Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Only a Mumbaikar Can Touch The Feet of God In Heaven Ja Ho Kishore Kamble

Mrs Pratap Sarnaik The Lady With The Magic Touch

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This is the last lot of the Vartak Nagar Dahi pictures I am uploading I had to hold this back due to the others pictures I had to post here at Flickr to complete my back log.

This again is a very long series and my tribute to Purvesh Sarnaik Vihang and Mr Pratap Sarnaik who had invited me to this grand event and were perfect hosts .

I wish them a very Happy Ganpati Bappa Morya Re..

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21 Ramzan - A Message Of Hope and Humanity

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I got the following message in my Flickr inbox ..

what sufi order are you with?
who is your murshid?

it is refreshing to find pictures of Shi'i events. and also the reminder that people forget -- that shi'is do mourn in ramadhan and that eid can bring up somber moments as well.

i ask because i am on the search for a murshid in the true sense (I think many sufis have sold out) -- but although I see a strong connection between sufism and azadari, have not been able to find a murshid that would be able to help with both.

i do not use flikr -- but if you could e-mail me

would really appreciate it.


I continue with my 21 Ramzan pictures I had kept on hold about 85 pictures that I will upload will end this series and the latter ones are random shots of people sleeping on the roads taken from Ali Reza Shirazis bike he dropped me home.

The message I got from the person on Flickr I replied that I am not a Sufi adherent but a Indian born Shia,..but I respect and shoot Sufism specially the mendicant order of the Rafaees .

I call myself a Mystic a metaphor to tell people I am a spiritual loner in a crowd nothing esoteric or secretive and no part of my somber or dark thoughts.

I agree with the message she has sent me all top spiritual heads have barring a few hardly spoken about the schism of inter faith rivalry and hate , man killing man , Muslim killing Muslim killing god too in the bargain.

Sometimes I am totally disillusioned one mad man wants to burn the Hy Koran everyone gives importance to him thereby inflaming an issue , but with due apologies with respect to Islam and the Holy Koran , the burning problem that faces us all is that we are a divided house under threat not from a mad man in Florida but we are destroyed by our own..

Nobody really speaks out collectively to condemn the killings of the Shias and other sects its a total mockery of the preachings of the Holy Messenger and the Imams and Ahle Bayt.

And the hate animosity of one Muslim against another Muslim the racial profiling continues unabated.

And sorry Salman Khan with al my love for you and the human work you do I think all terrorist are religious maybe a warped religiosity but religiously fanatic they kill without fear of God or Man.

And with due apologies to my Pakistani friends on Facebook our neighbor does support and encourages this to tear Kashmir away from us the only bone of contention and nothing else...

I am a political ignoramus but non state actors who played havoc her 26/11 are nothing but Pakistani angels of Death.

I feel freedom of expression is important as voiced by Mr Mahesh Bhatt but with common sense and sensibility without hurting anyone ,,

My country is supreme and I consider her my Motherland and anyone who hurts her in words deeds or actions hurts us all.. when it come to the country I am an Indian as much as you are .

And so I am pained to see people creating a divide , here in Mumbai we all live peacefully partaking of each other persons religious hospitality.

And if Salman Khan and his family celebrate the Ganesha feast it shows their solidarity with the culture and ethos of our land .. and who are we to judge another mans actions..

I shoot Hinduism as passionately as I shoot 21 Ramzan or Moharam does that make me a Hindu but it does make me a better human being .

I show you my surroundings my world through my blogs..
Dont expect to my shoot my world or my surroundings with your eyes not possible cant change my parentage or heritage to ape your racist thought or narrow mindedness.

This year I shot the Lal Bagh Chya Raja I was invited to the media photo shoot and broke my fast victuals given by the Pandal folks.

And I share my photos with the rest of the world giving each religion its importance during the feast being celebrated ..

And because I have to face the barrage of hate comments from bigots Shia hating fanatics and Indian hating people I have locked up my comment box at Flickr Blogspot and Wordpress.

I have no time to give importance to your comments and whatever you find wrong with Shiasm go speak t the Shia Mullah and sort it out I am a photographer and a blogger I dont promote Shiasm or an other religion I shoot ..

So treat me with respect and get respect too..

This Is Me On The Mound of Venus

Guarding God From Being Stolen

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Does the dog know God lives in there ..

Yes he does and the strange thing is God is guarding him more than he thinks he is guarding God and as you know in India Gods get stolen too...

