Friday, September 7, 2012

Despair and Despondency

despair and despondency
as seasons greetings
god did send
his wife ran away
with his best friend
blow after blow
he tried to fend
fallen broken
suicidal spirituality
than came the end
a broken fence of life
a few tears to amend

The Vegetable Vendor of Bandra Bazar Road

perhaps he died
I do not know
his heart was at
he told me so
he went there
to mumbai
returned no more
at the bandra bazar
where he sat
life goes on
as before
another face
handles his
pavement store

The Girl Child is Confused

she wonders
not all amused
why the girl
child is abused
perplexed innocence
a pain infused
from the cradle
to the grave
a better life
she is refused
battered beaten
by lifes vagaries
victim and accused

Human Specie in a Zoo

two legged
specie in a zoo
self destroying
his own kind
his environment
its true
playing god
of his future
he has no clue
demonic demented
from innocence
to monstrous
he grew
his own
with his anger
his megalomania
he slew
but he is
also a godman
a saint
give the
devil his due
unpaid bills of life
his eviction
from this planet

is an island
its true
from a drop
of an ocean
into land mass
he grew
from the
frying pan
into the stew

The Astrologer Tried To Explain..But The Words Kept Bouncing Her Brain

Sanskrit NameEnglish Name
Surya (सूर्य)SunSy or SuMSattva
Chandra (चंद्र)MoonCh or MoMSattva
Mangala (मंगल)Mars
Budha (बुध)Mercury
Brihaspati (बृहस्पति)
Shukra (शुक्र)Venus
Shani (शनि)Saturn
Rahu (राहु)North Lunar Lode
Ketu (केतु) South Lunar Lode

Lagna – the ascendant

Lagna (Sanskrit: lagna, 'ascendant'.) Lagna is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on earth in Hindu astrology.[39]
[edit]Atmakaraka – the soul significator
Atmakaraka (Sanskrit: atmakaraka, from atma, 'soul', and karaka, 'significator' .) Atmakaraka is the significator of the soul's desire in Hindu astrology.[40]
[edit]Gandanta – the karmic knot
Gandanta (Sanskrit: gandanta, from gand, 'knot', and anta, 'end'.) Gandanta is a spiritual or karmic knot in Hindu astrology. Gandanta describes the junction points in the natal chart where the solar and lunar zodiacs meet, and are directly associated with times of soul growth.[41]
[edit]Ayanamsa – the zodiac conversion
Ayanamsa (Sanskrit: ayanāṃsa, from ayana, 'movement', and aṃsa, 'component') is the longitudinal difference between the Tropical (Sayana) and Sidereal (Nirayana) zodiacs.[42]
[edit]Moudhya – the combustion
Moudhya (Sanskrit: moudhya, 'combustion') is a planet that is in conjunction with the Sun. The degrees the planets are considered combust are


words he muttered
he was glib well
trained ..
her rashi he explained
her cosmic stars chained
but she wanted to know
fast quick when her
husband was coming
back from the gulf
how long would
he remain
a nagging mother
in law her life
drained children
making her life
her fears
her pain
for peace
she could
not attain
she wanted
him to come
back from
chaos insecurity
from the other
end of bahrain

an effort to write street poetry .. i tried with help from wikipedia ..the deluge and rains

Silent Poets Are Often Called Tragic and Underachievers .

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in god
we trust
of the system
by the system
for the system
we are firm
one in a while
we utter a few
words of poetry
saturday night
fever slaughtered
by silence on the
soul of a cleaver

My Family Includes An American Jew ..From Manhattan Into Our Hearts He Flew

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. Alfred Stieglitz

The pictures are there, and you just take them. Robert Capa

Hey Firoze This Is What You Want Me To Shoot In Bandra -WTF

No one ever thought Clint Eastwood was funny, but he was. Annie Leibovitz

Bandra Bazar Road Through The Cosmic Eye of An American Photographer

My Best Friend ..Only He Does Not Know It

my best friend is an american jew ..with his religion his views i have no issue same blood same tissue .different cameras same life through a cosmic viewfinder we view..

Lab pe ati hai Dua banke tamanna me-Ho mere dum se yohe mere watan ki zeenat

Lap pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri-Mere Allah! Buraee se bachana mujhko

Mere Allah! Buraee se bachana mujhko
Mere Allah! Buraee se bachana mujhko

Naik jo raah ho us rah pe chalana mujhko
Naik jo raah ho us rah pe chalana mujhko.

