Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beggar Beggar Shining Blind

Saying nothing... sometimes says the most.
Emily Dickinson

blind beggar and his kind  wife shot by
two year old nerjis asif shakir ..a thought
divine ..two souls tragically entwined at
the mercy of god hope trudges from
behind..mortality vulnerable seeks a
sign..a pinch of happiness some sunshine
doomed destiny trembling doors of silence
faith underlined ..a parched pebble on the
shoreline ,,,the passion  pathos poetry of
of mankind..

I am Off Facebook ,,

I Bleed With Respect To My Creed

if it makes you
dont worry just
unfriend me
block me
i plead
you could
also remove
me from your
facebook feed
skip my pictures
my thoughts you
dont have to read
if yazid was human
truth would not bleed
hussain is humanity
indeed world
world of beggars eternal
pain a pain without greed
consider me what you feel
my soul from the fleshiness
of hate evil bigotry i have

i have deleted my facebook ,,,
bashing from shia haters ..
i dont need ..

to my dear friends on facebook