Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dear Media Photographers We Will See You Now In Bakra Eid

among the
crowds at
bakra eid
we poster
boys in
the lead
we are
the envy
of our friends
billal abdul
fareed and majeed
our pictures in
newspapers ,,
makes their
envious hearts
bleed ..we will
be wearing new
caps new clothes
with due respect
to our creed ..
ek naya josh
ek nayi umeed
eid hugs to cute
aunty photographer
 sweet on
bakra eid inshallah
we will meet
with our eid hugging
pictures the public
we will cheat
give them what
they want ..
ready made
stuff to eat

Bala And Rajesh Khanna Saab And Me

Bala And Rajesh Khanna Saab And Me by firoze shakir photographerno1
Bala And Rajesh Khanna Saab And Me, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

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Mr Rajesh Khanna And Me

Mr Rajesh Khanna And Me by firoze shakir photographerno1
Mr Rajesh Khanna And Me, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

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Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Guzar Jaate Hain Jo Makaam Vo Phir Nahin Aate, VoPhir Nahin Aate

Anand Mara Nahi Anand Marte Nahin

Anand Mara Nahi Anand Marte Nahin by firoze shakir photographerno1
Anand Mara Nahi Anand Marte Nahin, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

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Ms Dimple Kapadia - Unveiling Of Mr Rajesh Khannas Statue- Walk Of TheStars

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"Babu moshai, mere fans mujhse koi nahi cheen sakta"...Unveiling Of MrRajesh Khannas Statue At Taj Lands End

This morning I was invited by Dimpleji to share the familys happiness in unveiling of the bronze statue for UTV Stars Walk of the Stars at Taj Lands End Bandstand.

Later the statue will be placed along with other stalwarts at Bandra Band Stand , legendary great names that have contributed to the humility , hope humanity of Bollywood..

I sat with Bala Mr Rajesh Khannas man Friday, we two looked like lost pilgrims , without our mentor , Kakaji, and his voice , his quotes his love for both my grand children Marziya and Nerjis is what now is part of dreams memories ..

My grand daughter Nerjis was 8 month old used to crawl and when she visited Ashirwad the first time .. Kakaji called her to him , and Nerjis caught hold of the sofa and coolly walked towards him something as miraculous and unbelievable , but Kakaji had that power in his voice he could move mountains if he wanted too..

I was lucky to shoot this event from the sideline , and I made the most of it , and I was dressed normal.. for this auspicious occasion..

Ms Dimple Kapadia who is fiercely protective of her family , let the media see her strength , her resolve , she carried the whole show on her shoulders , and honestly it was her show all the way , the greatest tribute of love dedication and honor ..everyone was touched by her words ..this charming dainty lady in a crisp designer saree .. was the toast and the host..

There was a galaxy of star and I reminded Hemaji , that I had made her police uniform in Phansi Ke Bad where she starred with Shatruji in this Harmesh Malhotra film.

I met Chintu Sab Mr Rishi Kapoor ,, he studied at Campion I studied at Tinpot Holy Name High School.. and he took my card .. asking me to meet him soon.

I met Jeetu Saab who used to stay at Usha Sadan Wodehouse Road those days when I stayed at Khatau Bhuvan.. and he has never forgotten his roots ..

Farhan Akthar was giving the longest interview.. hounded by media from all sides ..I shot Jackie Dada my old Bidu from Teen Batti we have some old memories too.

Pehlaji and Ms Punam Sinha were there , she told me not to take her pictures while she was eating and the most gracios person was Mr MK Anand MD UTV Stars ..

I had a soup , skipped the buffet dropped Bala at Ashirwad and headed home ..

And so I shall talk less .. let my pictures talk in the lyrical silence of Anand ..

Anand Mara Nahi, Anand Marte Nahi |

All Pictures of This Set  here ...

We Are Muslims ...Proud Indians Too

with your
faith culture
rituals we have
no issue ,,
let us live
my message
of hope harmony
for all of you
eid mubarak
with all its
we share
a nation
as our
or hindus
lets not
lets build
a better
of new
stone cold

For Photographers Of Mumbai Shooting The Eid Namaz At Bandra Is A State Of Bliss

a place which is totally
crowded chaotic as is
where is bandra station
road ..on eid day is
sanctified moment
you cant miss ..
no cars no rickshas
no buses no cabs
no bikes tempos
a state of bliss
allah ho akbar
the call of the
peace hope
nothing amiss

Bandra Is The Most Beautiful Place In Mumbai

I am a recent migrant to Bandra , my roots are in Colaba but uprooted and tenderly transplanted in Bandra .. the rural Bandra of backlanes and gaothans,,

