Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Siddis And Urus of Baba Gor Ratanpore Gujrat

Documenting the amazing world of Siddi Afro Indians at Dargah of Baba Gor Ratanpore
Over the years that the Siddis are living in India nothing has been done to uplift them if a helping hand had been given by the government the Siddis would have done India proud on the sports field.
I talked for hours with Babu Bhai Siddi he says it was late Mr Rajiv Gandhi who introduced them as cultural African dance troupe from Gujrat.
Most of the Siddi lads like Imran Nazir Raju have visited Africa USA UK Europe Gulf several times with their Siddi dance troops.
The Siddis are born dancers even the children of the Siddis came into the world dancing out of their mothers womb.
At the Baba Gor Dargah Ratanpore the Siddis have flower shops and work for their living women children all chipping Sohail Raju Mohomed Hussain ply rickshah to and fro from the Dargah to Ratanpore gates.
This is an amazing race hospitable polite loving and make friends easily..
I have decided to seriously document the Siddi race of Gujrat at Jamnagar Gir with help from Imran and Nazir.
I can't bear the heat had lots of health problem and my diabetes made it worse but I shot Siddi Life Culture.
As a people photographer it was the least I could do.. People in our country should know the story struggle of the Siddis
The Siddis in Gujrat are Muslims Sufis the Siddis in Karnataka are Christians and Hindus.
Gor Gor Baba Gor