Friday, April 3, 2015

My Third Visit To The Bonesetter Of Bandra SV Road

When I got this hairline fracture I was not aware of it due to my diabetes , it is later I felt pain and had to stop my daily walks at MET Cricket Grounds .

I came to Nizam bhai who treated and massage my leg by applying lep .., the net visit it was his assistant who massaged and applied lep.

 I am able to walk and I walked a lot today and met Nizam  bhai this time  shot his second video... he is hardly aware of the Internet or You Tube

But he is a very good god fearing man and respects me a lot as I have been coming here for last 15 years or more , he charges me reasonably too , he has a holistic qualities in his massage .. with ayurvedic paste known as Lep,.


Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas Yeh Zinda Lash

People are unhappy , simply because even after an year they are still waiting for Good Days and the people , by which I mean the common man , the working man of Mumbai is totally disillusioned .. people are jobless ,money is in short supply and everyone among the slumdwellers shanties is grumbling ,, it seems that the core issues have been hijacked by hollow empty words ,, and a misplaced sense of direction ,, animals are being protected while the poor man is becoming a slave to a system that lacks compassion and even humanity ,,

First if there was a law and order problem you went to the police station now people are scared as the Police Inspector if he or she  has had a bad day might just throw the book at you ,,fine you Rs 2000 for creating nuisance and let the drunkard go who was threatening you on the road , and imagine custodial deaths , bribes taken by rogue police officers and now there is competition to the cops from fake cops ,, who are also bent on making big bucks ,, so what has really happened to the color Khaki ,, the criminals are not scared of it because they know pay and go scott free ..

And Mumbai is not what it was and be it the Congress or the BJP its the same side of a coin .. people see no difference  even the glimmer of hope has gone .. I talk to rickshawalas dhobis even beggars and they look at me sad and despondent .

This morning I was at Bandra East near Shree Gyaneshwar Nagar and all the Queens Congress men were there in large numbers men women for the byelections and as I entered this slum  with overflowing waters open drains filthy as hell I wondered whoever wins will all this change ,, I doubt very much , Democracy makes fools of those who vote and wise men of those who are elected ,,

Bandra East leaving aside the Rustomjee Constructions , areas like Valmiki Nagar Maharashtra Nagar Kherwadi Behrampada Garib Nagar are utterly neglected and the Muslim pockets slums will always remain the same the slumdogs who got a lot of money for their Bharat Nagar shanties were smart they sold out and relocated to Bandra West some went as far as Jaipur .

So I dont know what this by election will bring forth will it change the life of the poor ... I dont think so..

And as a street photographer we shoot today that will be the same when it transforms to the day after ..people are still not letting go of their yesterdays ,,

And now I am shooting pictures on Xiaomi .. I shot over 5000 images on my Motorola G and have given it rest ,,,

Muslim Society Should Empower Muslim Beggar Ladies To Teach The Holy Koran

Firstly there would be no cases of Arabic male teachers raping 5 year girls for sure ,, I mean surely the beggar mother could be trained and be deputed to madrsas where girls are taught Arabic.. Most of the Muslim poor women do know the Holy Koran and this would be better than begging like this mother carrying her child seeking alms on the streets of Ajmer during the Urus .

There should be ways by the Ulemmas to rehabilitate these women teach them some profession , cooking stitching , and the rich among the Muslims should donate sponsor such projects , what is needed is a change in thinking but than Muslim society at times can be so anti Women that I hardly see hope.. I am shocked seeing parents begging along with their daughters and in this regard the Kashmiri beggar migrants  will be found begging with their grown up daughters in Bandra or Mahim.

I am merely a photographer I document the pain of the poor segments of Muslim society ,instead of money one could buy  them ration , clothes or even pay of their children s school fees and during Bakra Eid the rich Miuslim forgets all this spending extravagantly buying fancy goats dumbas camel and he could be less showy more practical , give a goat to a widows home or to an orphanage .

And it saddens me , and this beggar mother carrying the heavy load her son and pleading for money ..and there are professional beggars too, there entire livelihood depends on begging as a lucrative profession..and there are some the very poor naive who get caught in the clutches of the beggar mafia..and thus enslaved are sent to various pilgrimage spots to beg..

I have however concentrated on Muslim beggars and documented them all over India places I visited during Moharam , Urus ..Now Muslim beggars also beg at Hindu temples and Hindu feast days begging has no religion but several God to appease .

I knew a Muslim lady with kids , her husband used to hide at a distance and she begged outside the Tata Agiary at Bandra Hill Road .

There are Muslim men who marry blind disabled crippled woman and make them beg , they maybe beggars themselves and there is a Muslim blind man with a blind wife who beg at Pydhonie while their children with sight play close by ,.

The most heartbreaking was an old couple at Hussain Tekri Jaorah both in their late seventies and the wife on a wheelchair being lugged by the husband begging at Hussain Tekri.

I have a lot of beggar stories , stories within stories ..I meet beggar kids I shot now they have children of their own begging on the roads.

