Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blindfold Photography Marziya Shakir Nikon D80

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her eyes covered by a cloth
blindfolded she shoots
a born photographer
her surroundings
the darkness with
a spectral light
she loots
she stands tall
without high
heel boots
the core essence
of street photgraphy
on the soul of human
bears fruits
old pagan rules
of the Renaissance masters
F****d F stops
she refutes
a grandfather
a grand daughter
a lyrical duet
pictorial pursuits
flying without wings
only cowards
need parachutes

Marziya Wants You to Buy Bearly Fit Childrens Book By Uncle Glenn Losack

we would be more indian if we spoke just one language of truth

My Left Foot

Bollywoods Films And The Spectral Toilet Bowl

My Bare Feet In a Bejeweled Conundrum

My Lifes Meter Is Jammed

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a karmic explosion
on the soul of my
my ass got rammed
my cosmic pain
tragically magically
fucked and damned
prolifically bullshitting
poet a brain
a word smithy
creamed and crammed
its only
the more fucked
than me who considers
me positive spam
fuck i blog
so i am what i am
in my slam

You Dress The Way You Want Our Women Prefer The Hijab In Every Way

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i shot this from a moving ricksha
a thought that stays one side
modernity the other side tradition
that came my way a body language
of the wearer on display
you dress the way you want
our women prefer the hijab
in every way a poetic illusion
is what it says a dress
of a dilemma in a maze
don quixotish
sarkozy chasing
windmills in the fray
fighting hijabs as
religious symbols
to my dismay
next he will find fault
with our namaz
or the way we pray
luckily we dont worship
idols made of clay
the nuns habit
is not part of
his censure
if i may say

Marziya Shakir Shooting Pictures With a Blindfold

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Since she was very tiny the only toy was a miniature camera that was part of Marziyas growing childhood , and at two years and eleven months she knows the real from the fake.

She barely touches the camera that was her training tool to shoot pictures with a blindfold .. it was to get used to the feel of the camera till it became a part of her consciousness .

It is the Nikon D 80 I mean.
She knows the buttons and she shoots vivid pictures through the soul of darkness .

This is the first disciple that has taught the Guru lessons in the Art of Unlearning Photography.