Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Internet MTNL Broadband A Nightmare On Demand Was Dead For 4 Hours ...

I went and met the General Manager who sits 2 and a half floors at Bandra Reclamation Telephone Exchange ..

I was meeting him after 4 months and my problems remain un resolved ...

My net dies everyday at 8 am than at 6 pm and finally at midnight .. and all I requested them was to check my log , and clarify my complaint, and they dont reduce the outage from my bills I pay my bills on time ..

He listened to me and smilingly told me he would look into my problems I took his leave .. but today I was thinking of going in for another service provider , prior to MTNL Broadband I used You Telecom which was worse and I think Internet should be privatized given in the hands of professionals ..and Internet should be a fundamental form of knowledge communication and free for all Indians.

My Wife Shoots Me

In Lucknow I Only Read Hindustan Times

Even If You Put Indian Women In Armour She Will Never Be Safe From The Two Legged Wolves In India

nakhas .. my poetry in transit

I prefer shooting the streets ... where my pictorial soul lives

Day After Chehlum Going To Dargah Hazrat Abbas Lucknow

early morning 7 am 2 degree C

Shot by my wife