We ban beef we ban this we ban that but we I mean the government talks about Swach Bharat and Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas hollow words and we cant remove Poverty Beggary ,,just glib talk.. we protect the cows and our women children raped on the streets ,, and move away from core issues like farmer suicides forced conversions desecrating of our holy places by anti social elements ,,

And this is a beggar blog .. a picture that in silence could evoke a thousand words of pain.. motherhood begs ,,on two tired legs .

Why Are You Stealing My Soul She Said

i told her i was merely
taking her picture
but she had already
entered my mind
within the cosmic
camera in my head
she told me she was
begging to pay for
the illness of her son
the only way left to
earn her bread i
asked her if her
husband was dead
but the unbearable
pain her marital
misery the abuse
on her face i read
her face hidden in
a veil her eyes
pierced my soul
as she turned
away from me
walked ahead
i rushed up to
her pleadingly
i gave her a few
hundred rupee
notes ashamed
from her presence
i stealthily fled

yes i had stolen her soul..
within the soul of my poetry
where it was accidentally held
dedicated to my friend meld
who lives on the other side of
paradise away from my hell

Mother Child Begging At Ajmer

they wander
at this spiritual
fair a circle within
a square gasping
for air ..a few coins
here a few coins there
where is her husband
is he watching her from
afar forcing her to beg
he dares ..would she be
begging if she was educated
though the slits of her veil
into my questioning soul she
stares .she is a victim hunted
like a prey.. will god busy in
yemen syria iraq has time to
hear her prayers ..does the
mullah really care ..the silence
of the minarets ..she is scared

If The Muslim Woman Was Educated She Would Not Be Forced To Beg

Muslim society gives Muslim women a raw deal , as Muslim women have just one purpose get them married early use they for manufacturing kids and if the husband gets tired of her he utters Talaq three times and the marriage is annulled and with the Mullah in collusion its easily readily done ,, and thus Muslim society watches silently without doing anything for the divorced woman.. she is left to fend for herself , she is driven out in most cases the parents of the woman dont accept her back and here I salute her instead of doing what some women in desperation do, she humbly takes to begging .. and I have met many Muslim women begging on the streets with their children they were forcibly married of to useless Muslim youth ..most of these youth were boozards druggaddicts gamblers but it did not matter , most of them were married of to older men to work as cattle in an animal farm.. take care of the sickly first wife .. and I shoot these women when I see them here in Mumbai or on the lanes of Ajmer Sharif.. nothing but education could have changed their destiny .. but alas some had no money for education , and Muslim Society hardly helps , it just watches mute as women hating Mullahs stop her from schooling going to college or working ,,

Women as my American friend Benn Bell says in Muslim society is treated as second class deprived of her rights and thrown to the lions in most cases .

And I saw this young lady begging in Ajmer and her eyes pierced my soul.. was she accusing me or the Man in me for making her beg.. and none of the great so called Muslim Imams and leaders of India have tried to help the Muslim women.. she is nothing but a commodity and she lives dies making place for another woman and the cosmic cycle of pain will go for another million years .

Women in Muslim Society in India mostly the poor will never see women empowerment or be emancipated .. The Mullah and Male dominated Muslim society does not want the Muslim woman to be humanly rightfully liberated ,

If There Is A Beggar Mafia In Ajmer Than It Is In Collusion With Cops And People In High Places

This was shot 5 years back and every time I went back to Ajmer during the Urus , the sea of beggars was always on the rise , near the Taragadh path towards the mountains there is a huge colony of beggars living in makeshift tents eating living defecating .. and they are happy as Ajmer is hope for them and thanks to the Holy Saint despite the  sufferings hardshiips they return home with ample money and surely someone gets a dividend call it protection money , or call it the unseen beggar mafia with its ruthless tentacles ..and every Urus there are the regular beggars and new ones too.

And the Rajasthan government watches from the corner ..and the only one who enjoy the bounty of the state machinery are the VVVIPS  they get to the Dargah without being hindered ,the cops literally licking their ass .the common man has to struggle to move ahead and the cops at times can be  rude offensive after all it is not their religion..but I have met some good humble god fearing cops too who help the aged and the sick.. but these are not in the majority.
Ajmer administration still does not know how to manage crowds the scenes outside the Ajmer Railway station the apathy neglect of the devotees both by the State and the Railways is horrendously humiliating ..the poor are treated like cattle kicked and pushed around by the chaprasis.

There is no single window for redressal  , crooks con men criminals drugaddicts can be found outside the station , the ricksha drivers fleece the commuters and all because during Urus time everyone wants to reach Ajmer and be under the canopy of Khwajah Garib Nawaz the Only Indian Saint of the Poor .

And I shoot beggars to show you that beggars are human too, maybe they  dont have the same rights privileges as the common man, they are treated as scums , beggars are appeased by both Muslims Hindus to make a house in heaven through enforced charity , the hotels that cater to give food to the beggars are money spinning units with hired beggars working for them , the food they give to the beggars is not even fit for giving to cats dogs and rats ,, but they make money and expand their empires .. paying off the cops and other bureaucratic pimps and extortionists.

And it is sad that most religious pilgrimage sites have become commercial hubs Money is God .. and beggars are part of this integral Chakra or Wheel of Redemption.

Nabi The Ear Cleaner Bandra Talao