Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hijra Jogan in a Trance

one with the maker
in every glance
hijra jogan in a trance
power nobility
in every step
of the hijras dance
unusual romance

Hijra Dancing Doll

at haji malang
moments to recall
the mirth the fun
the frolic of the hijra
dancing doll
on all fours she will crawl
your passions she will
this hijra vampish moll
turning your soul
into a dancing hall

Nakedness of the Hijra Soul

dance is worship
says the hijra
opening her lotus lips
her pendulous hips
magic at her finger tips
as the sand in the hourglass slips
the nakedness of the hijra soul rips
layers and layers as she strips
tantric sex and tricks
more beautiful
more daintier
more graceful
more sensual
than your local chic's
on your computer screen
simply with a single click
hijda eunuch blogs
as memorable remix

The Hijra Slumdog Millionaire

I thank all those who have taken pains to register and vote for me at the Photo Blog Awards 2009..
People normally dont like hijras and treat them very shabbily because of the old grand mothers tales attached to them, tales that have been overblown, hijras kidnap children , forceful castrations and what not..

5 Years of shooting the Hijra ethnicity, I found them to be amiable, congenial and friendly, maybe somewhere rude, hated me as a photographer, but I dont blame them, a lot of hIjras have been conned by journalists and coffee table book researchers.. taken to the dry cleaners..

Every student wants to do a thesis on the hijras including Mr Salman Rushdi..

After Slum Dog Millionaire a movie on the Hijras maybe on the anvil .. the Hijra Slum dog Millionaire with Mr AR Rehmans music, Frieda Pinto and the effervescent Mr Anil Kapoor ...Lovleen Tandon associate director and Mr Danny Boyle wielding the megaphone...

This would be the biggest mega hit..with Brad Pitt ,Sean Penn and Al Pacino and Robert De Niro playing stellar roles..

The heroine could be played to the hilt by Laxmi Narayan Hijra Guru Supreme.
And Heena Hijra of Peela House Mumbai Cages playing second romantic lead..

Well I digress , back to the Photo Blog Awards 2009 ..I have been nominated , I have received 57 votes, but I need more it pimping for votes..if you may...but do take time to vote for me and my hijra eunuch blogs..

Now some of the comments that I have received from friends and welll wishers..but I must confess I would have never enlisted my blogs it was Magic Eye aka Deepak Ambebal who led me up the aisle..

And the blessings of my Hijra Guru Laxmi Narayan Triipathi ...and my grand daughter Marziya Shakir 15 month old.. who loves hijras more than me..

Written by magiceye
11 days ago
an excellent blog that documents the trials and travails of a community that is on the fringes of society due to their neuter gender.

Written by netsams
11 days ago
Noone cud detail the life of the eunuch the way he does...tres superbe!

Written by assadajd
11 days ago
it doesnt get any btta dn him!...fantastic work...real deep...

Written by losackmd
11 days ago
Firoze transcends brilliance and touches all our hearts and minds

Written by smma59
11 days ago
Beautiful Blog this is an example of hard work and dedication.

Written by tomandrews
11 days ago
Firoze seems to have a front row seat to view the colorful lives of the Indian Hijra.

Firoze takes full advantage of that front row seat to share the love and passion that he sees.

I feel very lucky to be able to view his amazing photos on a daily basis.

Written by bennbell
11 days ago
Firoze is a wonderful photographer and great poet.

Written by girishbroppa
11 days ago
I like Firoze picturisation of lives of Hijra.

Written by NaumanUmair
11 days ago
brilliant work, definitive photography and above all, a banner poetry!

Written by IhaIha
11 days ago
I love Firoze's work, all of it is so beautiful, and really shows a world not many of us get to see. Thanks Firoze :)

Written by mariusmuscalu
11 days ago
Firoze is brilliant.

Written by friendswoodfred
11 days ago
Quite possibly the world's most extraordinary Blogger !

Written by libidopter
11 days ago
I greatly respect Firoze Shakir, since he is a brilliant photographer and poet with a deep sense for human issues - and he is witty, too.

Written by vikaskhera
11 days ago
Firoze is a real creative person.

