Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heena Hijra The Queen of Hearts

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no woman can compete her, as shes most gorgeous of them all

now i believe that even god makes mistakes......
she should have been a beautiful lady enjoying the world of femininity ........nevertheless she's one of the most seductive woman i have ever seen....

braving all odds
a crest of hope
she rides
kidnapped by
a mafia don
she refused
to be his bride
she stuck
to her guns
out smarted him
free as a bird
in flight
well known
hijra celebrity
in her own right
heena queen
of hearts
queen of night
a blossom
in spectral light
she is generous
she is kind
she is a poetic
for the rights
of the hijras
the peela house whores
she puts up a fight
even those
who take her
for granted
die of fright
during ramazan
she fasts
reads the
for iftar
all the poor
she invites
a believer
of khawajah
gharib nawaz
heena hijra
in the lime light
biologically born male
but a woman
like reality
her woman's angst
her inherited
birth right
she has it
she flaunts it
she is extremely
polite my muse
my inspiration
heena hijra
queen of the hijras
on my homesite
a barefeet blogger
a street photographer
a pedestrian poet
also a shiite

Heena Hijra The Sultry Siren

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like a pigeon
locked in
a wired pen
a life
of hijra pain
no sense
the future
bleak bare
dark and dense
by my
camera lens
the first time
i came to
peela houese
the hijra whore
house den
a long time then
heena the hybrid
wild orchid
by all men
for her love
for her friendship
her zeal and zen
pillow talk
all the way
to heaven
as ecstasy
joy zenitude
as they come
again and again
for a sequence
lighting a fire
that even time
cant extinguish
is her defense
to her
her mystique
heena hijra
who lies
as unfulfilled
a barricaded

to love or not to love
says my poets soul
of heena the sultry siren

The Wild Eunuch Goes Haywire

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hot sweaty
a musky fragrance
she perspires
in a satin flimsy
attire her body
her soul
her devilish
hearts desire
her senses
all on fire born
in captivity her
world of pain
by barbwire
her lover
has left
her for good
a love that
he eloped
with jasmin
she male
a facebook friend
a positive spammer
adding to her ire
the wild eunuch
goes haywire
her eyes
burning orbs
blue sapphire
she is mad
she is angry
she is furious
she wants to regain
her lost empire
not a part
complete entire
from the hands of
fucked fate
a blood sucking
a love tale
of treachery
a seductive satire
a eunuch spits fire
a man she once loved
more than her life
a coward a blackguard
a genetic repulsive liar
love a commodity
on the streets
in great demand
far too many buyers
but you can also
get it on rent on loan
or on short term hire

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