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Painting Face of Faith as the Face of Man

Painting Face of Faith as the Face of Man
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 he took the face of man
on the easel of faith
he slashed the head of man
he dry painted the pain of man
he texturised the color red
hussain as an unending pain in man
dry grains as blood flakes
a road that led to karbala
everyday as ashura
a path made by man
who saved man

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain,
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain,
Sar dad, na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain
words as wisdom willed to man

Hussain is the Master, Hussain is the King,
Hussain is Faith, Hussain is Refuge for the Faith,
He gave his head but not his hand in Yazeed's hand
Verily Hussain is the foundation of La'Illah.

written on the soul of a thirsty man
for parched in faith the faith of man

the painter painted the face of faith
as pain engraved on the face of man

Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens had said the following about Imam Hussain (AS):

"If Hussain fought …

A Womans Lot

A Womans Lot
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 She was possessed in a very bad way sitting outside the Shrine od Hazrat Ali at Hussain Tekri Jaorah.
Her family was around silently watching her fall from human grace, her children well that is the larger story of human despair.
She was taking a stone and hitting away at the cemetery slabs..her cyclopean eye like my camera eye , both strangely assessing each other .
I could write a poem her , but than womans life is a poem , you have to read it like a poet.. to undestand her soul barricaded in a war zone of a sad poetry.
Woman is an unending anthology of pain ans suffering..
Luckily she is not in a Hijab or you would have the Flickr Mujhaidas kicking my butt to get their warped point like a stake up my multicolored ass.
I feel ashamed to hear that the West has done all this to Islam.
Islam has been dented by none but its own misguided overzealousness penetrated by its handful of disgruntled elements.. its again back to Karbala …

They Call Us Heretics

They Call Us Heretics
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 the shia-sunnis want to
live in peace
different sects
different customs
different rituals
allahs house made
up of several bricks
but the radicals
the wahhabis
the jammatis
the salafis
with sectarian hate
vested interests
do not want us to intemix
so we shias
they call us heretics
allah ho akbar
cybernetic hate
a badly smudged negative
muslims love killing muslims
unending conflicts
mosques turned to
terrorist dens
children turned to
unwilling jehadis
mullahs as gangsters
is what the lal masjid
the rest of the Islamic world
in utter silence
their impotency affix
survival of their own
a thought
only a guilty
conscience pricks
what next?
doctors turned killers
new surprises
from the same old bag of tricks

Killer Kids at Carter Road

Killer Kids at Carter Road
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Feeding the crows
the dogs the cats
at the carter road
is a favorite pastime
But for those
who got crushed under
the wheels of young
drunken drivers
they wont spare a dime
and say the parents
of the revelers
children don’t worry
it was only an accident and not
a major crime
Prahlad Kakkad
Ad guru saying
laborers should
not sleep out on the roads
are words for a system failure
sickening slime
page 3 tamasha always
quoted unquoted on time
the additional commissioner of police
his office at carter road..
well he and his men are busy
fighting organized crime
road safety not a war crime
media glare , additional bandobast
a thought sublime..
everything happens but never on time
the killer kids.. on bail..
make news history and rhyme
fault of parents
society church and
a downward climb....

my 924th poem
This was before the verdict given by judge A Mishra

Kitna Badal Gaya Insan

Kitna Badal Gaya Insan
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 How man has changed
demented deranged
a life predestined prearranged
terrorist colonialism
re arranged
man and mankind
and a unbelieving god
so estranged
bickering karmic kriya
flickering dharmic diya
the unborn child decieved by birth
aborted generation so short changed

Koranic Verses on a Mans heart

Koranic Verses on a Mans heart
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 engraved
crystal chromed
on a mans heart
presented to
the holy prophet
allahs spark
koranic verses
to a mans soul
that cannot
be torn apart
birth to death
living within
after he his gone
imparted to his progeny
allahs trade mark..
giving after life
to a mans soul
that is stark
the holy koran
in troubled waters
is the shelter
of a heavenly noahs ark..
bismillah e rahman ir rahim
the first opening remark
on a tree of wisdom
on its very first bark
when auspiciously on
a new jouney embark