This dog has been bought up on spirituality he has access to the temple within another fact whee some temples dont allow a low caste man to enter in.

I have a good rapport for god loving dogs they are a better breed than god loving two legged man , man snaps more at man than dog snaps at man or another dog for that matter.

Inspired by my dear friend Marc De Clercq I shoot sleeping dogs too,

Do dogs dream yes they do I am sure of this because most of the time dogs love to sleep within the 70 mm screen of their dreams.

I once kept Alsatians so I know dog temperament only a few dogs mostly stray get on my nerves , these are high strung dogs all rebels without any political affiliations they are always barking simply to be heard over the chaos of life , they live on the garbage dumps of Bandra Reclamation.

When I was a kid I was bitten over 50 times by various dogs I was bitten those day when I was not as scary as I appear now.

The dog that bit me the most was Jennie she belonged to my childhood friend Keith Kanga.

Keith Kangas grandmother known as Granny a Jeohvahs Witness bit me more than Jennie because I was a heretic and she wished I converted to drink from the rivers of milk and honey in Paradise and God lived in a Watchtower and his Hoy Ghost she told me was Jerry Lewis.

The last dog that she kept who loved me for being a Muslim was Fu Fu .. I stayed with Keith for some times as my parents were estranged temporarily and my job was to guard Fu Fu .. she was a lecherous whore of a canine .. my job was to search for her and bring her back when she went out in lustfully in the urban fields seeking new lovers and no dog could satisfy her dog sexuality.

I mean for Dogs at Wodehouse Road at Jony Castle earlier Khatau Bhuvan circa 59 , having sex with Fu Fu was being a Bombay Times page 3 kind of experience.

So these are stray thoughts...and seeingthis black and white temple dog him looking at me I was reminded of Fu Fu..

And I am going back to sleep..

The Greatness of Man Lies In The Garbage Bin

No Comments ! Lighter Side of Humor

You Compose Pictures In Your Head Before The Camera of Your Mind Shoots Them

GSB Seva Mandal Where God Comes Down To Earth

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all roads
lead to kings circle
a karmic circle
above all things
abode of the lord
of the lords
the king of kings
around him
behind him
in front of him
head bowed
on a sitar string
the gaud saraswat
brahmin soulfully
sings removing
you a new life
great many things
with tears in my eyes
i write this
even to this
beggar muslim
hope he brings
a pendulum of fate
that evenly swings
a turban on his head
barefeet shooting
hope and hindutva
as message of peace
master of the rings
mutual coexistence
is the core
of all
living things
a life well lived
does not bother
about any other thing
the soul smiles
as it peacefully
on Lord GSB 's wings

Dedicated to Dr Bhujang Pai and his family who has always helped me in my time of need , Mr KG Shenoy and Mr Dinesh Pai without them I could have never shot the Lord Year after year in humility and gratitude..

They Make Big Bucks On The Fucked Color of Our Skins

Human Bonding Is The Outreach of My Street Photography

I Shoot Stills As A Cinematic Storyboard On The Streets Pain

Hi Blogger Whats Up

One Room Kitchen Toilet Attached

A Garbage On The Streets Called Man

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akhri jumma
the namazis
in a hurry
in the evening
they will sight
the moon
will be over soon
next day will
be the iddul fitr namaz
good fortune
while another
drunk muslim
lies on the floor
immune at
bandra bazar road
tears on the soul
of a sand dune
strings of
a guitar
gone out of tune
mankind 'caught
in the throes
of remorse
allah hao akbar
om shanti om
om mani padme hoon
hope humanity
on the streets of pain

Jesus Prays For The Pilgrims of Mount Mary

I have kept my Ganesha Pandal pictures on hold to complete this not I have not yet gone to shoot the Mount Mary Feast my legs are in bad shape.

These are about 100 pictures shot a day before Idd all part of my street photography set at Fickr.com.

Wild Imaginations

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I am nothing
born out of something
in the soul of everything
a saintly earthling
giant steps
minus the spring
i am death she is my sting
a broken heart a broken wing
from the window of her heart
into the abyss of dark desires
she did fling my foto thing

i am human
gods powerful
my blog is only a
window dressing
thoughts more
keep on guessing
my flesh falters
at my souls undressing
she me the silence
the whispers
of her cat like tongue
her karmic caressing
as i go deeper
deeper into
the labial lips
of her mind
a phallic thought
totally distressing

Documenting The Soul of Peace Through Lord Ganesha

My YouTube Channel of Peace

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