Lap pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri -Ho mera kaam ghareebon ki himayat karna

Lap pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri
Lap pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri

Zindgi shama ki surat ho Khudaya meri
Zindgi shama ki surat ho Khudaya meri

Door duniya ka mere dam se andhera hojaye
Door duniya ka mere dam se andhera hojaye

Har jagah mere chamakne se ujala hojaye
Har jagah mere chamakne se ujala hojaye

Ho mere dum se yohe mere watan ki zeenat
Ho mere dum se yohe mere watan ki zeenat

Jistara phool se hoti hai chaman ki zeenat
Jistara phool se hoti hai chaman ki zeenat

Zindigi ho meri parwaane ki soorat ya rab
Zindagi ho meri parwaane ki soorat ya rab

Ilm ki shama se ho mujko mohabat ya rab
Ilm ki shama se ho mujko mohabat ya rab

Ho mera kaam ghareebon ki himayat karna
Ho mera kaam ghareebon ki himayat karna

Dardmandon se, Zaeefon se muhabbat karna
Dardmandon se, Zaeefon se muhabbat karna

Mere Allah! Buraee se bachana mujhko
Mere Allah! Buraee se bachana mujhko

Naik jo raah ho us rah pe chalana mujhko
Naik jo raah ho us rah pe chalana mujhko.

Street Astrologer and Muslim Lady

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are very bad
what is happening
around very sad
no vocational
guidance for
kids disillusioned dad
making two ends
meet running the home
pain homespun body clad
the clergy more interested
about the lot of muslims
in myanmar assam
so she came to read
her cosmic lines
at this street side astrologer
her hope all lines jammed
a poem on your soul
as a judicious thought
i spam a beggar poet
i am what i am

He who doesn't fear death dies only once. ~Giovanni Falcone

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I continue with my street documentary , and all this was shot in 2007 ..manipulating the title the Exiff data this becomes as new as a childs nappy ...

My street documentary is not to boast of how good or bad a photographer I am or what camera what lens I used all that is meaningless , my photography is only a means to cross over to the other side become one with my subject..I am not a philosopher .but my camera is , it changes visuals into thoughts .. images into poems , here I decide to skip words as poetry.

I am not a photographer per se , I am a chronicler of my times I write on water the soul of man , his life his death.. his death is what his life is all about , it follows him faithfully till the end .. in sleep and in consciousness .

My one year old grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir is a very passionate photographer and I dont video shoot her achievements at all.. I hold the camera for her let her hit the shutter button and I dont delete what she saw .. she is the viewfinder of my camera .. she loves the camera and it is a crazy love I instilled it into her like a drop of ink on a blank paper and smudged an impression that no time can erase.

We had friends just returned from States and I took out my camera , she placed the strap round her neck I held the Canon 60d she took a shot , I made her take another one this time she knew what she had to shoot and she shot Munawar Kashmiri son of Nawab Kashmiri.. his palatial house began the story of the Shakirs the story of my life now being carried forward by a one yea old child .

There is another child too at home Zaira Fatima 11 month more focused more bolder I have kept her away from the camera I cant afford a third camera ..and my wife will go insane if this grand daughter her favorite starts shooting pictures too.

She might become a photographer seeing both of them ..

Marziya Shakir has grown more beautiful, smarter and is now completely hooked on her I Pad a gift from her dad , and is not passionate about being a street photographer like he sister Nerjis Asif Shakir.

As I quit my job , I watch my grand children grow spend more time with them , and really feel like an old man..I do freelance less work more quality controlled satisfaction..and more time but I hardly venture out , no photography at all .. so these old pictures from my street photography set add to my joy .. and as you all are aware I type with one finger .. of my damaged right hand.

I will be busy shooting the Ganesha Pandal I already shot the workshops than Durga .. Bakra eid and finally Moharam and this time I hope to visit another city Mumbai has torn my emotional guts apart..people are not the same , and what I write is not what they read .. I wrote freely they read he same with blinkers .. so I decided its time to head to a new destination this Moharam..

And I hope pray none of my foreign friends come to shoot Moharam in Mumbai because I wont be here in Mumbai and will definitely not change my plans for them.

I prefer shooting Moharam in Hyderabad a place that as a Shia is my Karbala for me humble people simple people and their hospitality is out of this world.

Even Chennai is better than be abused at home by misguided Shia bigots .. a new breed that is the worst culmination of Azadari in Mumbai.