Left Her Breathless Richard Gere Shilpa Shetty

Left Her Breathless Richard Gere Shilpa Shetty
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Bollywoods Most Wanted Pretty Woman Shilpa Shetty
Hollywoods Most Wanted Gentleman heart throb Richard Gere
Left her breathless in his snare
seena taan ke
Togetherness Star News.. What a pair
Aids Awareness do and dare
Hugging Filmi Ishtyle
A cinematic shot so rare
Culture shock for those
Stuck to sanctimonious armchairs
Not Vastra Apharan..
Shilpa swear s
I was fully clothed not threadbare
That was Richards way of saying Namaste
Our reaction so unfair
Not a good message for global welfare
Hooligans smash Star News office
Bogey of a bugbear
Police comes when culprits
Have fled the lair
Moral policing
Culture vulture
War declare
Common mans nightmare
First page news do we really care
Mahengai mocks at our despair
Law and Order …
Shadows crooked
Behind political chair
Big brother is watching
From the sidelines
So beware
Media titillation
Is everywhere
Bandaged heads
Reporters reporting
from wheel chairs…

Leopard Fucked Flawed

Leopard Fucked Flawed
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 bollywoods clip clawed
every blow that you give
i dont need to ward
get a sparring partner
spoil the child and dont spoil his rod
fuck once in your life time
hurt and dont play god
fencing your vile emotions
on multi colored bods
fuck atleast
use a good whetting stone
the blunt blade of you sword
words can hurt both ways
a menstrual stuffed
unsanitary padded
comment unawed
fuck what ..
a rusty key
would get lost
in your slot
i d rather sleep with a eunuch
than think
of a tit without twat..
i prefer
medium baked
lots of sun spots
all this as a bouquet
of unsucked
forget me nots
saucers getting
fucked by teapots
spoons giving
bulbs bursting
beaming some watt
the agony of being born
more human
in the mind of a buzzbot

Life Is A Whore

Life Is A Whore
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Life is a Whore

Fuck her she asks for more

And more and more

Gets Fuckin tired

Shows you the Door

And heart broken you Die

Mind becomes Matter

An unmarked grave for a Tombstone

Which even Time cannot restore.

And fuck life I think even

After Life is a Whore.

These thoughts were appliqued on my designer ass.. while I was cooped up in a second class compartment of the Pushpak Fucked Express on my way to Lucknow...and am in an internet cafe below my in laws new house ,a house of their own after 31 years.. yes life can be a whore....and makes me feel and think of wife Afshaan.. a travesty of self delusion called the dichotomy of love.

photo courtesy

Life on the Street

Life on the Street
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 old woman
her one room apartment
on the street
walls of air
that need no concrete
banyan tree
just dust and heat
wrinkled face
wrinkled feet
her man
who ran away
to mumbai
the fraud the cheat
a trust based on deceit
the neighbors
give her food to eat
with a hari om
others greet
a charpoy
her bed
life complete
turned to nightmare
in this road side suite
a winning life
beyond defeat

Life Sentence

Life Sentence
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 caught by my camera lens
an old lady very fervent
shabilly dressed like a servant
..wrinkled fence
running across her face
a fleeting moment
that was inauspiciously tense
her life in a nutshell
condense ..
responsibilities of living
a few more years immense
domesticated like a pet animal
no time to take offense
perhaps her son
a mansion on carter road
a Innova or a Mercedes benz
money the powerful sixth sense
tattered old age
a slavery, a bonded labour
helpless in pleading its defense
death an eye opener ..
walking a tight rope of
human depravity ..
from a cradle to the coffin..
breathing life a jail sentence
after life
a new chapter
new suspense…

poem no 878


Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 At carter road
an underprivileged member
of the human race
at the same time as i walk
every morning
sits on the parapet to wash his face
the shimmering rays of the sun through the trees
on his back drawings trace
his destiny his doom
interlace ..
he his god
in a public place
a life style
squeezed pictorially
in cybernetic space

(as yet I have not seen his face )

Lip Kissed Wishes

Lip Kissed Wishes
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 like

water in a pond


thirsty fishes

little hands of god..

