Thursday, May 17, 2018

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The Falcons Fight

Among themselves 
Fight with all their 
Might but it is residents 
Who suffer deprived of 
Their Human Rights. 
Once they had a home 
In this building now 
Homeless feel their plight 
A 20 year old structure 
The BMC found out it is 
Illegal height of height 
Why did they not stop 
The illegal construction 
Money has no color 
Black or white.. The rogue 
Elements of BMC should be 
Booked on hindsight 

The greatest corruption in 
Bandra gaothan happened 
During the Congress Rule 
Repair Permission Building 
On stilts a horrible sight 
The local representatives 
Congress Satraps gave a 
Free hand builder politician 
Nexus destroyed the East 
Indian ambiance heritage 

Who is Wrong who is Right 
Injustice harassment 

Selective bias by the BMC 
For the minorities no respite 

Sab ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas 
Progress Development takes 
A back seat.. God save us from 
Dark Ages lead us into Light.

The Rise and Fall of Falcon Villa

When it was built in collusion
With rogue Municipal officers
And the builder involved
Now after 20 mystery is solved
Marked as illegal the builder
The rogue Municipal officers
Of all sins absolved..
The poor residents who paid
Money now rendered homeless
Sweat Blood Tears in the drain
Ruthlessly dissolved..
The local representatives silent
Do not want to get involved..
If it was the slums their vote bank
To appease them they would
Rotate and Revolve

The Tragic Tale of Falcon Villa Chapel Road

The Demolition of Falcon Villa Chapel Road
This building is about 20 years old and has been found to be illegal by the Bandra Municipality all the 20 flats in the building facing our Tennis Court will be demolished.
The walls of the second floor were demolished yesterday.
The residents are shattered and these are poor folks unlike Campa Cola Worli.
Some bought the flats for 35 lacs I was told there are lot of conspiracy theories floating around a man told me that somebody was blackmailing the residents demanding a crore but I don't know the veracity he was leaving the building heading back to his village.
His Mumbai dreams had come to an end.
I only feel why does the Municipality not have a fool proof system to check stop illegal construction much before the pillars come up.
If you take a survey of Bandra there are a lot of illegal buildings like this thanks to Municipal apathy corruption and builder politician nexus.
And the maximum illegal construction is in the slums patronised by local Netas as these are lucrative Vote Banks to win elections.


Demolished Dreams
Falcon Villa Chapel Road
Falcon Villa is a 20 year old building at Chapel Road that the Municipality has found it to be illegal so the building is being demolished bit by bit making all 20 residents homeless.
Most of them I interviewed this morning are mixed community of Muslims Christians Hindus.
One Muslim gentleman bought his flat a few months back at 50 lakhs spent a fortune on the interior it is now rubble and dust.
A Muslim single mother with 2 children is saddened to be homeless during Ramzan what worries her most is those that bought the flats 19 members should not be deprived if the building goes back to the landlord and a new builder.
I shot this video only for it's human angle even the local representatives have distanced themselves .Because of the court order nobody wants to come forward and guide them.
I shot pictured of Falcon Villa yesterday posted it on Facebook and Twitter tagging out local representatives local media and our CM Mr Devendra Fadnavis.

I hope they get help succor..

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