My Testimonials To My Flickr Friends .. Without Whom I Would Have Not Reached This Far

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Awaiting approval

You said this about :V:
is scared to take pictures of people ,but will get over it , her shots are
reflections of her myriad moods..she is opinionated like you and me, but means well ..I wish her success in all her endeavors.."


You said this about jeff lamb:
"A great photographer is known by the Humility of his heart..the human heart which clicks pictures for the effervescence of a spiritual soul..
I salute greatness ..I salute Jeff Lamb.."


You said this about jeff and leyla:
"jeff and leyla
is reliving beautiful
pictorial dreams
a surreal world
virtual reality
within a flickruniverse
it seems"


You said this about Linda Schaefer photography:
"image and imagery
close your eyes
the inner soul
of this prolific photographer
you will see
wrapped in a human tissue
called mercy
held captive
to all her memories

on her photostream
she lets them free
linda schaefer
to be or not to be"


You said this about
"Icy River dot Net
From Beijing China
don't forget
a genius his head
wired to the Internet
a Yahoo fan
you bet !"


You said this about Salil Lawande:
"A visualizer of human peace , a poet a photographer with a message of live and let other too ..I am happy Salil that you have added me as friend on Facebook too..thank you ."


You said this about Yorrick (bonehead):
fun and frolic
a photographer
a friend historic
brave son of Wollongong
his rise meteoric
his angst euphoric

Yorrik is one of my oldest friends on the internet he saved me many a times ...from the ravages of doom ..."


You said this about magiceye:
"Magic eye introduced me to Flickr the first time in 2005.,but I did not much care for it as I was a Buzznetobssessive nerd ..I deleted the Flickr account, I came back to Flickr again in 10 June 2007 ..and my new posts 197,159 items / 1,616,600 views are in a way thanks to Magic Eye .

We have never met, we speak from time to time ..he has always helped me grow as a blogger - and we originally met at Fotothing .

Thank you Deepak..I am indebted to you.. read this as a comment and a testimonial too..

Update we finally did meet at the Indibloggers meet"


You said this about friar tucker:
"tucker is the best... love him miss him my poet teacher from buzznet"


You said this about reyjack:
"Jack C Crawford
A great friend , a great sensitive humanbeing who has made our world smaller by adding us to his backyard, a person who feels our pain our joy and promotes us to each other hs cosmic ring of hope and humanity , we come from different worlds different cultures yet we are GooglePlussers ..we plus the good things in each others life..
May this Tribe increase prosper and flourish..

I have never been in Groups either at Flickr, or when I was at Facebook , but I am proud and honored to be a part of +Jack C Crawford core circle..

Firoze Shakir
Beggar Poet"


You said this about Photodan9066:
"photo dan
we are all
of a cosmic
caste color
a single clan"



You said this about BennBell:
"Benn Bell
om mani padme hum
i wish him well
a man who
who shoots heaven
who shoots hell
the angels the devils
humans even god
under his magical spell
an american with a heart of gold
you can tell
my dear friend lama ben bell
a cause searching for a rebel

firoze shakir


You said this about Neal Romanek:
"One of the finest photographers and with a vision of a eagle hawk..disguised as a crow with the agility of a rabbit.. Neal Romanek.."


You said this about Tom Andrews:
"Tom is a karmic photographer utilizing the yogic kundalini shooting pictures that he uncoils like the serpent on our cosmic consciousness..
I think Tom is a yardstick witth which we all measure the degree of perfection in our pictures..yes Pixeltopia said it better than me

My poem for Do You Like It
21 June 2008

Your eye is more powerful
than a camera lens
your pictures capture
lifes essence
poetic photographic
make sense
in a world of hatred
where minds are dense
you show reality
as surrealistic suspense
faces within faces
sad and tense
giving a pound of wisdom
for every pence
pictures that mend
a broken fence
your contributiion
to american photography
solidly immense
no nonsense
as a photographer
as a poet
I say this to you
in your defense
your pictures
are soulful scriptures
without pretense"


You said this about Anthony Posey SIR:Poseyal Desposyni:
""SIR: Poseyal Desposyni squire poet of our time
his pictures that are spiritually sublime
standing above the shoulders
of pictorial meter and rhyme
a very long journey
a very long climb"


You said this about Marius Muscalu:
"brilliance that shines
a new dimension in photography defines
marius in two lines"


You said this about Salman Chishty:
" Syed Salman Chishty is a lover of Humanity..His goal is peace in the Universe..I am indeed greatful that I meet him each time I touch base at Ajmer Sharif..
A reservior of Sufi knowledge.. Syed Salman Chishty.."