little hands of god..
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 on the day of chatti at ajmer
people from distant places
come and place chaddars
bow , kneel, weep in prayer
only kwajah and no other
thought to spare
rains , truant weather
nothing can stop them
or their chaddars
being displayed
on the square
in their silken chaddars
intervowen with love
is the hands that created it
unhides the craftsmans prayers
little childrens hands that did the zardozi
minute knots , their runnng noses
grumpy faces .. through the chaddar stare
unknowingly the khwajah knows
a secret with them he shares ..
little hands that created a prayer within a prayer..

poem no 804

Little Indian Parakeet

Little Indian Parakeet
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Little Indian Parakeet.

Flew to Alaska

burnt his feet.

Saved his ass

Starving cat

Hasty retreat..

Armand the butler

Almost cooked him

For madam...



And curryied

A fornicated sucked up

1 month old

Faceless Phoneless

Love story

In Alaskan snow

Lies buried.

my first cyernetic love that was an Alaskan catastrophe

living and the dead at chaar yaar

living and the dead at chaar yaar
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 char yaar
grave yard
a meeting place
for the living and the dead
at urus time its said
the malangs
who with kilos of dread head
live on water tea and bread
among the tombstones
their murids , devotees
spiritually unfed
the smoke of chillum
the best of hindu kush
maal and a mind
speeding overhead
the bodies within the
graves at char yaar
also stoned dead

poem no 782

Char Yaar is a Sufi graveyard of ascetics , malangs, much of the exorcism is done here .. of people possessed.

Lizards Tail

Lizards Tail
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 I am like the lizards tail

cut, bleeding unattached

to the main body

but that little bit

could also be


to scale the heights

of a strange love

unknown to others,

I am a sufi monk

they call me the lizards tail

i leave behind a bloodlesss trail

searching in the triangular

of her holy grail

my soul imprisoned

within the jealousy of her jail

photo courtesy

The Hijab Terrorised !

The Hijab Terrorised !
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 photo courtesy google images

Allah o Akbar cyber sites
that promote sectarian hate
sectarian enemity
madarsas and mosques
that turn doctors into jehadis
distorted jamatis
where in scriptured fortress
clerics use children as shields
this is nothing but
a dangerous dichhotomy
misguided martyrdom
enchained to
Islamic hegemony
Where the entire Islamic world
Watches this opera silently
gagged consience nonchalantly
There is nothing greater than this calamity
Parents who sent their children to learn
A better and beautifully flavored religiosity
Are today waiting outside the gates
With perished thoughts of paternity
You live by the sword you die by the sword
Killing others with your blindfolded piety
A mullah in a ladies hijab high heel
As he tries to flee from authority
a wolf in a sheeps clothing
A shame on the entire community
Fighting to rise and overthrow
Law and order of your own country
Going against your nation and…

Lord Mouth

Lord Mouth
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Yes I am

Lord Mouth

I say what I have to say

Me and my feet of clay

You with a hardened heart slay

Yes I am Loud Mouth

You should not read

What I write

Blindfold your colored I sight

You should no hear

And stay clear

Of me

And my tattooed posterior

When I bray

Or poetically pray

And my decapitated thoughts

At your feet

On a tray

Call me

Home Boy

Shia Thug

If you may

A rose as Firoze

Thorned to your side

If you say

Yes I am Loud Mouth

I say what I have to say

Me and my feet of clay.

This is my shop bag and this poem was in retaliation of the barbed words of American lady who has Indian colored skinned dead meat for breakfast what remains she has it for dinner....than spits the bones out as undigested hate for her bete noir called the shia thug no1.

Lord The Sentinel

Lord The Sentinel
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 the lord has no time to sleep
yes he guards his people as they sleep
promises of a better tomorrow he has to keep
he is already in trouble neck deep
scriptured sorrow
words out of context
that cause tragedy as they leap
what you dont sow how can you reap
man the only commodity
lives in dirt
dirt is expensive man is cheap.

The Old Lady of Chinchpokli sleeps guarded by Sai Baba of Shirdi, sometime back a youngster had driven his car over her leg, she survived, she walks without a limp as though nothing happened to her.
Chinchpokli is lane touching Bandra Hill road.

