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A womans day revisited

A womans day revisited
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Yes beta I beg she said
My dreams fishes out
of water..
Alive for a second
Now unfortunately all dead
Betrayed by bad time
More bad times ahead
Body craving for morsels
My shriveled soul unfed
My misery stamped as
Sign of wasted womanhood
On the temple of my forehead
Wrapped in my wrinkled despair
Are the folds of a winding sheet
I appear alive a human apparition
carrying the silhouette
Of my death bed.

Black and White

Black and White
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The white man supremacist
Always wondered why the black man
Was not born white
He thought it was a curse of the white god
Much to his delight
So kicking black ass
Lynching black hopes
Was pardonable and alright
He was stolen kidnapped
From the interiors of Africa
To work as slaves on plantations
Such was the accursed fate of the
Black Mans plight
Empty stomach beaten black and blue
Waiting for the next bite
Made to give up religion
of his forefathers as a
Christian proselytized
Their hearts and humanity
With a vitriolic brand
Of evangelism
For ever and ever
But the good men among
The White justifiably realized
Humanity is more important
Than just being Black and White

Love poetry Hate racism


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Poem hunters
Head hunters of colored heads
On the prowl
One mans poetry another man fouls
Human flesh eating poets
Incarnation of Gothic Ghouls
Jeweled chins jostling jowls
Emptying out greenish frothy
Feces like hate from the bowels
Blood shot eyes these yarn owls
Menstrual melancholy flowing
As poems from recycled
Sanitary towels

Bollywoods Most Wanted

Bollywoods Most Wanted
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Bolywoods most wanted
More dead less alive
Could not in the heart of her blog
A shit head
A dickhead
Don’t be naïve
Now just
An archive
What a fucked nose dive
Inundated soul
Even mouth to mouth
Her breath could not revive
A camel humped
Will surely survive
A Queen Blog Goddess Bee
All wanting to arrive
From where they started
In the back yard
Of her Beehive
Sweet bitter honey
Lip gloss to connive
I retreat
My multi colored ass on test drive
I word tin smith
Corrugated ill-fated
In her colloquial silence
Could not survive


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God is Brazilian: Lula
Nov 20 2007 09:28 PM
Brasilia - "God is Brazilian", Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Tuesday in relation to his government's announcement earlier this month that massive new oil reserves had been discovered offshore.
"This discovery... proves that God is Brazilian," he said during a speech at his presidential palace in the capital Brasilia.
His theological assertion is not original: Brazilians have long claimed that God shares their nationality on the basis of the natural resources at their disposal.
The British magazine The Economist also already made reference to that saying in its take on the oil find in an article last week titled "God may indeed be Brazilian after all."
Brazil's government and the state-run oil company Petrobras announced two weeks ago that exploration of its Tupi offsh…


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google imagesDivine Sanction

By Subir Bhaumik
BBC News, Calcutta

http: //

A Muslim who married his 15-year-old daughter and made her pregnant had to be rescued from angry villagers in the Indian state of West Bengal, police say
Afazuddin Ali,36, has five children - three of them daughters.
A few months ago Ali married his eldest daughter, telling his wife Sakina that Allah had ordained him to do so.
Not convinced by his story, his angry neighbours in Kasiajhiora village nearly lynched him for what they said was a clear case of incest.
Marriage within the nuclear family is forbidden in Islam.
'Divine sanction'
'He is a deeply religious man and will never lie in the name of Allah, ' Sakina told a court in the northern district of Jalpaiguri.
'I agreed to his marriage with our eldest daughter when he invoked divine sanction, ' she said.

I am a Hijda

I am a Hijda
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*hijda is a Indian transgender or eunuch

He was caught at curfew time
In the cross fire among
The Hindu Muslim riot
They beat him black and blue
They stripped him to see
If he was from the minority
But were surprised
At the gaping hole
Of his shame
He was neither man nor woman
He was a sexless piece of sculpted art
Gone wrong
The castration done by the
Drunken barber had destroyed
His entire sense of being
They decided to get over
Their bottled guilt
They sodomized him
One after the other
And finally
Dousing petrol over
His entire body
They lit a bonfire
And walked away
He was saved by a
Good Samaritan
But too late
He died in his laps
Charred beyond recognition
His last words
I am a Hijda

He was killed by the Hijdas of Society.

