Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Appu My Friend Who Begs No Hands No Legs

Appu My Friend Who Begs No Hands No Legs

It has been over 4 years now I have not seen Appu ,, every time I pass those places where he used to beg at St Michael Church lane or outside Minara Masjid I crane my neck out from the bus or taxi to see if he is there ,,, but sadly I never saw him again .

The first time I met him begging at Chor Bazar close to Bohri Mohalla on Fridays ,, flea market days ,, but though I stopped going to Chorbazar I did go there to check him out ,,, no luck,

Appu was my close friend and was a migrant from Assam.. I miss him.. he was a good sincere man.. he never complained ,..he took his sufferings in his stride ,,

And tonight I have created a video on You Tube of his images as my humble tribute to his memories ,, it is being processed and it is also a tribute to my first granddaughter Marziya Shakir 23 month old who met him at Mahim.. she shot him with her cosmic eye , like me she too remembers him and tells me that she will shoot him.
Marziya is now 8 year old ..

My Red Indian Muse A Love That Needs No Excuse

She is red I am urban brown
Perhaps standing next to her
I do look like a clumsy clown
But she is on a visit to our town
In her Warrior dress she hates
Wearing western gowns ..she
Gave a glaring look and a frown
As the photographer clicked us
Together man and wife he did
Not pronounce or by my only wife
My three kids as polygamist I would
Have been denounced ..but love is
Love what goes up must come down
Cupids arrow aimed at the Venus of
Her Mound accidentally hit me by
Default on the rebound ...a beggar poet
Besotted like Prometheus bound

Love lost and found ...