You said this about Vilas Gholse:
"Vilas Gholse is one of the finest photographers .
I am lucky I met him when I joined PSI .
Its because of people like him that I grew in stature as a sensitive human photographer.
Vilas is a helping hand to all photographers.
He had trained to be a cinematographer , but his first love after his wife is still photography..

This is a testimonial of times I have shared with him at Nasik and other outdoor shoots.

Jai Maharashtra.
Jai Photography.
Sarv Dharm Ek
Mee Mumbaikar

Firoze Shakir"


You said this about FredMikeRudy:
"Fred Mike Rudy is a gifted human being..
God does not make this kind anymore , parts not easily available..
by part I mean a very good human sensitive heart.
Fred cares his heart bares
with his comments on your pictures
his love for humanity shares
a holisting healing that
broken down spirits repairs"


You said this about the|shadowboxer:
"B is Bernie a Beautiful Soul
uncut diamond hidden in coal
a part that is overwhelmingly whole..
cybernetic fire that he stole
connecting humanity
from pole to pole"


You said this about shrutibiyani:
"A brilliant photographer poetically shooting her subjects, I wish her well ,,,,"


You said this about Eric.Parker:
"we have not
yet met eric parker
is a person
a personality
you just cant forget
whether he is here on flickr
face book or some
lonely corner on the internet
a great human loving freind
you bet
he has his camera
as his best pet"


You said this about cmac66:
"We connected today, I am happy that we met a prolific photographer who wades beyond the waters of this textual testimony,..
His imagery is adding a wee bit color to the cheeks of the Almighty..
I wish him Peace and Prosperity of Mind Body and Spirit..

Firoze Shakir Poet"


You said this about aleemsm:
a poet who picturizes his words
flying freely like happy birds
giving joy to us nerds

I have just met Aleem recently and his vivre de joie his love for life his generosity of free spirit touches the chord of our pictorial alter ego..sincerely
I wish him the all his endeavor of heart and mind

Firoze Shakir


You said this about Andysam:
"One of the finest soul capturing photographer on the Flickruniverse ..
subtlety and truthfulness abound in the imagery of this magician..Best wishes from Bollywoods Most Wanted.."


You said this about ॐ dragonflyriri ॐ (Limited Flickr Time):
"Thank you for sharing the most vital part of your holistic energy with all of us...

Your photostream is place to absorb the proficiency of your photographers eye..

Your love for children, nature and the abundance of love for your Flickr friends overwhelms us all..

Yes you are one happening Super Mom..
Om Mani Padme Hoon.."


You said this about Wandabrowneyes (OUT more than IN right now):
"dragon fly
wandabrown eyes
pictorially related
should not come
as a surprise
on flickr
recreating a new

both excellent photographers
super moms in disguise
a lawyer or a husband
you make your choice?
lunch or movies
peace just rejoice"


You said this about Akbar Simonse:
"every comment
on your picture
has something to say
but one common thread
you are a great photographer
by the way
shooting reality
with your feet
made of clay
holding street eternity
in a sway
best wishes from this
Shia Mystic of Bombay"


You said this about aftab.:
"Thank you aftab
your photo stream
has given me tips on photography too besides the words of your wisdom..conveyed through your evocative images.
wish you peace hope and harmony.."


You said this about GLOSACK:
""This mortal man born in Brooklyn is a kinetic force that touches the core of the underbelly of humanity, a humanity that one does not believe exists, the disfranchised, the marginalized, the deformed , the leper and all such varieties ..he shoots pain and he makes you endure that pain..
He could have been born in India but does it really matter ..humanity is a world without borders and he shows it through the rich tapestry of his images.
Mind you his images are not to shock and sensationalize dire human needs , he wants you too see his images through compassion , through tolerance and through your inner being.

This is Dr Glenn Losack MD renowned psychiatrist, lyricist, poet, musician, and a very opinionated man..he does he wants to do..but yet like all of us he has a Muse ..a Muse that has given him a reason to Live..or Relive .
Actually the good doctor needs no testimonials ..his pictures adorn covers of National Geographic and he has his site on Better Photo..

It took a lot of convincing on my part to move his collection to Flickr which has a larger and diverse viewership , the best of the best.

