Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Namaz Ajmer Urus 2013

Friday Namaz Ajmer Urus 2013

Kodak Moment

Sometimes For The Faults Of a Few Muslims All Muslims Suffer

Sometimes For The Faults Of a Few Muslims All Muslims Suffer

A Pro Flickr Member On Hire ...Golden Hand Shake Asked To Retire ..

new flickr
now old
it is the
that new flickr
requires tears
on the soul of
internet wires
a solid site
now in dire
straits virtual
quixotic quagmire
to everyone's ire
thank you maam
dynamic dedicated
devoted marissa
mayer tumbler
too you acquired
a billion dollars
for the growth
of your yahoo
empire ..your
guts your chutzpah
i admire .. but
what hurts most
you placed
all the pro
flickr members
on a pyre
as they burn
in hellfire
hope your
does not

pain of a
beggar poet
snake like
on his head
black attire
chunky rings
his guarantee
as pro flickr
on 20 august
20013 expires

I Was Once A Flickr Pro ..Now Who I am What I Am I Dont Know

robbed of my
flickr inheritance
discredit as a
serious photographer
what a tragic blow
they told me
in words couched
in irony Buzz Off FO
20 August 2013
to their edicts
i must bow
enjoy a flashy
over made up
garish flickr now
Flickr fields
that in all
that Flickr
pros had

for a new

on the soul
of my desk top
my weeping mouse
278881 images
since June 2007
i dont understand
their grouse
why why
as a flickr pro
i am treated
like a louse

i left facebook
because as
sane person
i could not
live in a

new flickr sucks
my pictorial
libido does not
awaken or arouse

New Flickr Is Absolutely Slow Jerky And Unfriendly

Friday Namaz Ajmer Urus 2013

Shooting The Friday Namaz From The Rooms Of The Hijras At Moti Katla

First I tried to shoot the namaz from this burning roof top, but my bare feet could not bear the pain, I placed a newspaper beneath my feet finally I went and shot the namaz from the rooms of the hijras at Moti Katla and shot the entire namaz, even the hijras dressed in white recited the namaz from within this premises ..The hijra namaz pictures are not for public view.

Friday Namaz Ajmer Urus 2013

Stay Safe Stay Indoors

Hi! Trust you are doing well and staying safe in these tough times. Just wanted to send out a personal note praying for good health an...