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Illicit Love

Illicit Love
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
Stolen moments
Love making
On a tourist bus seat
Wife is away at her mothers
The coast is clear
I repeat
Let not your right hand know
what your left hand does
when lust stricken souls meet
the spirit is willing the flesh is weak
get it over with
push it in hard

just cheat

Poem hunter forum show has just started.

Poem hunter forum show has just started.
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photo courtesy google images spiegel

Poem hunter forum show has just started.
Good Morning..
Please take your seats and your colas and popcorns too..
The Queen of Hearts with her consort will arrive in a short while be patient..
Goldy Locks is coming with the three bears
Ted Sheridan Howlin Trade Martin..
Sean North is in the shower.. in the tub..
David Hazell and Michael Shepherd are in the pub.
.Ez and Tara are having grub.
The English Racist poet has gone to dub...
For his new film called “The Premier Racist Club “
With his baroque shoes Indian cigarettes
He likes to stub
Stiff upper lip disjointed snub
Has reserved a nice little
With a corner stone
In the suburb
Colored hate genetic failing
That he could never curb
For all Indian leopards
And their spotted cub

The finest poet Frank James Christopher Ryan Jr

The finest poet Frank James Christopher Ryan Jr
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Please read this as a poetry blog

I got a message from my favorite poet, almost a page, in reply to a message I sent him that we at poem hunter missed him..
Actually I will digress, when I had one two many racist attacks as comments on my poems at a huff I deleted 1002 poems and almost no back up, just those that I had copied at Buzznet.
So I began posting at Buzznet, but than as explained earlier I had to delet 11000 blogs because I was targeted by Muslim fundamentalists, my sites were hacked and pornographic material inserted that got me into a mess. I was disillusioned by the blog.
When I came back after the storm I began posting exclusively at Word Press and my homesite.My home site does not have the features of a blog being a photo gallery.
So Word Press kept me afloat as Bollywoods Most Wanted Blogger.Here…

This Little Girl Child

This Little Girl Child
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
Blood of her woman hood
Weeping in vain
When she grows up
Her childishness
Her prankness
Will all be forgotten
Just she on a threshold
Of her new life
Isolated misery
Womanhood remain
cloistered tears
unpoetic pain
in an urn contain
a tortured smile
within her pain
stoic silence
she will maintain
in the background
of this picture
lies her future chained
this little girl child
scattered brain

Color is only skin deep

Color is only skin deep
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google images

Color is only skin deep
Yes Sean North
You born white
I born black
It does make us weep
The atrocities on black men they heap
The racists a promise
to their white god keep
it first began at school
when they made us recite
ba ba black sheep
calling us nigger brown man
gollywog and creep
they robbed us of our human sleep
our self respect our dignity
on a garbage heap

Love Poetry Hate Racism

God biggest Mistake - Man

God biggest Mistake - Man
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
recieved this picture in my email , a few days back as a chain letter from a dear poet friend, I could not get over this image , it is what Man does to Man..
Some excerpts from the letter ..

Hello, dear elder brother Firoze,

I was sent this message with there pictures attached here from someone I know in Finland (maybe to deflect the attention from the brutal school killings in Finland that just a few days ago accursed). This might be something which might be in your sphere of interests. I've never seen any photos that depict anything as horrible as this here. I leave it up to you what to make of that.

With my sincere best wishes to you

*Die attachment is BAIE GRAFIC EN SKOKKEND - as jy nie 'n maag het vir wrede tonele nie, **MOENIE ATTATCHMENTS OOP MAAK NIE! *
Over the last few weeks in South Africa , a two year old was abducted from her crèche and raped and left in the bush, where she was found crawling …

poem hunter forum is in mourning

poem hunter forum is in mourning
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
photo courtesy

the poem hunterforum is in mourning.. last night poetry took an overdose of barbiturates and died.. next of kin mr norman mailer too passed away such was the impending shock... goldylocks is in black, weeping profusely, ben and sherrie are consoling each other, ted sheridan trade martin in tuxedos, howlin in top hat tailcoat is holding a hanky hiding his face and his tears.. ms falsund glittering blonde hair, a nice off shoulder dress black is serving lemonade, the poem hunter forum heat is quite unbearable assisting her is angie sweet, sean north eligible bachelor from south africa, is talking to eagle hawk, frank ryan james jr has arrived, mr reynolds and he are shaking hands, .. david hazell micheal shepherd tara ez are in deep sombre discussion , nodding her head is francesca johnson , the media has been kept away from the forum,…

Because I am brown my cousin is black

Because I am brown my cousin is black
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photo courtesy

Because I am brown my cousin is black
You born white break our back
Right from the time when we
Worked on your sugar plantations
Under a whip that you cracked
The sun the heat the humidity
The swatting flies the muddy track
Burning memories painful nostalgia
Whack after whack
With our sweat blood and tears
You built your colonial palace
You and your white supremacist wolf pack
You kept us as slaves, manacled, chained
Asymmetrically our soul you did attack
Under the stars and stripes and the union jack
We the children of slaves make our comeback
Raw emotions that we cannot hold back
Our culture our civilization our traditions
With your white evangelism you did highjack
This poem is our passion on bleeding soundtrack
Our hope a candle flickering to light
Our world pitch black

Love Poetry Hate Racism

747 Flying High

747 Flying High
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Poem: 8856267 - 'The Good Wife’s Guide '

Member: ////// \\\\\

Comment: Well, the lawyers would be even busier in the states for all would want a divorce. God created man and woman as equals....A woman deserves as much respect and consideration as her husband. It's called ' A Family.' It is frightening to think that there is yet another country that treats women like slaves. No wonder they're all trying to break down our boarders... You must be joking for any women would run from a man who thought she was merely his servant... In the USA and most countrys we have people who do the cleaning and in some cases the cooking and some even have drivers and nannys as well. Good Lord this sounds like the Middle Ages. This is not judging but rather pointing out that for one who does nothing but complain about racism, well, looks like it's in the homes of al…


Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
From :)
To : firoze shakir photographerno1

Date Time : 11/11/2007 1: 22: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)

“Subject : Re: Thank You Sir

who was the national poet of India? wait, i thought that was you...