That he allowed me to showcase his pictures at my site speaks volumes of his love for me..and that he loves my family like his own, and he loves Marziya too.

I hope all my friends and well wishers on Flickr will see Glenns pictures and evaluate them with encouragement and truthful comments.

Welcome Home Doc.""


You said this about Roland W. Luthi:
"Greatness of a photographer lies in the humility of his images as he adds them on the emulsion of your curios soul..Roland W Luthi all humility adds to the greatness of his Flickr photo stream..Congrats my best wishes to him..

through your pictures the anxiety the restlessness of the human mind you heal..roland w ruthi as layers and layers of memorable moments you unpeel...peace as the ultimate motion of universal thought on human hearts you seal..i wont be surprised its your pictures that some bloggers love to steal..."


You said this about MetalOllie:
"Darren is a innovative photographer , low profile but a very sensitive human being a great Flickr friend ..and a person who is there for you and a just cause..I cherish his friendship a corner stone of mutual respect and amity.
Thank you Darren.."


You said this about ~♥Angel♥~:
"mind reading your thoughts as she reads your pictures , maturity of her comment says it all..standing recall..a brick holding up a wall..

take care wish you well S"


You said this about Aaron Sneddon Aerial Photographer & Press Photogra:
"Arron is a reader of thoughts embedded ,ingrained in an emulsion or in the inner depths of a memory card , his world is the mind a celluloid space breaking all barriers dimensions , racing into a better world of peace ,hope harmony goodwill and love.He heals with pictures..

I wish him well - God Speed."


You said this about shankargallery:
"Richard Lazzara a prolific photographer , with love of nature and humanity embedded in his heart and soul..I wish him the very best in all his pictorial ventures..this proud son of the soil."


You said this about Jitendra Singh : Indian Travel Photographer:
"Jitendra Singh
Imagination creativity
as his wings
to the soul of photography
much happiness brings
a sensitive human being
lover of nature
above all things
writes this
barefeet blogger
a bouquet
among a few things.

Jitendra is an asset a photographer reaching new goal as he clicks his way into our hearts.
I wish him accolades and success.."


You said this about nabila4art:
"Invigorating photography, sense of beauty, sensitivity to subject and surroundings the hall mark of a versatile creativity all emanating from a force called nabila ..her grand daughters pictures are shot with deep attached emotion..

I wish her more accolades and laurels .."


You said this about Ashish T:
"You are a keen sighted photographer and deserve is holistic science that heals the malaise of the human soul...your pictures touch a healing chord in the right direction...keep up the good work...spread the light of your pictures so others can be enlightened too..."


You said this about New Orleans Lady:
"New Orleans Lady is one of my favorite Flickr photographers , her immense versatility, her vision , her dreams woven in pictorial thought..touch all those come quench their thirst at her photo stream.

Capturing the city she loves , depicting lines curves , architectural monuments heritage ..she passes on the baton to those who will recreate it for a better and peaceful future..yes this is the documentary of a womans quest through the focal lens of her camera eye..

I wish her the very best from here in Mumbai a city as vibrant and resourceful and historical as New Orleans.."


You said this about randy der:
"you are the most provocative and the best
digging the soul of humanity at Jericho before and after the inquest"


You said this about Monsoon Lover:
"monsoon lover
on the soul of humanity
love peace hope harmony
tsunami and showers
as a human being
lover of nature
he towers
with every moment
he flowers
a world
within a world
his poetic bower

Thank you for your kind messages your friendship mystery and more..

Firoze Shakir
Barefeet Blogger
Mumbai 2011"


You said this about Marziya Shakir:
"Marziya is a gifted photographer...I am proud of her my grand daughter .."


You said this about Jai Puri Photography:
"a great human being , a brilliant photographer with an eye for the unique and unusual.. keep it up jai.."


You said this about Nad e Ali (Ali Abbas):
"a follower of ali
is unique in
all respects
nade ali power
in holistic text

take care"


You said this about nerjisasifshakir:
"four month old she waits to shoot the soul of humanity..."


You said this about amish_patel:
"Brilliant photographer is one who sees the magic of a shot on his minds eye before it comes to life through his camera lens, photography is a God given gift , you have or you dont have it...

so many x years in photography does not create a photograph only a fading snap shot that humiliates time and energy..

so in my eyes you have a brilliance that will get much better every day

take care ameesh

yes we all love your work..."


