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My photography is awakening the Soul of Life

I shot these on my mobile phone beneath the Lalbaugh flyover I was not sure whether I should use my camera in the rains it was not much when I reach Lalbaugh at 7 am I had no protection no umbrella . And I shot these people asleep mostly hawker families also the pilgrims who slept over to take the last look darshan of the Lord . I felt one with them I had been coming for the visarjan for many years I normally shoot alone but this time I gave in to a friend Ravi Shankar and ardent student of photography..I had shot a few events with him and we shared a comfort level. I don't shoot pictures as picturs or as blogs and if you called me a blogger I would puke all over my shirt front I renounced blogging I am a humble story teller and I have always shot a storyboard a filmy influence as I have been connected on the periphery to cinema and this cinematic influence shows on what I showcase as poetry of life . And eventually the videos I shot and o the pictures I shot as a narrative will …

Lalbagh Chya Raja Vijay Aso

I got up at 5.30 am showered got ready to leave for Lalbagh at about 6.30 but it was in the bus I realized I had not taken my umbrella .
I was to meet my friend eminent agriculturist Ravi Shankar at 7 am he arrived but it was hard to get in and this is what hits me in the guts I have been shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja for several years the organizers at the top level know it too but yet I have to beg and plead for entry luckily I met a volunteer Ashish an old friend who helped us to enter the Pandal and both Ravi and I were wet .
We shot the Arti I shot Mr Sudhir Salvi the head honcho after the Arti and we moved out towards the main gate and somehow managed to shoot Lalbagh Chya Raja exiting from the gate .
Than we went to Hemant Sawants Ganesh color lab shot him his wife and his two ace photographer daughters Saloni and Sayali
We moved out shooting Tejukaya And Lalbagh Chya Raja on the roads ..and than took a train to VT bought two umbrella s took a cab to Girguam Chowpatty had lunch a…