Monday, August 5, 2013

The Beggars Hand .. Taragadh

The Beggar Poet At The Graves Of The Hijra Saint And His Biological Son Off Taragadh

This is series of the Hijra Saint worshipped by the transgender , nestled in the mountains off Taragadh ... I shot this grave twice .. but pictures of this trek pilgrimage are private not for public view ,,

All my pictures of the hijras were stolen by rogue Flickr members , so whatever I shot two years from 2012 and 2013 at Ajmer is not for general public either ,.. only I can see them..I deleted my Hijras of India website too..A part of Indian public with interests in transgender are immature voyeuristic with lecherously repressive libido.. dont value the documentation of their lives .

So I decided my new pictures on the hijra community shall be kept off limits for everyone ...

A Healer Called Marc De Clercq ...

The Bawas Or Holistic Healers Of Taragadh

The Lonely Leg,...

Begging Is The Greatest School Of Life

ask him
who is gandhiji
he wont know
neither nehruji
or subhash chandra
bose ..the capital
of india is hunger
he crows ..
he is street smart
on the streets
he grows
salman sharukh
akshay his bidus
all politicians his
foes ..cops he
hates who rob
him of his earning
hit him with lathi
blows ..a moment
in a beggars life
i humbly froze

The Gondi Tree Of Progeny Taragadh

The fruit of this miraculous tree is given to barren women , to get a child ,,,and the challas or request on the tree are placed by women for children and happy married life..

I am with Ramzan Bhai one of the most humble Khadims of this famous Dargah at Taragadh.

The Beggars Home Taragadh

give me a buck.. than see your good luck

Khuda Ke Ghar Main Der Hai Andher Nahi Hai

pe ladi
raste pe
khadi hain
ret ke dal
dal main
phansi hain

Ham Garibon...Ka Khuda ,,, Aj Ham Se Hai Juda

One Side They Throw Acid On Her Face ..On The Other Hand Affected By Leprosy Saving Grace

a womans life
only a woman
will understand
man conceited
arrogant her
plans calls
her mother
sister wife
but demeans
her womanhood
on demand
uses her
abuses her
maligns her
the sad story
of our land
durga shakti
the story of
getting even
our equity
need i
the brevity
of my poem
sleigh of
hand ..

Who Will Hear Her Cries

forced to beg by
their parents
or get beaten
by the bhais
beggar mafia
controls plans
their young lives
live or survive
dead or alive

Saving The Girl Child Is Not Part Of A Political Or Social Agenda

no one
not even
a very
busy god
to defend
her from
the time
she entered
her mothers
womb a curse
of her gender
tragic and tender
immune to karmic pain..
what could offend her
her final surrender

The Malang,,, Ties A Scarf On His Barefeet To Beat The Heat of the Burning Ground

ab kahaan jaayen ham ye bata ai zameen is jahaan mein to koi hamaara nahi

ab kahaan jaayen ham ye bata ai zameen
is jahaan mein to koi hamaara nahi
apane saaye se bhi log darane lage
ab kisiiko kisi par bharosa nahi
ab kahaan jaayen ham

Ruins at Taragadh..

Ruins at Taragadh..

The Open Wounds Of Muslim Beggars Of Taragadh

Tum Ek Paisa Doge Wo Dus Lakh Dega .. Bhikari Ki Suno Wo Tumhari Sunega

Coin Changers of Taragadh

I Shoot The Underbelly Of A Womans Pain

from birth
to a life of
eternal pain
woman born
in captivity
always in
but the
spirit of
a goddess
within her
soul she falls
rises again
her cosmic
in the palms
of her brain
she is sometimes
sober kind humane
she is shakti
a force insane
the glory of a
the humility of
a plain..

here she begs
veiled does not


I Shoot the Landscape of Pain Poetry and Pathos ,,, Taragadh Ajmer

Taragadh Ajmer

Mama What Does He Get By Shooting Beggars Like Us,,,

we are not
just flesh
bones blood
sweat sinew
filled with
putrid pus
will he sell
our pictures
to rich people
who have never
seen us ,, mama
he is barefeet
a turban on
his head is
he a beggar too
like one of us
one thing is sure
mama he cannot
be on facebook
or google plus
shooting lame
crippled blind
update or status

We The Living Dead Lepers Of Taragadh..

The Small Time Gem Stone Sellers Of Taragadh Ajmer

The Mystic Beggars of Taragadh Ajmer

Dont Take My Picture...My Stuff Is Fake ,,,Herbal Medicines That I Make

a beggar poet barefeet

97000 tweets
283,258 photos
public private
at flickr..
a beggar poet
shooting pathos
poetry barefeet
master of the
rings ...emotions
of the street

Cow Horse Ponders ...

of a mystic man
with a broken hand
who shoot captures
the souls of beggars ..

the pain the filth
the stench the squalor
once they too were happy
unlike now what they are

begging to make ends meet
on a pilgrims path beyond
borders..unmindful to others
misery karmic fate bothers

poignant pause of poetry '
kindred soul..healers
changing life for those
with camera soul stealers

to alex my dear friend brother

The Lepers of Taragadh..

Stoning the Devil at Taragadh

The Beggars of Taragadh Ajmer

I Shoot the Landscape of Pain Poetry and Pathos ,,, Taragadh Ajmer

Ajmer ..I Climbed The Mountains Barefeet ...

Climbing Taragadh Barefeet