Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The King of King Circle Lord GSB of GSB. Seva Mandal '

He watches with his cosmic eye
Every year when he comes by
Touching his beloved children
Wiping tears from their eyes
Giving them hope happiness
That money can't buy giving
Them spiritual strength removing
Obstacles he gives them wings
To fly soar reach the heights
He opens new avenues within
The soul of their inner sight

Happy Birthday To The Global Chaiwala

Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi..who gives
love bun maska chai free ,,lover of Indo
Irani Amity ,,he loves all humanity ..
A Dr Mansoor I too would like to be
in character in personality .
But that is utterly butterly not possible
said my sweet wise wife to me ,,
Live Long Mansoor Bhai Be Successful
Worldly and Spiritually..Under the Protection
of Panjetan Pak.. Blessings of Ya Ali

The Little Child And The Sacrificial Goat

he was wondering unassumingly
seeing not one but two goats one
four legged furry fellow the other
two legged one the butcher the
other time would smote the childs
mind reading eyes like a tv remote
he kept changing channels of my
fragmented mind please note ,,
muslims love killing muslims
in 'the name of the Almighty ,,
 ethnic cleansing the soul of peace
brotherhood ,,they love to decapitate
crucify cut throats ..the custodians
of Islam totally silent when the Coptic
Christians Yezdis Jews Kurds they
slaughter like wild goats ,,live let
others live peacefully a message
to the oppressors as footnote

The best jihad (lit. striving) is a just word before a tyrannical authority.  the Holy Prophet quotes ..

The Living Dead Zinda Lash

zindagi se nirash
sab ka sath sab ka vikas
acche din ki kare talash
kya yahi hai progress
development ki bhadas
beef ban  mat khao mas
unnati tarrakki khao ghas
kya yahi hai hamare desh
ka ujwal itihas ..raste pe
leti bhuli bisri zinda lash

motormouths lambasting '
minorities some eyewash

I try a lot to shoot what you all shoot

But accursed is the fate of my camera
languishing like a hungry dog it is beggars
the homeless scavengers searching for food
in the garbage is what my cosmic vision bears
fruit ,, I tried to shoot cloud birds airplanes
flowers chubby kids cute  bees butterflies
still life silently mute ,,but I must refute my
idiomatic passion such tasks failed to
comply or execute ,,soon after i have shot
the bleeding goats Ishmael's sacrifice to
god his only son as tribute i will be shooting
bleeding heads bleeding backs a camera
two daggers in my hands Shia fortitude '
remembering the ultimate sacrifice of Hussain
between good and evil an eternal feud ,.
Sadal Wida Hussaina .Wa Hasrata Hussains
Shame Hakim Laeen Ast ,,, our courage attitude

God Made Me Human You Made Me A Beggar She Said

accusing me my kind the hijab covering her head
within the fiery orbs her eternal pain I read ..cursing
her girls fate born a Muslim she took Allahs name to
earn her bread watching rich fat Muslims buying goats
why did they not slaughter her so like the goat she too
would be dead ,, since immemorial times she has been
sacrificed even after she weds a triple talaq hanging over
married head ..and the mullah wants her too suffer more
instead .. the only women happy in heaven are the 72 nubile
angels waiting for misplaced martyrs  blown up dead .
such were my thoughts heretic for some as they buzzed aloud
in my crazy head ..a picture a story ,,of a child without home
nor the comforts of a bed .. i gave her some money furtively
from the cosmic vision of my camera she hurriedly fled

Demystifying The Essence of Photography .

posted at Facebook

Having a camera you shoot pictures , post it on Facebook , Flickr ,,[I dont use Instagram ] or post it on Twitter ,,I too used to shoot pictures when I crossed over from analogue to digital.. once I began posting pictures on the internet I was unwittingly baptized as a blogger early 2004..For me the Gods of blogging those early raw novice years were Brandon Stone Photoblogs Org I think and Biz Stone co founder Blogspot and Twitter ,,

Now after blogging shooting pictures to be showcased online ,, a lot of changes happened thanks to Flickr the source of my photoblog , my archive and my coming of age as an incorrigible prolific blogger ,.. I was a fish among bigger fish at Flickr they still call themselves photographers I call myself a blogger ,,

I dont shoot pictures I shoot unfinished incomplete stories ,, you decide the end you dont see my picture you read my story as words silently embedded in the soul of my blog.. and a picture story hardly needs language ,,but because I am on an International platform I use English to poeticize the pain within my story.

I may have shot with my peers ,foreign photographer even Indian learnt unlearnt something but I followed my own heart , I dont expect you to trigger shoot like me .. but you must be fucked crazy to even imagine I will shoot like you ,,NEVER.

I think shooting pictures is easy with the aid of the camera but shooting stories adding it to a story board is where the mystification comes in.. I shoot seasons religion .. religiously I become part of the religion I shoot ,,I shot the story of Ganesha than told you the story of Mount Mary through the eyes two Muslim girls age 4 and 7 Nerjis and Marziya both my granddaughter .. daughters of my eldest son.. a Shia scholar , a tutor a conservative and modern as a web designer ,,when I say conservative I mean traditionalist.

I taught both my granddaughters to shoot stories ,, normally before the advent of Bakra Eid or Eid Ul Adha I shot the goat markets near JJ Colony Bandra ..simply that people should buy goats from these sellers Bandraites locals instead of going all the way to Deonar .

So this evening I was at Puma store some work , than I got off at Bandra Talao video shot Shiv Sena Shaka Pramukh Mr Sudesh Dubeys Ganpati Pandal at Bandra SV Road ,, and cut across through JJ Colony met a friend buying a goat shot his picture to make the butcher happy and someone was tugging my breeches I thought it is a goat turned out to be this little girl in the picture ,, I saw her soul reflected in her eyes .. she wanted money I gave her something..

And this is my story,, festivals bring happiness to all, those who will do Qurbani.. go for the Eid Al Adha Namaz and this feast on a lesser note than Ramzan brings happiness alms to beggars ,, Ramzan is big time charity ..and I wondered why I had not come earlier but than the last time I shot here was the demolitions of the illegal stalls ..this time there are not many goat stalls ,,for the same reason..the butcher who sold the goat to my friend once when to hit me during Ramzan when I was shooting the food pictures I was fasting I kept my cool .. but today the same butcher is a good friend , misunderstandings happen .. but he surprised me he said Sir please dont forget to place the picture on Twitter and than I realized Fuck Yes Twitter is miles ahead of Facebook with 140 words in Davids sling hitting the Goliaths of the World..

So this is a picture story I blogged at Facebook and will now copy paste to Flickr pimp it on Twitter cross blog it to Tumblr and than Blogspot it....

I dont use Ello anymore ,, my pictorial presence out there is a marker on a gravestone ,,,