Written by vishnugsr
11 days ago
Very creative and has an eye for beauty at the most unexpected of places.

Written by sarkaofcz
10 days ago
Firoze is a fantastic, wonderful and excellent poet, photographer and man. His humanism is wonderful ! He has all my admiration !

Written by shrutibiyani
10 days ago
awsm shoot...ur wrk is impressive n conceptual too

Written by aljis
10 days ago

Written by AVS
9 days ago
His humanity glows through his photographs. They are witness to his love of mankind. His work is beyond the usual, the run-of-the-mill variety. It's always a pleasure to view his work. I wish him more power.

Written by amishpatel
9 days ago
yor unique working style on ' eunch ' g8 n its makes u stand apart from rest, keep going sir

Written by tiwarisac
9 days ago
very moving images ...

Written by firdos
9 days ago
get shots... keep it up...

Written by Cuckoo
9 days ago
Brilliant poetry thru photos.

Written by metaverse3
9 days ago
This man is a legend in his own right to bring to light a world clouded by secrecy & darkness: The Hijda Commune Words cannot describe the pictorials posted that shed light upon these social castaways.

Written by sompatidar
9 days ago
Firoz's photo poetry on eunuchs has changed my perspective towards them. Now, i do respect them as equal to male/female. Firoz really makes wondeful composition of words and pics, especially on eunuch's life.

Written by ishadowbox
8 days ago
Amazing insight from a man who's words, visuals are ust very thought provoking.

Written by FramedAndShot
8 days ago
Some great shots on this blog. Studies of humankind done with a great eye for people and details.

Written by Ramanathan
7 days ago
The great photographer Firoze has showcased the crushed, maligned, and abused Hijra community. His images and brilliant poetry invoke the viewers' conscience and imprint on the viewers' consciousness. His metaphors and visuals are amazing.

Written by Malika
6 days ago
I love the work he has done on the transgender people of India. you can see that he films them without being a voyeur.

Written by Anu
4 days ago
The bold legend to fight with the concrete jungle world.......hope all his dreams come true.......may allaha bless him......... - Anu

Written by Kamala
4 days ago
Beautiful work.Keep sharing with us,please.

Written by jyothykarat
2 days ago
Its amazing how someone can be so dedicated and focused on one subject. You truly do justice to your art form.

Written by richseibert
7 hours ago
Great Photos! Such compassion your photos show! congratulations

Those of you who have tuned in late please Vote for my Hijda Eunuch Blog..Register and click the Vote button on the left hand side.. comment is optional..more than me it is the Hijra community you will be voting for.. and India too.

Saffron Soul of a Shia Pandit

the flesh
blood sweat and tears
a silhouette
unevenly lit
the soul its spirituality
in orbit
weft and warp
of a fabric closely knit
the saffron soul
of a shia pandit

a cultural inheritance
totally legit
of my birth place
my mother land
I am proud of it
to fanaticism
to hate
of the human specie
my soul wont submit
my head making
a path for a razor bit
two sections
as they bleed and slit
a protest
against yazidiyat
written in blood
on the face of it
Hussain is Humanity
at the core of it
the essence of my reality
as you all know it

har kaum pukaregi hamare hain hussain
islam zinda hota hai har karbala ke bad

to yazid and the killers of imam hussain
we wont ever give a clean chit..
lanat more lanat on their souls
we admit

Marziya Learns to Write

Marziya learns to write
15 month old
like grand father
like grand daughter
genetically bold and bright
a black board that does not
overwhelm her height
she falters
but the second time
gets it right
her aunt samiya
her favorite aunt uptight
from bandra to versova
always missing the flight

Photography is an Optical Illusion

Shot by my Wife

two bald heads
spiritually conjoined
two bald heads
in a single home
in a single thought
a shia pandit
one of his kind
his muse
shot by a woman
who to
is color blind
a wife
a mother
a grandmother
all three
on the cosmic mind
artfully by a sculptor designed
to a single flow of a blood stream
genetically aligned

My wife and I are very different we are from two different worlds.. her world is real full of pain, my world is a cybernetic utopia of words that sound like poems and pictures that read like prose