The Eunuchs of Poetry land

The Eunuchs of Poetry land
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Born as child
Touted as the father of man
A Hijda or a Eunuch he becomes
In a short span
Castrated to attain Womanhood as
Fast as he can
The sorrows of dichotomy
Of pain and pleasure
Of good and bad
Of woman and woman like man
Since the time this world began
The eunuchs the vile kind
Testicularless terrifyingly
Transgendered you will
Find in Poetry land
Pretending to be what they are
Not this vicious clan
Living off the victuals of other
Eunuch poets
This rotten breed of man
Destroying all that Poetry stands for
Is a vicious agenda of this
Man eating Man

Minarets of Poetic Hate

Minarets of Poetic Hate
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Poetry has been politicized
Criminalized raped sodomized
By a handful of disgruntled poets I state
Not just racism white against black
That one poetically berates
Slanderously even a few white poets
have been forcefully
Shown the gate
as they were not willing
To be party to this coterie
Or be their next playmate
This without any hyperbolic intention
I sincerely do not exaggerate
These heinously hypersensitive
Hate loving poets
Who are crooked
And not all straight
With insulting messages to the colored
Poet his poetry they desecrate
Punishing comments
His weakness they try to bait
Poetry forums that malign
Poetry forum a slave state
That stop colored poets
With extreme distaste
Pigmentation poetic conceit
Heralding the White Mans Fate
An atmosphere not at all poetic
A message on the Forum
Wall plate
Poisonous fumes of asphyxiatin…

love poetry hate racism..

love poetry hate racism..
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love poetry hate racism..
when white stains white its known as
anti poetic
anti poetry
anti poet
an emtpy headed
searching in the dictionary for the meaning of fanatacism

To Sherrie Gonsales Kolb -

Love poetry Hate racism

Silence -The Peak of Eloquence

Silence -The Peak of Eloquence
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‘It’s time, friend, time. For peace the spirit aches-
Day chases day, each passing moment rakes
Away a grain of life, and while we, you and I,
Would rather have lived on, lo, all at once we die.
Here happiness is not, but peace and freedom are.’

Thank you Howlin Dervesh

Poetic privations
Walking on embers of fire
Walking on pieces of glass
Is far better than stepping
Accidentally on the body
Of a snake in the grass
While heading
Towards the poetry class
Once bitten twice shy
White Black
Shades of grey
Highlights sodomizing contrasts
Doom wont bloom says The Sufi Sheikh
As he continues with his forecasts
Be steadfast silence the peak of eloquence
Your sufferings you will surpass

Love poetry Hate racism

Poetic Chants of Disillusionment

Poetic Chants of Disillusionment
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(tawhid – Unity of the Divine)

‘Heaven is my father and Earth is my mother, an even such a small creature as I find an intimate place in their midst. Therefore that which fills the universe I regard as my body and that which directs the universe I consider as my nature.
All people are my brothers and sisters, and all things are my companions.’
(Zhang Zai)

Thank You Howlin Dervish

Words of wisdom
Divinity in a grain
Man was born through a Mothers Pain
She loved them both dearly
Abel and Cain
One looked Black the other White
One lived the other slain
Cruelty the other side of humane
Wordless metaphors like
Rain water making love to
Window pains
Mindlessness a quality
That pre –exists before
You are gifted a brain
Man a dropp of semen quivering in a
Clotted bloodstain
Thoughtlessness I cannot explain
Poets merchants of much greater…

The Poet born in Captivity

The Poet born in Captivity
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First they gagged him
Than each white hand
Tied his limbs
They placed a pillow
Than came the blows
Muffled screams
Of wordless pains
Leaving him in agony
Making him relive his
Ancestral parentage
Of being black
In a white mans world
When he regained consciousness
Managed to free his body from his
Captive soul
On the white walls
Of a white mans world
He wrote his first black poem
In blood..

Love poetry Hate racism

The Black Messiah

The Black Messiah
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A white temple was built for the white god
The white men to build this opulent temple
Hired black men slaves as they slogged
In the heat and dust and humidity
Carrying huge boulders
Stripped to the waist
Sweating profusely
By the white overseer black man flogged
The temple was to be called the
Passion of Jesus Christ
Son of God
Don’t spare the Black Child
Certainly don’t spare the rod
But while the temple was being built
A jealous white man bought down
Jesus Christ the Son of Our Lord
With a sword
Now in utter distaste the white man
Not wanting to sully his community
Put the blame of this heinous crime
On the head of the black man
And placed a hefty reward
He was made to carry a cross
Lashed his silence ignored
He was crucified on Mount Golgotha
And rose as the Messiah of the Back Man
And forgave the white man whom he had adored
And the dead body of Jesu…

On a Poets Death Bed

On a Poets Death Bed
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In this world the poemhunter poet will carry all his poems his hate with him to the grave the coward and the brave.. all hideousness behind the face
his poetic perfidy
even the lord god will not save

Thank you Howlin Dervish

firoze shakir photographerno1

Shakir has not saved thee

Shakir has not saved thee
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You Say
Shakir has saved thee
Your poetic bravery
Crass comedy
Forget me
Even the blind
God above
can’t change thee
Your arrogance your pedantic conceit
About your own poetry
thank you for your kindness
that you still read me
once you are gone
into the nether world
I willl say a mass
That god sets your
Corroded soul free
From all
Poetic blasphemy
Your garlands
Your autography book
I will sign as
Hate Racism but do Love Poetry
Concerned a message for
the Unborn Posterity
Your English Pride and Pre-doomed Vanity
After 60 its loneliness and a growing Insanity

firoze shakir photographerno1