Monday, October 15, 2007

The Tragic Tale of a Beggar Muslim Woman

The Tragic Tale of a Beggar Muslim Woman
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the feast of idd is for those
who are very well off those who are very rich
those who hoard black money
pretend they are poor and constantly bitch
those who new clothes stitch
those whose life s no upheavel
give fat donations to the mullahs
their bandwagons for a room in paradise hitch
those very poor like this lady day in day out
in the gloom within her hijab an unending itch
on the doorstep of allahs mosque
beg for alms depraved disowned
their cries their pain in a voiceless pitch
living corpses growing as human trees
their souls trampled by Muslim society
their hopes gutter water drying in a ditch
living in extreme despair
eternal darkness
no power supply
wires to allah
but someone else
has the finger
on the switch

Endangered Specie Boot Polish Man

Endangered Specie Boot Polish Man
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The Indian Railways in keeping with modern trends its alleged want to get rid of this boot polish community, that eke their living , they want to introduce boot polishing machines..
This is the Sawdeshi Mantra gone to the dogs..

Motherhood on Sale

Motherhood on Sale
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On a suburban train
A girl child a premature mother
Motherhood for sale
Wheels of worrisome woes
Tacks of a rail
On an endless return journey
Tears that precariously perched
On virginal cheeks soundlessly cry and bewail
The tiger by the tail
Yes with a slogan India Shinning
For the Rich who got Richer
The Poor who died Poorer we failed
Our souls on the stock exchange
Bulls and bears
Hopes that got nailed
From the rivers of Babylon
To the Rivers of Sodom and Gomorrah
We Sailed
Through weeping words
A picture of a blog poetically detailed
The criminal flaunts his freedom on bail
The innocent under trial waiting till he dies
To come out of the highly politicized
Criminal human jail
Blind folded Justice scaling heights
But traveling the distance on the back
Of a dimwitted slow snail
Yes India is Shinning
In the corridors of wealth and power
They hail
If you like this page
Send it to your worst enemy
By email.
Racism in poetry
Fools searching for the Unholy Grail
Words read by blind men
On hears and souls
Sorrows scripted in Braille

Ode to a Rabid Australian Racist Poet

Ode to a Rabid Australian Racist Poet
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Ode to a Rabid Australian Racist Poet

australian old male hag
61 years from tweed head
all the yobos love to bed
to indian blog poets he gives good head
his rectum of a vulva
blood hot red
he sucks you with euphoria
his tongue on your phallus
glistening juices molten lead
he will flip his ass
like a bed spread
but be careful
he might give you Hiv Virus
this infected defective dewormed
his ass like a huge India Gate
so big that all of you
can roller skate
but hold on there is
a long queque
of poem hunter poets
you will have to wait
allen james saywell
born of a venom
mixed with seminal hate
it took more than 100 customers
to create him
this australian nazi bastard
presumptious poet ingratiate

firoze shakir

Piss off you curry eating bastard

Piss off you curry eating bastard
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photo courtesy

Member: awsome wells dickenson alias
Allen James Saywell
Comment: Piss off you curry eating bastard


This Member a few centimeters in phallic length with seminally exhausted brains needs to be put back in a lunatic asylum.. this cockroach of a mother fuckin racist tweed head hermphrodite whore whose evil parents named him
Allen James Saywell

This is Racist Hate
Who call migrants Mates
bash them hammer them
kill them
sending them back to
Lebanon India other countries
in Crates //
Genetic Blue Blood
of criminals homosexuals
and other such vile traits

Racists live in Australia Tweed Head and Peachester

firoze shakir

My Style Idd Hug Picture

My Style Idd Hug Picture
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This morning I saw a few Idd Pictures in our newspapers, and I think this picture I took in sheer humilty speaks not of Idd this year but Idds to come in future years for this little guy..nurtured on love , good upbringing in his eyes you see the greater glory of man in the splendour of his omnipresent Faith Islam.
Yes unscarred Islam, a Islam that was the Word of God and no that of a Rogue Mullah.
Islam as seen through the Lives of the Holy Prophet, Islam as seen on the sands of Karbala , martyred but palpitatingly alive 1400 years.
Islam is so much and more.Idd is not just hugging , Idd is a symbol of eternal Peace of Humanity.
As a photographer poet Idd is a message I send through my Photo Blog.Idd Namaz is the callisthenics of our spirtuality , I am afraid I could have shown it with a single picture..but with my shortcomings I posted 127 all at Flickr a few at Bloggerspot and Word Press.
The Press photographer who shouted Fuck Off to me was old enough to be the age of my son, this was his upringing his hate that came into play and yes Indians hate Indians pers se.
One day perhaps he like his other Press photographer brothers will read the writing on the wall..
You can fool the readers with crappy pictures some times but not all times.
Photography is not just pictures , photography is wordless poetry that one reads when one sees a picture..
This will remain etched on my heart and soul, the defiance and the confusion in the childs eyes on the changes in Islam bought by a few disgruntled morbid apostates.
And the hands holding him as the preciousness of Islam -The Muslim Child.
Above his head is a hand that was making him turn towards camera but for me it is a hand of the Unseen Lord ever protecting his loved ones..
Idd Mubarak to all of you..


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Poem hunter Racist Regime
Hate for colored people
Colored poetry
Bursting at the seam
White racist poets
Reign supreme
With dagger drawn
Heinously evil scheme
They works as a team
Sweetly layered on the top
From within their
Vitriolic venom extreme
Poetry bleeds tears
Of pain like a river
Running downstream
Broken wings
Broken hopes
Broken dreams
For the colored mans poetry
No esteem
At poem hunter just one theme
Racism in Poetry
Curdled hatredness
Mixed with cream
Even my poem that
Tells the truth
Will be rubbished
Yes it seems
Chained manacled
A colored poet’s slavery
A White God
living at Poemhunter
Wearing a Solar Hat
Smoking a Pipe
Reading the
Herald Tribune
Will not redeem
his consort the
white supremacist
racist whore
the balancing beam

My Style Idd Hug Picture

My Style Idd Hug Picture
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Hugging Idd Mubarak

Hugging Idd Mubarak
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With this I end the Idd Namaz series, I have posted most of the photos walking from the Bandra Station to my shop..
From 10 am and its almost 8.30 pm..
My son Asif bought my lunch, chicken biryani..
Today I had a visit from Mr Dilesh Parekh he is the Guiness World Record holder for the largest number of cameras about 4500 .. He is a jeweller and was once a photo journalist..
He gave me an offer for my cameras but it was as though he was asking for it free.I declined.