Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arti Shri Google Maharaj - Ultimate God of the Cybernet

image courtesy email attachment..

poem written by me

we the devotees
perform arti
of shri google maharaj
of the cybernet
who keeps us connected
to all our friends
on the internet
facebook flickr
a twittering heart you bet
spammers love him
all gmail filters they detest
says the fraudster from
Burkina Faso
Yahooo Lottery Org
this is the best God
we have met
the hackers this sublime god
will never forget
Shr Google Maharaj
bookies pray to him
before and after the cricket test
politicians love him too
so much wealth in their net
the chinese get upset
each time a peace loving man
says Boycott China Free Tibet
allah ho akbar .net
a shia hating website
that insults the message
from the minaret
so much hate hidden
in its silhouette
thank you
Shri Google Maharaj
though Yahoo and Microsoft
the other two minor gods
making thundering love
under the coverlet
heaving hearts and sweat
its you our mai baap
to whom we are in debt
You Telecom my server
when it crashes and goes dead
page cannot be displayed
a message I regret
the refund on my modem deposit
after two years I have yet to get
Shri Google Maharaj
a god the best of the very best


image Google Images

a temporary marriage
for 10 years
dont overreact
microsoft and yahoo
sign a pre nuptial pact
trying to screw google
in the bargain
with chutzpah and tact
a drama
a thriller
on the soul
of the internet enact
front page news
on times of india
as a matter of fact
BING happy is what matters
a code they cracked
with firecrackers
what impact
mother of all news
power punch packed

Fire and Ice

a shia blogger
fire and ice
fighting misfortune
with a loaded dice
pain misery sorrow
bitter and nice
cry beloved Karbala
our spiritual paradise
in black clothes
blood sweat tears
our soul cries
he gave his head
he paid a price
to save Islam
from a Yazidi scourge
a Yazidi vice
an accursed Caliph
son of a Satan in disguise
beneath our feet
accursed Yazidiyat lies
doing Tandav
on the soul of Shimr
to be precise
our head like
a bleeding water melon
that we slice
a Protest against Terrorism
to be concise
Hussain is Humanity
our worldly advise
a warning device
words within words
should suffice

inspired by Jane Abao - a journalist and a very dear friend..

Angel Of Peace

angel of peace
a race called politicians
this world fleece
a warlord called satan
they love to please
through religion
through color
though gender
hate they increase
divide and rule
they play military police
slaves to their agenda
only death gives us release
aiding them in the matrix of evil
they have in their
accursed battalion
rogue and rabid priests
in a politicians world
man is just a means
for their aggrandizement
and caprice
the unborn child
with more misfortune
they love to tease
a nuclear threat
to human existence
do you think
it will ever cease?