Saturday, February 13, 2010

Matam 28 Safar Zainabia 2010

I have placed another lot of 100 pictures on the Flickr uploader as I leave for work.. this is a very long series documenting the pain of the Shias we call Ghame Hussain..

And I show you the day in the life of a Shia Momeen of Mumbai..

Holistic Healing of Faith

I have told him to show restrain when he does matam , but he does not listen to me , he cuts at every Juloos procession , there is no stopping or holding him back..

He is a Shia Matamdar..

He made powerful hockey stick shaped flagellating blades cut his back.

And sometimes I am amazed at the few educated Shias who scourge and cut their heads publicaly and ask me why I take their pictures making me almost throw up, I mean if you are so protective about not showing your face ..why hassle the photographer with your spirtual arrogance and conceit..
I shoot pictures of the Shia , their anguish their pain to show you Ghame Hussain..
I dont glorify or evangelize the blood letting but it comes with what we call Tablike Hussain..

I dont sell or give my pictures for video clips I wish the Shia who is rude to me most of the time saw my pain uploading pictures all night, to share it with everyone..

I hope the few read this in Hyderabad and Mumbai where I was hassled most of the time ..even with a bleeding bandage on my head barefeet dressed in black..

And I dont post a single picture ..I post a lifetime of Shiasm.. this I say in sheer agony and humility..

People shoot my pictures I dont ever have a why they have a problem beats me why not cover your face with a checked scarf and save the photographer the agony of your rude and harsh words.

I had the same problem at the Shabbedari of Anjuman Asghariya this year and also at Rehmatabad Shia cemetery and I doubt if I shoot this Zainabia event again.. next year.

The Shia Child Unique

he has hussain
nothing more to seek
heaven an abode
of the blessed meek
lying under the feet
of the mother
so to speak
hussain is humanity
fighting for freedom
from spiritual terrorism
tyranny bigotry
fighting for
the oppressed and the weak
he gave his sword in reply
instead of the other cheek
his head instead of his hand
barbed wires
of a thirsty creek
he fought valiantly
72 brave warriors
against a horde
son of ali
his mystique
on the soul of yazidiyat
a trampling blow
they did wreak

The Shia Believer Supreme

single or as a team
sheds tear for hussain
faith the rays of sunbeam
a heritage azadari redeems
a testimony of our blood stream
the citadel of hussain
we hold in the highest esteem
the shia dies in a bomb attack
but shiasm is born every minute
every second a reality
not a dream
on the soul of humanity
as you plot and scheme
the banks
of every stream
does it matter
whether you curse
or blaspheme
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
the cream of cream
a shuddering silence
blood sweat and tears
ya hussain
ya hussain
our soul screams
a path of peace
they call it extreme

28 Safar Juloos and Hardcore Matam at Zainabia 2010

This is my new set at Flickr of the 28Safar juloos , matam and majlis at Zainabia organized by Anjuman e Asgharia..

This is a 2 GB card I shot in a few hours of the hardcore zanjir kama and sword matam.

I will have to keep my backlog on hold...

I had shot this event last year too.. it is to commemorate the death anniversary of the Holy Prophet and martyrdom of Imam Hassan.