Lords Adoration

Lords Adoration
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 took reading from the shadows, fired ..a salvo to ricochet become my salvation..

my faults my privations..
floating pervading as
unbodily sensations..
timeless treachery
a speechless spirituality
minus speculation
man a motorized
with all
inhuman violations
a god crucified
for man sins
hung on a cross road
on the day of his adoration

Loss of an Inheritance

Loss of an Inheritance
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 sweet memories
of days gone by
of lucknow
pata nala
imli wali gully
nazmi begum
my grandmother
who was our
childhood ally
a dahleez love.. where
time stood by
daroga nabban saab
from the family
of mir anis mir taki mir
my grandfather his
untimely death
she would read his nohas
lonely remember
her unwoven dreams and cry
a little hanky her eyes would dry
a past that robbed of her happiness
and passed by
no one but her pawned inheritance to rely
a little son three daughters
time timelessness to defy..

daroga saabs son choudhan or Sayed deaf and dumb
for whom he said
sayed jo moonh se bole to kudrat ka ahad he
kabre nabi pe pholoonki chaddar chadaunga

sayed spoke and he placed the flowers
on the grave of the holy prophet

now nothing remains in lucknow of old
all what remained is ruins I am told
bricks that weep in the rains
memories unfold..
all dead grandmother ammi
nazmi begum
at rani malka jaahan..cemetery
nabban saab at gufra map
a small house th…

The Mullahs Last Stand

The Mullahs Last Stand
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Militant Islam has nothing to show
Misplaced martyrdom sheer bravado
Muslims killing Muslims
as them come to blows
born as friends die as foes
a fiendish thorn bleeding the rose
all around devastation
more and more
as sectarian hate and animosity grows
right under the mullahs nose ..
silence eunuched shame
that wont oppose
blindfolded from
besieged mosques
turned into terror dens
I suppose
a living graveyard superimpose
a ghazi his defiance to death
wont foreclose
poetry weeps at the grave of prose
sharia laws at the point of a gun
they propose
as human bodies decompose
the soul robbed of all its clothes
anti-islam says firoze

Iraq market truck bomb kills 105
Last Updated: Saturday, 7 July 2007, 15:03 GMT 16:03 UK

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Iraq market truck bomb kills 105
Saturday, 7 July 2007

Rescuers had to take people to a nearby town for treatment
A deadly truck bombing in a busy market in northern Iraq…

lucknow the city of my birth

lucknow the city of my birth
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 once the peak of eloquence
culture , adab tehzeeb
a derelict site ..
unwanted statues
built with the tax payers money
poor more poorer
the babus rich and richer
the mullahs builders
no not bridges only malls
over all populative
human dearth
a bhaiyya tableland
of corrupt politics
decadence of human
values unearth
ungirdled human
old quarters of lucknow
unchanging crumbling
brick after brick
step motherly treatment
by madam mayawati ,
molecular mulayam
or any politics of girth
the congress all these years
played the fiddle like nero
to dwarf and push it into an open
rain storm drain like grave
a city of tawaifs mujra and mirth
yes Lucknow once the city of my birth..
thank you
jai maharashtra
mee mumbaikar
in the quintessential city
of Mumbai
the holy shrine
of my spiritual rebirth.

poem no

Yes I am a Leper!

Yes I am a Leper!
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 defoliated of flesh of my childhood
defrauded by fate of my adulthood
deep frozen wounds of my dead motherhood
a degenerative lepers world
a world defunct degraded misunderstood
diseased decripit dehumanized deadwood
demoralized depraved despicable
desecrated desentized dethroned womanhood
yes i am a leper discriminated discouraged
discredited discarded disjointed
disembodied disrespected dried defiled
dissipated debauched disembarked detached driftwood
a message they read but hardly understood..

This was a lady ashamed to show her face , almost like biblical times the segregation, the hate , all I could see were her disgruntled clawed hand that were losing the fingers , a few coins were thrown at her by the passersby .
Yes she was a leper so was I when I shot her to be infected by her despair..