And Bandra is different shades , Pali Hill is different from Pali village , and Chimbai is different from Chium.. Mount Mary Carter Road , Waroda Road Veronica Road , Bandra Bazar Bandra Reclamation overcrowded slums of Nargis Dutt Nagar , aptly named slums Indraji Nagar Rajeev Nagar , soon one day in the near future you might have Rahul Gandhi Nagar, Bandra poor , Bandra the Muslim dominated part of Bandra is secular Congress voters .. the East Indians , Christans too normally vote for Congress and sadly it is the Gaothan and the Muslim slums the most neglected parts of Bandra .. after elections nobody has time for Old Bandra , so I regularly shoot Bandra garbage dumps as Garbage porn, I taught both my grand children 5 year old and 2 year old photography shooting garbage .. they known the tonal values of garbage ..and they shoot garbage of Bandra Bazar road brilliantly .. both Canon users shoot beggars too ..

They are both getting ready to shoot the political rallies that will be the only time when Salman Khan Ek Tha Tiger comes to Bandra Bazar Road , all the bantas and bidus are his followers .. but Salman has helped the Bandra slums during fire and other disasters ..

Election time is the only time top national leaders will come to Bandra Bazar Road canvas for their satraps ,, after the elections Bandra Bazar Road is forgotten for 5 long years .. this is the saddest part of democracy where fools vote fools to power , wise people dont vote a dream gone sour , rich people find voting a proletariat thing so stay up safe in their ivory towers ..or go out of station on election day .. so someone else uninterested in humanity comes to power .. making money generating more property trusts ..every minute second hour..

Please read this as a poem.. I am bad with prose . malang bawa ..

On Eid Even Hindu Beggars And Beggars From Other Communities Wear TheBurkha Or Head Scarf And Beg

And as I know most of the beggars in and around Bandra I know them with their timely headscarf , and for me it is not a issue a beggar is a beggar per se , and on Eid  charity is for everyone ,, no discrimination , or bias.

And if a beggar  dresses as a Muslim I see no reason why she should not be given alms..that is why most of the beggars I did not add to my Muslim beggar set .. I am documenting the Muslim beggars of India ..this is one aspect of my photography , highlighting their pain struggle essence of survival.. they have no union , leader or spokesperson , they beg outside mosques shrines imambadas and I have shot them at the various Urus I have shot Muslim beggars at Banganga on Pitru Paksh day too..

And I know a Muslim beggars body language ,, I am surprised when people think we as photographers survive selling pictures of beggars , I have yet to come across someone wanting to buy beggar pictures when you can get them free shooting them on your camera or even your mobile phone.

The only pictures people wanted to buy from me are pictures of the transgender I shot exclusively for myself.. and I refused to sell them , even if I did in the near future I would give the entire money to charity ..specially to children of prostitutes in red light areas .. fatherless children seminal drops of all faith religion..

I dont stalk beggars but I shoot them whenever I have a camera on me ..of late I seldom shoot pictures unless it is an event or religious do.. and I have decided not to shoot much ..once I always carried the camera now not anymore ,,,

And I must confess I did not see Muslim beggars at the Maha Kumbh.. the main sectors of the Maha Kumbh there maybe lot of beggars of all caste creed in Allahabad station area.. I did not have time to discover Allahabad city at all.. I came to shoot the Maha Kumbh and I shot it and left...

And the beggars at Deva Sharif , beggars at Zinda Madar Shah Makanpur , and beggars at Meera Datar Unjha beggars at Vijapur Mehsana...and beggars of Lucknow and Kanpur... and the beggars of Ajmer Sharif during the Urus Of Khwajah Garib Nawaz , beggars at Haji Malang and beggars at both the Mahim dargahs of Makhdhoom Shah Baba And Fakhruddin Shah Baba .

I shall shoot the beggars and I have shot the beggar hijras , beggar bawas beggar sadhus  the large segment of beggars of India but Muslim beggars of India is my personal thesis on the people of my community , totally wretched in their surroundings , neglected and devoid of hope forever ,,,

My Dear Friend From Bandra Station Road

Sprouts ..

Sprouts For Marziyas Java Finches

My Backyard Stinks ,,,Oh Shut The Fuck Up ... Says The Crow To Me ,,,Go Shoot Other Things

Eid Mubarak From Bandra Bazar Road - To All Those Great Personalities We Voted To Power ,, Now Living In Ivory Towers

My Barefeet On Eid ...

The Sprout Man Of Bazar Road ..Bandra

This Boy Got Good Iddi...

The Beggar Gets Sheer Korma Eid

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