Thursday, November 26, 2015

itnaa hai bad_naseeb "Zafar" dafn key liye do gaz zamin bhi na mili kuu-e-yaar mein

Lagtaa nahin hai dil meraa ujday dayaar mein
kis ki bani hai aalam-e-naa_paayedaar mein
kah do in hasraton se kahin aur jaa basein
itani jagah kahaan hai dil-e-daagdaar mein
umr-e-daraaz maang kar laaye they chaar din
do arzoo mein kaT gaye do intezaar mein
kitnaa hai bad_naseeb "Zafar" dafn key liye
do gaz zamin bhi na mili kuu-e-yaar mein

My Thoughts Posted At Facebook

I am a 63 year old man past my prime ,, if I get a friend request from GSB community I add them without seeing their profile ,,if I get a friend request otherwise I see if we have common friends I add them.. If the person is not known to me I send him her a message that I dont know them mostly when they have no profile picture or bio details ,, I would lik people to add me for my photography not for my religion or because I shoot their religion.. I have no time to chat with people ,,unless it is an urgent matter of life and death..
I answer messages I delete block people if they ridicule what I shoot ,, I dont post stupid links , I have my own stuff ,, of my backyard .. be it beggars or garbage or the religious season event in Mumbai.. also dont judge me by what I shoot .,. dont tag me in your fucked political party pictures I am not a Congi or a Bhakt .. nor do I belong to any Muslim party or RSS ,,
I am not a fan of any actor I dont watch TV ..I stopped watching films almost 17 years now but I am connected to Bollywood ,,I read Hindustan Times only.. I never liked Times Of India.. sometimes I read DNA or Midday.
I use Canon 60 D ,,Canon 7D ,both the cameras were a gift by my ex bosss one for me one for Marziya ,, so I will have to wait for a long time for an upgrade ,, I dont own a car or a two wheeler ,,
I am writing all this as someone wanted to chat with me on FB,. and I was in mo mood and on his pushing me to talk I deleted him..
I have no time for irrelevant chat ,, I have nothing to talk about ,, read my pictures ..all my posts are marked for friends ,, the same stuff I post publicly at my other social platforms.
My tweets are not endorsements at all .. I like Twitter I am there since 2008 thanks to Biz Stone the co founder of Twitter who inspired me to blog since 2005 ,
I prefer posting links via Twitter and my archive of 360000 images private public is at Flickr ,
This is for those who added me recently ,,