Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Flickr Stats 13 Jan..109212

content is king
says the master
of holistic healing
 rings shoot stories
not selfies give your
vision wings dont just
copy paste add some
RIP..Died of Overdose
last spring ...oh photographer
where is your deathly sting
you need to re awaken soul
of poetry methinks ,,,
we are products of our weird
idiosyncrasy our kinks
fuck f stops ..a mouse
has mutli challenged
age old pen and ink..

the camera made me irrevocably
 teetotaler once an alcoholic
now I do not drink..

think photographer think

into a fathomless depth of
instagram facebook do not sink

Happy World Photography Day 2019

To all my photographer friends Happy World Photography day Humble Tribute to my Gurus Mr KG Maheshwari ji Prof BW Jatkar Ever...