Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yeh Zindagi Ke Mele Duniya Main Kam Na Honge Afsos Ham Na Honge

Chacha Desi Baidewala

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He is one of the quintessential heroes of my street stories, both his sons are settled in Dubai, but he ekes his living with dignity and does well for himself.

He travels to Ahmednagar to bring desi Murgis , ethic hens and eggs , he sells them here at Chinchpokli road close to De Monte Street Bandra, he reads the newspaper or listens to old Hindi music on his transistor.

The Desi Murgi sell of pretty fast , though the desi eggs take time , I buy eggs from him at Rs 7 a piece.

He stays in Gonsalves Wadi and everybody likes him for his humility congeniality and his peaceful nature.

I could go on shooting him forever , he is the last of the Mohicans of our Muslim race.

Two Heads Are Better Than One - Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

A Camera Gives Birth to a Picture

Locked Inn

Locked Inn, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

The Tattoo Artists of Al's Tattoo Parlor

Al Tattoo Artist No1

The Tattoo Artists of Al's Tattoo Parlor

The Tattoo Artists of Al's Tattoo Parlor

The Niqab Causes A Traffic Jam In Mumbai

Sweet Jesus Business Is Bad On Hill Road

The Battle of The Bulge

The Plight of the Muslim Beggar Woman

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She sits outside the Tata Parsi Agiary or Fire Temple I am told her husband drops her here to beg, silently , her children draw the attention of the passing public on Bandra Hill Road.

I shot this from the hip, and she gets a good response a lot of Muslim women give her alms, I avoid shooting her , and this was a fluke dispassionate shot without focus or it looks natural and real as real as she is .. this is forced beggary and the Muslim male gets away with it , as he is supported by a woman hating Muslim male macho society , and i say this earnestly , nothing will be done to find the cause or the root of this problem.

I am a photographer , a street photographer and she becomes part of the frame I shoot street pain and despair.

And because I am a photo blogger this becomes part of my documentation of human life all in different sets at Flickr where my blogs originate, and than cross blogged via link to Twitter and Facebook and my other websites.

This is a very sad scary and pathetic scene on the soul of Islamic society at grassroot level..

The Hijab is a Muslim Womans Branded Item

The Hijab Is A School of Thought

Even Poems Need To Be Hung and Dried..

Change Is The Law of Profit Making Politics

Once This Was a Street Slum It Was Removed Now It Is Sprouting Again

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people were relocated to mankhurd
some have come back to make it good
the city fathers will wake up from
their deep slumber when they
rebuild their houses in recycled wood
man is a social animal easily
misunderstood an empty stomach
searching for shelter and food

Facebook is a Portal of Infidelity

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Facebook is a Portal of Infidelity
saying this my wife left me
she left a note now you
your whore can live
conveniently no
more marital discords
i am free
i begged
i pleaded
i cajoled
went down
on my knees
trying to
bring her
back to
her earlier
kitchen like
domestic sanity
but she would
not agree
nodding her
head the rolling pin
she banged
the doors
left violently
beyond the oceans
across the sea
to live in a spiritual
more peacefully
blogging flogging
the soul of a cosmic
poet finally

This Is Quintessential Mumbai..It Lives In The Soul of The Street

The Hijab as a Favourite Garment of Choice

Mr Sarkozy May Not Like The Hijab The Way I Do..

Its a Question of Opinion and Personal Taste

Not My Idea But Gods

Now you know why I am a photo blogger and not a photo journalist.. they shoot pictures I shoot an idea before it becomes a picture ...

Childrens Day Is Everyday .. If You Are Born Poor Without Hope

Death Mocks Man Before He Kills Him Finally ...

This Is Man Singing His Own Death Song

Minimum Qualifications For A Child Beggar...Be Human

This Is Mans Cub.. Fallen at Mans Feet

Man is the Only Two Legged Creature That Does Not Care For Another Man

The Lucky Ones...Both In Niqab Too

I Have Friends In High Places Too

The Niqab Is Becoming a Fashion Statement In Mumbai Too

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face covered
from suns rays
nubile body on view
does it matter
whether you are
a muslim or hindu
what god made
is for public view
so says her body
language to
my camera review
colorful street
variegated hue
a sight common
in latur follows
me in mumbai too

The Symmetrical Silence of the Hijab

The Karmic Fate of The Muslim Poor

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to be or not be i am not sure
living on the streets of despair doom '
no cure must endure the muezzins call
the rush for prayers thoughts all pure
its the poor born poor die poor
his lifes tenure a single path of pain
no detour poetically obscure

Hijab Ki Raftar Ko Waqt Bhi Rok Na Saka

auratzat ki hifazat ek kapde se dhaka
ek paigham pakeeziyat jo khuda ne rakha

The Koli Fisherwoman at the Crossroads of Life and Modernity

A Fighter Is Born.. Aditya Thackeray

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zindagi ki rail ki
naie raftar
bachhe budon se
rakhta hai pyar
mamta ki chaon
kabhi hath main
talwar jiski tez dhar
se waqt bhi hoshiyar
yuva sena ka sardar
jeet hi jeet
kabhi nahi har
aditya thackeray
mubarak ho tumhe
jai ho hazar bar
ek kavi ki rachna
ek tasvir pe savar

Beauty Lies Within The Soul of a Facebook Wall

Back Off

Back Off, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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i shoot
of silence
i take a
different route
man is a musician
born with a flute
a testicular tragedy
robs and loots
a woman's perfumed
garden all her fruits
a well laden bough
branches and roots
a cosmic convulsion
poetic pursuit
karmic calisthenics
time will refute
man woman
eternal dispute
a moment
silently mute