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Tears On The Soul Of A Dead Tree

sometimes murdered
deviously by the municipality
a few bucks in the hands
a tree is felled sadistically
people silent as they watch
this gangrape four people
taking turns does not apply
to raped women says this
wrestler neta mulayamji
god save the public from
such crass leaders in UP
verbal diarrhea blasphemy
wake up akhilesh yadav
put a lock on the motor mouth
the head of your family tree
puking such women hateful
profanities agli bar modiji
ki sarkar is the only option
i see ,,luckily my dad left
the backwardness of his
beloved Lucknow lived out
his life in Mumbai a better
option dont you see ..
more respect as a migrant
his childrens children will
never be called refugees
pucca mumbaikar ,,in
Amchi Mumbai

Happy Birthday Our Tennis Coach Mr Surendra Pawar

Muslim Kids World Photography Day

I was coming back from Lilavati Hospital after meeting Dr Shashank R Joshi and I miss nothing on the road my cosmic eye like a radar picks up every nuance ,,and I spotted this girl in the hijab in the lane leading to the MET grounds .. I had two options ignore them or make contact , I am fascinated with kids wearing the hijab they were far away from me , but I followed them called them out I told them I wanted to take a picture I took a few frames with her face covered and one without her face covered .. they were kids from the nearby slums .they wanted to see their picture I showed it to them and they were all excited .. I did not converse with them perhaps I should have shot a video of their child talk but I was in a hurry to get home ,,

However I thought of buying them some sweets , but than I gave one of them Rs 10  than they told me she might not share it with them I was close to a provision store I thought I will buy sweets , but they said they wont eat the sweets instead chang…

khali hath aya tha khali hath jayega teri shohrat tere paisa sab yahin rah jayega

you come empty handed you go empty handed leaving your wealth fortune behind taking dust in your hands ,,,your flesh mixed with gravel and sand.. leaving behind this selfish mans land,,Ozymandias weeps seeing his opulence his towering dreams washed away in wastelands ,,

world photography day for those that have no eyes no camera no legs no hands ,, on stumps they stand ,, the curse of living they withstand .,..