You said this about Marc Akemann:
"Marc is a photography institution on 2 legs .. an inspiration and a great sensitive human being.. there is so much to learn from him... he is a Amazonian open book of Knowledge ..

I am indebted to his support and friendship.."


Aurat Sar Par Bhoj Lekar Paida Hoti Hai..Uski Zindagi Maut Se Badi Chanauti Hai

“Have the courage to live. Anyone can die.” Robert Cody

Dont Step On Me

A living corpse and a grave stone
man born single dies alone
but first he calls up
god on his mobile phone
I am coming home
another dickhead you better clone
in my image with some more fat
no structural bone
than he falls dead
lets out a moan
the king is dead
long live the king
in the burning fires of hell
do I really need a throne.?
nameless man so unknown

inspired by mr kowalski..

Gemstone Dealers of Bhendi Bazar

These are blank posts pictures I shot in 2008 posted it at Flickr moved ahead and I shot a lot without reason without method just on instinct or impulse .. and it is these guys that put me on to stones ,I bought a lot I have no knowledge of stones .. a stone appeals to me if it sends me god vibes I buy it,, I bought amber, turquoise , quartz , akeek or agate , and dure najaf, mueh najaf,..

I spent a bomb some were rare stones some with unique shape size form.

I bought Formosa coral, opal moonstone , pearls,and I got some of them inlaid in silver .. mostly silver through Azad Hussain , and I was creative ..enjoyed my jewelry .. when bad times came I sold most of it at loss because they buy just the silver at melting rate ..

So the gemstone dealers of Bhendi Bazar are my oldest link to my ornate past.

Because I am not shooting new pictures I am updating my old pictures at my Flickr street photography set over 35000 images ..

Agar Bambai Main Ake Chowpatty Par Ye Nahi Khaya Toh Kya Khaya

"We are all just prisoners here, of our own device"

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
"Relax, " said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! "

lyrics hotel california

Within The Flesh of a Picture Lies The Soul of a Photographer

Within The Flesh of a Picture Lies The Soul of a Photographer by firoze shakir photographerno1

 241,406 items / 2,029,154 views

thank you 
thank you 
thank you 
jatkar sir 
for teaching 
me humanity 
as the true 
of a photographer 

I Learnt Photography Shooting Shadows At Chor Bazar

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Aristotle

The Angel Slave And The Warrior Queen Goddess

241,406 items / 2,029,148 views

two moments
in time and space
she does not
want to see his face
she who belongs
to a warrior race
he who has
nothing but
dreams to chase
her body her soul
he cant embrace
he from the waters
of the ganges
his ancestry trace
in his soul
her memory stays
her kohl laden
dewy eyes
her sensual lips
her gazelle neck
her Cleopatra nose
her divine beauty
a poets praise
from the dungeons
of darkness doom
an accidental love
she raised
Lord be praised
he follows her
like her slave
from the cradle
to his grave
for her husky musky
voice in silence
he waits
raves and craves
his destiny
uff i love you
on his soul
he engraves
a beggar poet
knave her
thoughts hit
hit him lash him
wave after wave

After Madam Left Unceremoniously Nobody Buys Elephants at Chor Bazar

Elephants were the in thing before Akhileshji usurped Madams elephant sanctuary nowadays at Chor Bazar nobody deals in elephants , they consider it badluck, so elephants lie unsold at Chor Bazar , no one wants it free either ..

The Muslim Beggar At Chor Bazar

Muslim beggars are photogenic , despite their penury they have strength of character unless you are accosted by Muslim beggars that may or not be Muslims with skull caps and beard who are actually gardalus or drug addicts , you find this specie near the Bandra Reclamation signal near the Fire Brigade Station.

But now even tribal Hindu beggars wear hijabs and with their face covered and kohl laden eyes accost the Muslims during Friday namaz and I ca smell them from a mile simply by their body language .. I am an expert on beggar photography in Bandra .. I know most of the beggars in and around my area.

And so I created a special set on Muslim Beggars God forgot .. Muslim society forgot and the clergy forgot .. with a few coins they expect the Muslim beggar to change his stripes his spots and his or her destiny.

I have completely stopped going to Chor Bazar on Fridays I knew most of the beggars in that area too including Imamwada and Dongri.

I am updating my street photography set adding text updating titles etc as I am not shooting new pictures ..I dont shoot rain pictures dont want to fuck up my cameras unnecessarily ..