Thank you for the encouragement, Firoze, always..”

I received this message from a young fiery poet
and not to embarrass her privacy I have not used her name..
She means a lot to poetry, poetry that is about poetry
and not about human hate for any person for his views or for what he writes.
We all write about our experience that may not be the same or ever felt by the reader
So every poet deserves some sympathy and liberty for his indigenous idioms and
masturbative metaphors..

No I am not the national poet of India I state
I have no aspirations for such an august position
I would hate this has nothing to with envy
or jealousy
I reiterate..
You are what you are thoughtlessness
In a thought innate
Whether you write in…

Welcome To Revised And Edited Slavery

Welcome To Revised And Edited Slavery
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Yes if I was married to you
A thought imaginary
You who would cook
Warm my bed for me
Iron my crumpled soul
Stitch and sew happiness
Beyond monotony
You your pecan pies
Your dishes you exotic
Lovemaking recipes
Singing songs
Bollywood filmy style
Dancing around trees
Making multi colored babies
Yes you and me
You would to serve me better
Give up poem hunter forum and poetry
Your best maid sweet Angie
My best man Howlin Ted Sheridan
David Hazell O Blimey
Trade Martin would give away
my American Bride to me
love and harmony
no Indian poets at our wedding
just you and me
you can call him
your English god father
a racist indeed is he
no more keeping in touch with him
once you marry me
Mrs Lady L Shakir finally
Living in Louisiana

firoze shakir photographerno1

Mother and son

Mother and son
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
The little fellow
Whips his frail back
The mother on the drum
Under the hot sun
From their home town
on the run
Made to earn
Life and the
Strange lessons
we learn
this poem
dedicated to the
Alaskan fern
my failed and doomed love
to her in return

Vedic Street Astrologer a poem

Vedic Street Astrologer a poem
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
The public is often amazed to learn that in the realm of astrology, the Sun sign column found in their local newspaper is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are many systems of astrology emanating from such diverse cultures as the Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans and Hindus. All have developed extensive astrological systems. Jyotish astrology springs forth from the ancient Vedas of India, and is reportedly thousands of years old.

What is Vedic astrology?

Vedic astrology originally comes to us from the Rig Veda, the oldest of the four Vedas, the spiritual Bible of ancient India. The Vedas were an oral tradition passed down from family to family, generation to generation. These works contain the spiritual teachings of Hinduism. Much later in their history the Vedas were put in a written form, and so it is with Jyotisha as well. We also find astrological references abound in the gre…

My God is Better than Yours

My God is Better than Yours
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
Says the manic religious bigot
My god is better than yours
your god is weak
hit him on one cheek
he gives the other cheek
mere word speak
your god is a pipsqueak
my god is all powerful
my god is fear unique
my god s mind over matter
inhuman physique
my god is modern warfare
not an old washed out antique
my god I in the bullets of my Ak 47
my god is in my RDX
my god is in my grenade
my god is in my suicide bomber
my god is asymmetrical
warfare disseminated technique
my god speaks a language
of terrorism not Arabic Hebrew or Greek
my god keeps the headlines of newspapers alive
every morning , evening midweek
my god is scriptured satanic silence
that gives way to cries at railway stations
heart rending pain and shrieks
my god does not tolerate any further critique
what more can I tell you of my god
manipulative death defying mystique
my god is metro sexual
aiming at the highest peak
my god changes identities
a poli…

'The Good Wife’s Guide '

'The Good Wife’s Guide '
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
photo courtesy

This poem is inspired by Mr David Hazell …eminent English poet..

Every girl dreams to be a Bride
Prince Charming of her Dreams
Now her Husband
By her side
All his faults
Put aside
In everything he does
She must take pride
Stop writing poetry
Cook good meals
Her love in his heart reside
See that his clothes are ironed
Buttons stitched on his shirt
Much more besides
Press his head his feet
He gets tired
Don’t nag or snide
Give him warmth
Give him space
Give him attention
That his mum denied
A good husband
Does wonders
If she in her husband
Does abide
Let him be your ultimate guide
Let him your life decide
Even if he is in the wrong
Let his thoughts override
Take him his idiosyncrasies
In your stride
With his views don’t collide
If he gets angry says harsh words
Keep quiet let his anger subside
All other things cast aside
Your man is master of the house
Inside outsid…

A moment called chor bazar recycled poetry

A moment called chor bazar recycled poetry
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
Frozen dreams
Of time gone by
Not yet wanting to die
Taunting me on the sly
I thought buy this statue
Take a sledgehammer
Put it to sleep
Let its smashed soul
Unwept tears
That won’t cry
Yes a good buy
to a moment
That is Chor Bazaar
A layered half baked truth
Clinging to a lie
A storm
In a cold cup of chai

*chai means tea