it on your comatose consciousness..

The Story of the Injured Bakra

This is what remains of the bakra before Bakra Idd, he was a partner of the two that were bought for Rs 45000, but he hurt himself , so the family had him slaughtered before Bakra Idd that is tomorrow..a damaged or injured animal cannot be used for the Idd sacrifice.. the butcher was called in and the bakra wont be used for kurbani ..I was on my way to work and shot this picture , I shot a lot of bakras goats at the makeshift JJ Market , Jamate Jamooriya Bandra.. I love goats brave animals unafraid of impending fate the only animal that faces death like a fair daffodil..Wordsworthian fatality and impending doom..
Miya kids love moving about with their goats , showing off on the streets of Bandra..
The one Parsi boy who sheds tears is Farzand grandson of yesteryear junior artiste Katy, he has become friendly with the neighboring goats and is sad they will be killed..

As there a lot of goat pictures shot last two days I am adding a set on Flickr ..Goats Bakra Idd Namaz. 2009.I will shoot the Namaz tomorrow barefeet , I dont wear slippers to respect the sanctity and the soul of the nazmaz on the streets..

Raksha Wild Beauty In Bloom

hijdas love to groom
pillow talking
the way to your heart
through the bedroom
raksha wild
beauty in bloom
changing colors
like a chameleon
through each costume
without hijras
this world a morgue
a deathly vacuum
dont waste your time
searching for the hijda tomb
missing vagina castrated chaos
within a missing womb
you need not exhume
hijda a testicular tragedy
a missing heirloom
mesmerizing headiness
muskiness of her body perfume
rain drenched emotions
playing foul in her bathroom

its true I shoot Hijras poetically in all humility I assume