Sunday, December 9, 2007

Josh Silver Tobias-A racist by any other name

Josh Silver Tobias-A racist by any other name
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Josh Silver Tobias by any other name
on this poetry space
you are a racist and a disgrace
why cant I marry a woman from Connecticut
if she is willing to marry me
why do you lose face
pervert but I wont be using
your white mace
when I bed her
in her wedding lace
a path of love
through a seminal trace
Wife No8
My Sweet Zubeida
Will come to live in Mumbai
A new Love India Love Indians
Peace Harmony a New Dream Chase

The Crash of 58

The Crash of 58
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The crash had to come
The moment she kicked
A colored bum
Shakir saved me Bowen’s voice
From United Kingdom Cum
A brown mans foreskin
That he used for his English drum
Thank you
For not straying
With Mr Patel the Paper Man
He said to Mum
Or I would be like Shakir
Colored Crumb..
Though he uttered
Under his breath
Shakir is anything
But deaf or dumb

Eh tu Brutus

Eh tu Brutus
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Eh tu Brutus

Conditions MANDATORY: 1) He apologizes to EVERY member here he has EVER called a RACIST.2) He APOLOGIZES to every woman on her for the OBSCENE WORDS HE HAS DESCRIBED THEM WITH.3) He DELETES EVERY obscene 'poem' he has written since on PH 4) He DOES make an APOLOGY to ME for crashing my votes! Elysabeth going Mad Faslund

She once a good friend
On whom I could depend
Always to my problems
An ear lend
The sweet fragrance
Of her white alabaster body’s scent

She and I
Poetically we reached out
And in a palette of a single color
Called love did blend
But enter the villain Racist Bowen
Who this black and white relationship
Did resent
He sent a message Concerned
Write in your own language
On this issue Mr. Shakir
No argument
So to my fairy tale love
He did cause a dent
She fell for him
This upper starched lip
High Wycombe English gent
Hook line and sinker without
My consent
She turned against
Me like a viper
Poisonous venomously
Ruthless till the end
I tried to reason with her
But her mind going deliriously
Demented I could not prevent
One day she invited me
to the poem hunter forum
With false promises
Peace and love in the tent
Into marriage our poetic relationship to cement
And while I was lavishing praise
On Courtney Kane and Sherrie
She began stabbing me
Blow after blow
Crying out
You crashed my votes
You crashed my votes
In pitched accent
From a great poet to the
Witch of Armageddon
She did descent
While Mr Hogg Mr Carswell Mr Bowen
Clapped hands
Good riddance to bad rubbish
Good riddance to bad rubbish
Repent Repent Repent
The Ides of December 8,2007
No chance event
Than came two of her hungry pet dogs
Snarling to torment
Tobias and Jules Madigan
More racist hate to supplement
And began lapping the
Brownish black blood of
The fallen poet
With the Witch of Armageddon’s
Tacit consent
So from one body dying
Two soul’s perhaps five souls
He did re-invent
Love poetry hate racism
Genetically generous
A thought time and tide
Could not hold back
In any event

The Crashing of the Votes

The Crashing of the Votes
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Poems slaughtered by the click of a Mouse
The pain and agony
Of sacrificial cows and goats
Poems that during inflation
Don’t bring in US Dollars
Or even the nondescript Sudanese notes
On her integrity as a top class poet
She who bosses at the poem hunter forum
Dictatorially loves to gloat
Calling the shots this
God’s gift to poetry
A castle isolated in her pride and egoistic vanity
Without a moat
Somebody with a thud
Has bought her down
The crashing of her votes
She has not an inkling of proof
She accuses a single colored poet
A point to be noted
Of her racist attitude
She will not think for a second
that her voted could have been crashed
by Sherrie Ben Raymond Tafee
Aldo Krass Victor Vikram
Oh how she loves to goad
A Viking Goddess crossing poetic waters
On the back of hunchback Toad

Dedicated to a unique original poet No1 of Poem hunter Mr. Ted Sheridan
My humble Indian sweet of a tribute…


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You rascal, you have 7 wives and are negotiating for another?
I'm sure you are being sarcastic in your poem....right? ”
Ray Lucero

Yes I have seven wives
23 kids but I always wanted an American wife
To give an extension to my post marital life
I know I am walking on a razors edge of a knife

But bringing Lizzie home would have been a grave mistake
She would have poisoned my 23 kids..
Pecan pie like she would have put them to sleep
In an oven and bake to get even with me
Me once who was her loving fruit cake
My poetic wealth would come crashing
Though I am no William Blake
I am a poet as poet you all are and fake
Slightly a bit faster on the uptake
She would lynch my balance 7 wives
So luckily my No 8 wife to be from Louisiana
I did forsake who curses nags this rump steak
To break my skull at the poem hunter forum stays awake
I am a colorful sinner like all of you but not a rake
I still want this American kind lady from Connecticut
She who for my love has already divorced a Texan Tycoon
And a Saudi Arabian Sheikh
So that I am not arrested for Polygamy In USA
My Connecticut lady a matrimonial trip to Mumbai partake
The Mullah will get us married
A bliss of love she will stake
She will wear a Hijab
Embrace Islam
With a kiss and new hand shake
My Connecticut lady will be called Zubeida
My flesh and soul earthquake

Allah’s curse on
Tobias Doolittle that worm of an evil Mandrake
Who gives company to the forum

Slithering slimy snake
Jules Madigan whose hate for India
A venomous creature
Why did God make?