Monday, September 13, 2010

Should I Have Only Shot The Idd Namaz and Gone Home Tired and Dehyderated

In Two Hours I Shot Idd Namaz And Hope in 500 Pictures

This Was Womanhood Trespassing My Camera Lens on Idd

The Muslim Dabbawalas on Idd

Idd is a Thought For Those Less Fortunate Than Us

Idd Is Not Back To Cigarettes and Booze

Idd Is Not Back To Cigarettes and Booze

Idd Is Not Just Dabbang First Day First Show

Idd is Not Just New Clothes

I Am Tired Of Blogging The Soul of Humanity

I Shoot This As Evidence Against Society ..Muslim and Indian or Both

She Shot Me And She Did It Better Than Marziya

She Shot Me And She Did It Better Than Marziya

Sometimes I am Ashamed of Being a Photographer More Than a Muslim

When This Burns Nobody Feels ..Not Even Terry Jones

This Killed Me ..Completely .It Might Not Kill You

So Now You Know For a Poet Idd Is Not An Easy Subject To Shoot

Instead of Rehabilitating Her They Give Her Alms From One Day To The Next

This Is Idd That The Beggar Woman Does Not Celebrate

Shot By A Beggar Who Has Evolved Into a Photgrapher Because of His Deformity

I was an Alcoholic once .. I am a drop of a memory on a broken bottle of booze..

This is Man He Has Evolved Into a Beggar Because of His Deformity

Somebody Has To Shoot Beggars ..Who does he Hug on Idd Ul Fitr Day

This is Man He Has Evolved Into a Beggar Because of His Deformity

Gharibi Bhi Kambakht Kaisa Marz Hai Bhik Mango Aur Phir Bhi Karz Hai

Street Photography Made Easy The Blogger Way

Unlearning Photography On Idd Ul Fitr

So Sweet

So Sweet, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

This Is The Media Photographers Hands Free Version of Idd Mubarak

Say Cheese Now Say Idd Mubarak -Media Photo

Bacchon Jaldi Karo Kal Paper Main Ana Hai

Bacchon Jaldi Karo Kal Paper Main Ana Hai

This Is The Media Photographers Hands Free Version of Idd Mubarak

This Is The Media Photographers Hands Free Version of Idd Mubarak

Idd Hugging Pictures of Cute Kids Being Set Up For Media

Idd Mubarak The Sunni and The Shia On Idd Ul Fitr as Muslims

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He is a Sunni gentleman I am a Shia but in Mumbai we are both one tagged on the Soul of Islam as peace loving Muslims.

Yes living in peace with our respective beliefs customs rituals giving respect to each other is what matters towards the path of Muslim Unity in India and everywhere in the world where sectarian strife kills us more than disease does.

The Ultimate Idd Hugging Picture of Peace Hope and Harmony

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The Media photographer Pratik Koli and a barefeet blogger of Mumbai Firoze Shakir wishing Idd Mubarak and Ganpati Bappa Morya..

This message is part of my thread Hope and Hindutva a Message of Peace ..on Flickr.

Living in peace as human beings is more important than making an issue of an individuals choice of faith or religiosity.

Pratiks being Hindu or me being a Muslim does not dent the spirit of our Indianness .. which is what matters at the end of the day.

Lalbagh Chya Raja Takes Credit For Making Dabbang A Super Duper Hit

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At this moment while I sit here at home working text on my Lal Bagh Chya pictures my wife who has just come from Bandra Band Stand says Salman Khans house is crowded with media as his Ganpati leaves for Immersion.

I avoid crowds completely because simply it is Salman Khan the crowd puller and not his Ganpati.

And Salman is No1 after the huge success of Dabbang .

Arbaz Sohail Alvira Arpita Salim Bhai Samaji Helenji Malaika the women folk of their house are the people that stirred this miracle.. May God give them Peace and Prosperity they deserve it .

And Lalbagh Chya Raja is the one who made this Hit a Bulls Eye.

He was the one Mrs Punam Sinha mother of Sonakshi Sinha invoked through me I had asked Raju Langewal the Treasurer of the Labagh Chya Pandal to take Mrs Punam Sinhas offerings ladoos Rs 5100 in cash and five tickets of Dabbang first day first show and place it at his golden feet at the first Arti as per Mrs Punam Sihajis instructions..

And I am sure Luv Kush Shatruji Bhabiji have success overflowing from the cup of their lives.
I have yet to see Dabbang.

I have been a family friend of the Sinhas since the time Sonakshi was born while Shatruji was doing late Harmesh Mahotras Phansi and Phansi Ke Bad

And my two year old grand daughter calls herself Marziya Salman Khan No 1 and she will not forget the day he carried her in his arms at his house...

The Hand That Clicks To Write But Cant Wield A Pen

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My right hand is permanently damaged ...picture of my Left hand

Tramping The Soul Of A CD A Bare Feat

The Sufi Bawa And Me

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Actually we both look like Bawas but he is a Mendicant and recites Sanskrit Shlokas and his Order predates Man..he begs from shop to shop and I asked someone to shoot us after the Idd Namaz on my way home there are about another 100 pictures to upload in this set .

My Dahi Handi pictures of Vartak Nagar, 21 Ramzan, pictures I shot on Idd Chand Rat , and some pictures I shot of Bandra Ganpati pandal.

I shot pictures of the Ganeshas going for Immersion known as One And a Half Day Ganpatis.

I dont think I could go to Mahim or Juhu where they will be Immersed tonight.

And I am missing my grand daughter Marziya more than ever but her maternal grand parents need her too.

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

27 May 2018 As a Shia I am targeted even  by  Sufis Sufism that  I promoted vigorously as a Malang .. I have renounced my Malang...